Chapter 114 Saint Remains Domain

“It seems that you’ve been tempted?” The gray robed elder smiled from ear to ear as he stared at Zhou Yuan. The latter’s answer had clearly indicated his decision.

Zhou Yuan displayed a slight smile as he replied, “It would be fine if I did not have this information, but since elder has already pointed the way, won’t I be a lost cause if I still do not grasp this chance?”

The Saint Remains Domain was clearly the most important opportunity in the Cangmang Continent. Even the prided geniuses of the many large empires, great clans and powerful factions were currently doing all they could in preparation for this grand event. So what reason did he have for turning a blind eye?

This was no small squabble, but a true contest for the grand prize!

The path of cultivation was fraught with untold dangers and difficulties. Only the one who was able to grasp each chance that descended and continuously surpass every strong foe encountered would ultimately stand at the peak of the world.

“At least you have some courage.” The gray robed elder nodded. Having already said so much, if Zhou Yuan did not even have the balls to vie with the prided geniuses of the large empires, great clans and powerful factions, he future would truly be limited, making him unworthy of the old man’s concern.

The old man retrieved a map from his sleeves and said, “This is a map of the entire Cangmang Continent. The location of the Saint Remains Domain has been marked on it. It will likely take several months to reach it from the Great Zhou Empire. Fortunately, there is still half a year till the opening of the Saint Remains Domain so you should be able to make it.”

Zhou Yuan received the map and unfurled it. His gaze swept across the map, coming to a stop at the very center where a giant eye-grabbing blood-red area had been marked out.

From the terrain, it really looked as if the area had been formed from a drop of blood.

The only thing was that… this drop of blood seemed to be a little too terrifying to imagine.

Zhou Yuan mumbled to himself, “So this is the Saint Remains Domain.” 

Soon after, he let out a sigh. He had realised that he would have to pass through the territories of dozens of empires in order to reach his destination. Basically, really really far.

Even rushing along at full speed would take several months at least.

Zhou Yuan stared at the map. It was likely that practically every outstanding genius was already on their way to the Saint Remains Domain.

It would truly be akin to warlords vying for supremacy or a gathering of talented geniuses.

But this was exactly why it would be even more marvelous. On the path of the strong, one needed to constantly improve. Weren’t the prided geniuses from the various factions the best whetstones for this?

Blazing battle lust surged out in Zhou Yuan’s eyes.

After the gray robed elder handed the map to Zhou Yuan, he began to rummage about again in his sleeves. In the end, he fished out a jade tile and threw it to Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan hastily caught it. The word ‘Cang’ had been carved onto the jade tile.

“What is this?” Asked a puzzled Zhou Yuan as he grasped the jade tile. 

The gray robed old man lazily replied, “If you manage to distinguish yourself in the Saint Remains Ruins, you will naturally find out what it is. But if you fade away into mediocrity, don’t bother taking it out.”

Zhou Yuan was bewildered, but could only nod in acknowledgement before keeping the tile into his Universe bag.

The gray robed elder suddenly declared, “Kid, I’ve already said all that I need to. I will be leaving with Su Youwei and her grandfather today.”

“Today?” Zhou Yuan was stunned. There was a complicated expression in his eyes as he shot a glance at the little house Su Youwei was in. In the end, he nodded.

In the room, Su Youwei tidied up before walking out. The expression on her pretty face had become downcast once again.

She lifted her head, meeting Zhou Yuan’s gaze. However, both of them were silent for a time.

“Your highness, you must remember to look for me in the future!” Said Su Youwei in a soft voice.

Zhou Yuan smiled and nodded. “Don’t worry. I will not go back on the promises that I’ve made.”

A bright and beautiful smile appeared on Su Youwei’s face when she heard this.

“Let’s go.”

The gray robed old man smiled faintly. He shot one last glance at Zhou Yuan, but did not say anything. With a wave of his sleeve, a gust of Genesis Qi unfurled, sweeping up Su Youwei and her grandfather as it transformed into a streak of light that soared into the sky.

“Work hard kid, if you fail to distinguish yourself in the Saint Remains Domain, I would advise against looking for her because you’ll only be hurting your own ego. Haha.”

Laughter slowly echoed in Zhou Yuan’s ears as the gray robed old man transformed into a streak of light that dashed into the sky.

Zhou Yuan raised his head and watched the streaks of light vanish into the distance. It was a long while later before he finally withdrew his gaze in a somewhat crestfallen manner. He looked towards the small clean courtyard as he recalled the first time he had sent Su Youwei home…

Back then, she had only been a dirty little girl, but now, her radiance had been revealed and no one knew just how far she would go in the future.

It was perhaps truly as the gray robed old man had said, the future Su Youwei would reach such a dazzling level that even he would not be able to come close.

“I wonder if things will be the same between us the next time we meet…” Zhou Yuan sighed softly.

Su Youwei had her own path to walk, while he likewise had to fight for his own destiny.

“I should work hard or it will be quite shameful if I end up unable to compare to her when we next meet.” Zhou Yuan chuckled as a radiance shined in his eyes.

He lowered his head and gazed at the map in his hands.

“It seems that the Saint Remains Domain… will be very exciting…”

“Wu Huang… is it finally time for us to meet…”

Zhou Yuan smiled faintly before walking out of the small courtyard, slowly closing the doors behind him. The people here had already left, who knew when these doors would open once again.

Su Youwei, I hope that your future will be amazing.


“What? You’re leaving the Great Zhou Empire?” In the royal palace, Zhou Qing and Qin Yu cried out in surprise when they heard Zhou Yuan’s plans.

Zhou Yuan nodded as he placed the map in front of them and pointed at the Saint Remains Domain. “Father, mother, all the geniuses from our continent will be vying for the greatest gift of the Saint Remains Domain, including the Great Wu Empire’s Wu Huang. If I miss out on this chance, I will probably regret it for the rest of my life.”

“The Saint Remains Domain huh…”

Zhou Qing sighed as he gazed at the map, evidently having heard of this place before. However, the Great Zhou Empire’s status was nothing like it had been in the past, and they were naturally no longer able to covet the Saint Remains Domain. 

He never expected that Zhou Yuan would still come to know of it from somewhere else.

“Yuan’er, that Saint Remains Domain is extremely far away and your competitors will be the geniuses from all kinds of places.” Qin Yu seemed to be in pain. How could she not know just how many hardships one needed to face in the struggle for the greatest blessing.

Such struggles would likely be life or death battles.

“Does mother not believe in me?” Zhou Yuan smiled.

“Rebellious brat.” Qin Yu smiled bitterly. Her son was naturally unrivalled in her heart, but the thought of Zhou Yuan leaving them and bearing all that pressure alone still cut deeply into her heart.

Zhou Qing was silent. Moments later, he said, “Your choice is correct.”

He knew how significant this blessing was. If Zhou Yuan managed to obtain it, it would become an incomparably important aid to his future cultivation.

“But it will be very difficult to vie with the other geniuses.” Zhou Qing clearly understood that the young individuals who received the full support of their respective factions would be top tier amongst the younger generation.

Zhou Yuan was already a step behind due to the late discovery of his meridian channels. Hence, competing with others would naturally be an uphill challenge.

Zhou Yuan nodded as he grinned and said, “If it was easy, it would not be a worthwhile contest.”

He had long prepared himself for these handicaps. Although those geniuses were definitely extraordinary, they were in for a very bad time if they were to underestimate him.

Zhou Yuan said, “Father, you need to quickly and covertly send men to take charge of the Battle Puppet Sect ruins and obtain control of the battle puppet army within. The Great Zhou Empire needs to rapidly strengthen itself and this army will definitely be a huge help against the Great Wu Empire.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve already arranged for experts proficient in Genesis Runes to learn how to open the Genesis Rune Boundary from Yaoyao.” 

“When are you preparing to leave?”

Zhou Yuan lifted his head and peered into the distance where clouds were beginning to gather.

“In three days.”

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