Chapter 1138 Return to Base

By the time Zhou Yuan led the Tianyuan Region and Cangxuan Heaven teams to the location marked on the map, almost ten days had passed despite them traveling non-stop.

They arrived at an ancient mountain range with no end in sight. The peaks throughout the mountain range were lofty and majestic, towering into the sky. Everyone couldn’t help marveling at the tall mountains, which exuded an ancient and barren charm.

Moreover, fog gathered between the mountains, and it was so thick that no matter how fierce the wind was, it couldn’t stir up the fog. Not even one’s Spirit could penetrate it. 

Fortunately, Hunyuan Heaven had left scouts on the periphery. They at first panicked when they saw Zhou Yuan and his mighty army. After all, the Tianyuan Region army wasn’t this large before.

Their panic only faded slightly when they identified Zhou Yuan and Qin Lian.

A scout stepped forward and said respectfully, “Grand elder Zhou Yuan, captain Qin Lian, please come with us. Hunyuan Heaven’s base camp is already set up in the mountains.” 

Zhou Yuan nodded, letting them lead the way as he followed with his large army of troops.

The large group shuttled through the ancient forest shrouded in dense fog for almost an hour before their visions finally improved and the forests became clearer. They saw a huge Genesis Rune Boundary shrouding the area and dispelling the dense fog. Many camps were set up within it. 

Many sentry towers were around the camp, and the sentries immediately sounded warning horns when they spotted the Tianyuan Region’s large army. 

An uproar broke out in the huge camp, and waves of Genesis Qi erupted. Figures appeared on the camp periphery like lightning bolts, staring suspiciously at the large crowd.

Guan Qinglong, who stood at the forefront of the group, was the most striking. He was considered the calmest, and he only looked a little surprised at the many people. He fixed his gaze on Zhou Yuan and said, “Grand elder Zhou Yuan, what’s going on?”

Zhou Yuan stepped forward and explained, “They are people from Cangxuan Heaven. They were attacked by Shengling Heaven. We went to rescue them and had driven away the Shengling Heaven team, but Cangxuan Heaven had suffered considerable damage, so they temporarily joined forces with my Tianyuan Region team.”

“Just people from Cangxuan Heaven?”

The Hunyuan Heaven forces lost a bit of interest when they heard Zhou Yuan’s words. Cangxuan Heaven’s strength was the weakest among the heavens, and now that it had suffered damage, it was of even less importance. 

Guan Qinglong’s gaze shifted to the bald man leading the Cangxuan Heaven people behind Zhou Yuan. The man looked exhausted and disinterested, but Guan Qinglong could feel that his Genesis Qi wasn’t weak. The fact that the man could reach such a level in a place like Cangxuan Heaven was enough to show his remarkable talent. If he trained in Hunyuan Heaven, even Guan Qinglong might think highly of him.

It seems that although Cangxuan Heaven is weak, there are presentable people, Guan Qinglong thought to himself, but then immediately chuckled to himself. Zhou Yuan, junior sister Wu Yao, and Su Youwei from the Zixiao Region are also not ordinary people, so I shouldn’t look down on Cangxuan Heaven. 

“You came at the right time. The people from the Wanshou Region will come today. They say it’s to discuss how we could cooperate, but they have to measure Hunyuan Heaven’s strength to see if we have the qualification first.”

While speaking, Guan Qinglong ordered people to open the boundary and welcomed all the troops in.

“They have nerves. They need to weigh Hunyuan Heaven’s strength?” Zhou Yuan said with a smile.

Dong Ye said indifferently, “Don’t underestimate Wanshou Heaven. Although our Hunyuan Heaven is known as the strongest among the five heavens shared by all races, the title is a little old, and some heavens, such as Qiankun Heaven and Wanshou Heaven, have never given up the goal of surpassing our Hunyuan Heaven.”

But before she finished her sentence, she saw Zhou Yuan greet Su Youwei happily and saw Su Youwei respond with a sweet smile.

Dong Ye couldn’t help scrunching her brows, and she took a step to the side, blocking the interactions between them.

Zhou Yuan was a little helpless when he saw Dong Ye acting like a mother protecting her child. He pursed his lips and shifted his gaze to the Wanzu Region’s side, noticing Zhao Mushen, who hadn’t said a word. “Captain Zhao Mushen, someone new in a position of responsibility is usually quick to make many changes. Have you reorganized the Wanzu Region team yet?”

The Wanzu Region team still looked hostile at Zhou Yuan like before, but it was obvious that Wang Xuanyang’s death had impacted them greatly. They had quelled their arrogance and didn’t dare to provoke the Tianyuan Region unnecessarily.

Zhao Mushen said indifferently, “I will inherit the will of senior brother Wang Xuanyang and lead my Wanzu Region to the glory it deserves.”

Zhou Yuan gave a thumbs up. Inherit his will? You swallowed him to the point that not even his ashes remain. Why didn’t he notice that you were a ruthless and vicious person? Wang Xuanyang is really unlucky to have such a junior brother. But Wang Xuanyang also brought it on himself for suppressing Zhao Mushen in various ways, which forced Zhao Mushen, a ruthless and vengeful man, to scheme against him and even swallow him.

Zhou Yuan had no problem with Zhao Mushen taking over the Wanzu Region team, and he wouldn’t waste effort to deal with them as long as they don’t provoke him. After all, Zhou Yuan feared Zhao Mushen more than he did Wang Xuanyang.

Zhou Yuan retracted his gaze and then noticed that a gaze had been fixed on him all this time. He tilted his head to look at the slender and beautiful figure beside Guan Qinglong and said, “It seems you have also improved a lot during this period.”

The beautiful figure was naturally Wu Yao. She stared coldly at Zhou Yuan, her beautiful face more stunning than rays of light. She opened her mouth slightly and said, “You have extremely good fortune. I’m just worried that if you accidentally die, who will I find to retrieve my Blessing?”

Wu Yao said calmly, “This was originally a battle of fate. If you win in the end, I won’t have any complaints, even if I die in your hands. So I hope you’re the same.”

“Ahem.” Guan Qinglong coughed loudly, interrupting their dispute. “Now that everyone is regarded as one team, let’s not fight. There is a way to settle anything.”

He looked at Zhou Yuan and changed the subject. “There is actually another reason for recruiting you so urgently. The people who came to pass on a message from Wanshou Heaven specifically asked to see you.”

It was Zhou Yuan’s turn to be surprised. “The people from Wanshou Heaven want to see me?"    

Guan Qinglong nodded seriously.

Zhou Yuan frowned in puzzlement. He had never been to Wanshou Heaven, and he didn’t know anyone from there, so who would want to see him?

What is this about?   

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