Chapter 1140 News of Tuntun

“Little Grandpa?” Zhou Yuan was clearly stunned by Jin Linger’s words as a bewildered look formed on his face. Why did Jin Linger’s elder know about him? Moreover, even if the elder wanted to praise him, there was no need to say something so crude and direct like Jin Linger not being worth even a single hair on his body!

How could any girl take this lying down?

No wonder her resentment was so great. This was truly absurd.

Zhou Yuan faked a cough and amiably said, “Your elder must have heard some groundless rumors. I really do not know anyone from Wanshou Heaven, so there’s no need to take his words seriously.”

However, Jin Linger’s brows knitted together. “Little Grandpa said he was with you for a very long time.”

Zhou Yuan was taken aback again. His brows furrowed deeply as he mumbled in confusion, “I don’t recall being acquainted with any high-grade Genesis Beasts in Wanshou Heaven…”

Though he had encountered numerous Genesis Beasts, most of them had yet to develop any intelligence and would attack him on instinct. It was impossible to communicate with any of them.

He shook his head. Just as he was about to speak again, a certain thought suddenly flashed through his head. His eyes nearly popped from their sockets as he stared at Jin Linger in disbelief. “You...could you be referring to Tuntun?!”

Among the high-grade Genesis Beasts he knew, Tuntun had accompanied him the longest. Moreover, it was very intelligent and had an extraordinary bloodline. Master Cang Yuan had said he had sent it to a suitable place. Could this place be Wanshou Heaven?

“What, Tuntun? In our Golden Monkey Clan, everyone addresses it as Little Ancestor!” Jin Linger glared at Zhou Yuan. To think he dared to be so disrespectful to Little Grandpa.

Zhou Yuan couldn't care less about her reaction. He turned somewhat emotional as he said, “Tuntun is at your Golden Monkey Clan? How is it doing? Did it come to Guyuan Heaven?”

Jin Linger indifferently answered, “Little Grandpa has some ties with our Golden Monkey Clan and is indeed staying with us. However, it did not come to Guyuan Heaven, because this place holds no meaning for it.”

At the mention of Little Grandpa, Jin Linger’s usually wild and untamed eyes were filled with deep respect.

“Little Grandpa? Tuntun is a guy?” Zhou Yuan rubbed his chin, his eyes flickering in thought.

“How dare you!” Jin Linger viciously glared at Zhou Yuan again before she proudly said, “Only my brother and I address Little Ancestor in that manner, and we’re the only two who are allowed to do so in the entire Golden Monkey Clan. Little Ancestor is an Alpha Holy Beast that was born from the land, and it is the only one in existence. It has no mother or father and likewise no sex. Hence, don’t use your narrow human eyes to judge it!”

Zhou Yuan breathed a small sigh of relief. If that little bastard was male, he would not let Yaoyao carry it in the future!

Zhou Yuan gloatingly said, “If it has no sex, what does it look like when it takes human form? An androgynous person?”

Jin Linger snorted at Zhou Yuan’s childish question, and a proud smile formed on her lips. “You think too much. Someone with a true holy beast bloodline will not take human form. It already has the strongest body in the world, and having a human form will instead be weak in its eyes. If it was you, would you willingly become an ant that crawls on the ground?

Zhou Yuan was speechless, and he could not help but smile in embarrassment. He was also a little disappointed. He had been rather curious about what Tuntun would look like in human form.

However, he was already very happy and satisfied that he had finally heard news of Tuntun. It seemed that he would have to bring Tuntun back from Wanshou Heaven after Yaoyao awakened.

“When we left, Little Ancestor told us we can ask for your help if we encounter any trouble in Guyuan Heaven.” At this point, a mocking smile rose from the corners of Jin Linger’s lips. “However, perhaps Little Ancestor would not have expected that the person it thought so highly of would still be stuck at the intermediate Heavenly Sun stage.

“Don’t worry, since you’re Little Ancestor’s friend, you’re also our friend. If you encounter any trouble, we siblings will not idly sit by.”

She seemed to be pretty happy. After all, the person Little Ancestor always used to put the siblings down did not seem to be as amazing as they had imagined. This made her breathe a sigh of relief. She could not wait to return to the Golden Monkey Clan and finally rebut Little Ancestor so it would not always feel that they were useless.

Zhou Yuan chuckled inwardly at the sight of her joyful appearance, and he did not say anything. After all, Jin Linger had brought him news of Tuntun.

Jin Linger tossed a small golden object to Zhou Yuan, and he hurriedly caught it.

“This is from Little Ancestor, but it seems that you’ll need the power of the Nascent Source stage to open it.”

The golden light in Zhou Yuan’s hand receded, turning into a purple-gold scale. It was a familiar sight: one of Tuntun’s scales after it transformed. However, extremely powerful undulations pulsed from the scale. From this, he could tell that Tuntun had grown much stronger than before.

The golden scale should contain some information from Tuntun, but from Jin Linger’s words, anyone below the Nascent Source stage would be unable to open it.

He can’t be trying to show off, right? Zhou Yuan muttered inwardly. This was quite in line with Tuntun’s show-off nature. However, it did make him a little depressed. It seemed that he would always be slower than Tuntun and Yaoyao no matter how fast his cultivation progressed.

Others called him abnormal, but he felt that those two were the true monsters.

“Thank you.” Zhou Yuan kept the scale and cupped his fists together in gratitude.

Jin Linger waved her hand before turning around and walking back to the Golden Monkey Clan. She said something to her young brother Jin Feng, and he cast his gaze over and smiled at Zhou Yuan. He seemed quite friendly.

Zhou Yuan returned the smile and cupped his fists together from afar.

After Zhou Yuan and Jin Linger’s exchange ended, the surrounding onlookers withdrew their gazes. They had originally thought that Jin Linger was going to cause trouble for Zhou Yuan, but it seemed that they were on quite good terms. When had those two become acquainted?

On the Wanshou Heaven side, Jiang Jinlin frowned a little. He had likewise thought that Jin Linger was going to make things difficult for Zhou Yuan. Tianyuan Region was the weakest of Hunyuan Heaven’s nine regions and was the perfect target for them to show off their power. Their motive was not to exchange information with Hunyuan Heaven but to seek cooperation with Wanshou Heaven playing the leading role. This would give them an advantage when it was time to split the spoils.

He secretly made a gesture, and the Earth-shaking Divine Tiger Clan captain walked forward. He was a large, muscular man that gave off a ferocious aura.

However, a figure quickly appeared beside him. Smiling, Jin Linger’s brother placed a hand on his shoulder and said, “Wang Meng, come with me. I have something to tell you.”

Without waiting for a reply, Jin Feng dragged Wang Meng away.

The corners of Jiang Jinlin’s eyes twitched. He looked at Jin Linger, only to find her fearlessly staring back at him, her beautiful eyes filled with warning.

Jiang Jinlin remained expressionless, but he could feel anger rising within him. This unruly Jin Linger was making a mess of things!

By the side, Ai Qing shook her head at him. Since Jin Linger had ties with Zhou Yuan and wanted to protect him, there was no need to go after him for the time being. They would soon cross blows either way.

Guan Qinglong also withdrew his thoughts at this moment and said, “Friends from Wanshou Heaven, please enter the camp so we can discuss things in detail.”

Ai Qing revealed a faint smile and nodded.

She and Jiang Jinlin led the Wanshou Heaven group into the camp.

Zhou Yuan watched them enter and then smiled at Qin Lian. “It seems that this discussion will be quite heated…”

How could he not see Wanshou Heaven’s intentions? However, Hunyuan Heaven also wanted to be the dominant side of the partnership. Hence, there would naturally be no lack of clashes.

Soon, they would find out whose fist was bigger.

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