Chapter 1137 Mystic Ruins

A few days after the high-class ancestral qi vein from the great valley was completely absorbed, Zhou Yuan wasn’t in a hurry to lead the Tianyuan Region team back. He instead chose to team up with the people from Cangxuan Heaven and searched for the ancestral qi veins they detected. After all, Cangxuan Heaven had also detected some ancestral qi veins a while back, but they didn’t have the time and energy to search them because a battle with the Sacred Palace broke out soon afterward.

And now that Cangxuan Heaven had the Tianyuan Region’s support, it was a good opportunity to put all the targets they had detected into the bag.

The majority of the ancestral qi veins found were low-class, and their quality couldn’t compare to the high-class vein they had found, but no one was unhappy, and they all still harvested the veins happily.

After all, high-class veins could only be come by with luck, but low- and middle-class ancestral qi veins could add up, eventually rivaling high-class ancestral qi veins.

Every little bit of ancestral qi was a precious substance in Guyuan Heaven, and it was an opportunity that couldn’t be exchanged for with any amount of money in Hunyuan Heaven or Cangxuan Heaven. This could be seen from the fact that everyone’s strength had soared in just one month after entering Guyuan Heaven.


The body of a towering mountain was broken open, and it gushed out billowing ancestral qi.

Standing in a high place, Zhou Yuan casually absorbed the ancestral qi coming out, but he didn’t take it too seriously because his vision had been broadened after seeing a high-class vein. Although he didn’t look down on the low-class ancestral qi veins, his way of thinking had been raised.

The thousands of people from the Tianyuan Region and Cangxuan Heaven sat cross-legged before an altar, greedily swallowing ancestral qi. Zhou Yuan could treat the low-class ancestral qi as ordinary, but they obviously couldn't.

“This is the last vein we detected,” said Li Qingchan, coming over to Zhou Yuan’s side.

Zhou Yuan nodded. “Is there any news about the teams from the Shengling Heaven these days?”

Li Qingchan shook her head and said, puzzled, “At the very beginning, we discovered traces of them far away from us, but recently we haven’t spotted half a shadow as though they all left the area.”

“Are you scared?” Mu Youlan asked casually.   

“We are just a team from Hunyuan Heaven. It’s impossible to scare off the entire Shengling Heaven.” Zhou Yuan shook his head; he was not that arrogant.

“What are you going to do next?” asked Qin Lian.

Zhou Yuan was silent for a moment and then looked at Chu Qing, Li Qingchan and the others. “What about you guys? Are you going to explore alone or...?”

Chu Qing thought for a while and said, “Cangxuan Heaven is the weakest of all the heavens, and our strength plummeted after the Sacred Palace’s rebellion. We no longer have much ambition. As long as we can survive till the end and obtain one of the weaker ancestral qi channels, our mission will be considered successful.”

He smiled bitterly. “But from what I see, our modestly ambitious request might not be fulfilled.”

Given Cangxuan Heaven’s current strength, they would be wiped out if they encountered people from Shengling Heaven.

Chu Qing said hesitantly, “I have discussed this matter with the Cangxuan Heaven forces. The people from Cangxuan Heaven would like to join your Tianyuan Region team, and we will of course be under the command of the Tianyuan Region team. Although we aren’t as strong as you guys, we can carry out some exploration tasks.”

Zhou Yuan smiled. “I had the same thought.”    

To the five heavens shared by all races, Cangxuan Heaven was now considered half crippled. If they were to arrogantly go out alone, Zhou Yuan wouldn’t be able to stop them. It would be for the best if they could swallow their pride and stay with the Tianyuan Region.

After all, Cangxuan Heaven still had some remaining fighting strength. For example, given Chu Qing’s strength, he could rank in the top few of Hunyuan Heaven’s Heavenly Sun List. Therefore, Cangxuan Heaven could raise the Tianyuan Region team’s strength.

As for sharing profits, it wasn’t a big problem.

Qin Lian, Mu Youlan and the others also expressed their support for the plan. With the addition of the Cangxuan Heaven team, the Tianyuan Region team likely wouldn’t be weaker than the Wanzu and Wushen Region teams in terms of overall strength.

“Then it’s decided. We will return and head to Hunyuan Heaven’s territory,” said Zhou Yuan.

He was very satisfied with the decision of coming to support Cangxuan Heaven because he had not only saved many of his old friends but had also made unbelievable harvests. His Genesis Qi foundation had reached 2.4 billion stars, and his Dragon Claw Heavenly Sun had grown to the level of five claws!

Most importantly, of course, was that Silver Shadow had undergone a rebirth-like growth.  

A foundation of 2.2 billion Genesis Qi stars coupled with the Great Flame Devil and its special materials meant that Silver Shadow could face enemies with a foundation of 2.2 billion. This would really help Zhou Yuan, and Silver Shadow wouldn’t be treated as a human shield and be beaten up every time.

The most terrifying thing was that Silver Shadow also possessed the Saint Art Rainbow Sky Severing Gourd. And now, there was a stream of rainbow light flowing around the gourd in its body.

In other words, Zhou Yuan now had two rainbow sword lights. 

The only problem was that Silver Shadow’s Genesis Qi would be exhausted once it brought out the sword light, and it would have to recover for a period before it could move again. Regardless, Zhou Yuan’s killing move had become even more powerful. 

If he had those two sword lights when he had fought Ji Mo a few days ago, Ji Mo would have likely been killed.

While Zhou Yuan was immersed in his harvests, Qin Lian suddenly screamed behind him. “Huh?”   

Zhou Yuan twisted around and saw Qin Lian take out a golden incense from her spatial bag. It suddenly ignited itself, and a curl of smoke drifted up.

“It’s a message from Hunyuan Heaven!” Qin Lian exclaimed.

They had informed the other Hunyuan Heaven forces and left a message incense before coming to rescue the Cangxuan Heaven people. This was originally for them to easily contact the other Hunyuan Heaven forces for assistance if something happened. But in the end, they didn’t need to use it, and the other side ended up igniting it first.

“Something seems to have happened.” Zhou Yuan's face turned serious. Given Hunyuan Heaven’s overall strength, it wouldn’t be a trivial matter for them to ignite the message incense.

Smoke rose under their nervous gazes, gradually forming a screen of smoke before them.

A figure appeared on the screen. It was Guan Qinglong.   

“Grand elder Zhou Yuan, has the matter on your side been resolved?” Guan Qinglong's calm voice sounded.

Zhou Yuan nodded and asked bluntly, “Did something happen?”

Guan Qinglong said, “Well, during the time you left, we found a place during our exploration. There is a huge jade disc completely condensed from ancestral qi. If our speculation is right, we have encountered some mystic ruins of Guyuan Heaven!”

It was rumored that in addition to ancestral qi veins, there might be some places abundant in ancestral qi in Guyuan Heaven. These places would eventually give birth to mystical substances. The substances were mysterious, and in terms of rarity, they were superior to high-class ancestral qi veins. In the entire Guyuan Heaven, only the nine ancestral qi channels could surpass them!

It was just that mystic ruins were extremely difficult to find, and they were rarely born. Zhou Yuan and the others didn’t expect the Hunyuan Heaven teams to discover such a place! 

However, if the other guys from Hunyuan Heaven found some mystic ruins, they wouldn’t want the Tianyun Region team to be present, right? Since there would be one less power sharing the benefit.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes flickered slightly, and he asked, “Did any other heavens find these mystic ruins?”

Guan Qinglong nodded. “The movements over here are relatively huge, so the other heavens also detected it. Currently, there’s Wanshou Heaven and Shengwang Heaven, the heaven ranked second among the Sacred Race heavens. But I don’t know whether there will be other heavens.”

“Wanshou Heaven.”

“Shengwang Heaven.”

Zhou Yuan’s expression became more solemn. It was no wonder why Guan Qinglong would inform him—Guan Qinglong had encountered powerful enemies.

Although Hunyuan Heaven was known to be the strongest heaven among the five heavens shared by all races, Wanshou Heaven shouldn’t be underestimated. Its strength far surpassed Cangxuan Heaven, and it could even threaten Hunyuan Heaven.

As for Shengwang Heaven, it should be even stronger since it was the Sacred Race’s second strongest heaven. It was also stronger than Shengling Heaven, which Zhou Yuan had encountered before.

As Zhou Yuan thought of Shengling Heaven, his heart suddenly trembled. He said, “In addition to Shengwang Heaven, I am worried the people from Shengling Heaven are also hurrying over there.”

No wonder there were no traces of the Shengling Heaven teams in this area recently...they had likely darted over there upon receiving the news.

Guan Qinglong’s expression grew even more solemn. If a Shengling Heaven team was also there, it would turn into a chaotic war among four heavens.

“Grand elder Zhou Yuan, please lead the Tianyuan Region team over here as soon as possible.”    

“Understood, we will leave immediately.” Zhou Yuan nodded.  

The smoke gradually dissipated, forming a map-like image of which one spot was shining brightly. That was presumably where the Hunyuan Heaven people were.

Zhou Yuan stared at the map, then let out a deep sigh and swept a glance over the crowd.

“Everyone, I'm afraid there’s big trouble this time...”

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