Chapter 1136 Abnormal


The great valley violently quaked when dozens of Genesis Qi explosions erupted in the depths of the great river that cut through it.


A vast amount of Genesis Qi swept out, roaring like ancient beasts. Then, huge vortexes emerged in the great river, and endless earth beasts gushed forth like the tide. They were transparent and looked like liquid creatures, but the Genesis Qi erupting from them shouldn’t be underestimated.


Zhou Yuan’s expression tensed slightly when he saw this scene. Then, he signaled with a wave of his hand.

The people from the Tianyuan Region and Cangxuan Heaven, who had been prepared for some time, whizzed out one after another to meet the earth beasts charging out from the river’s depths.


A battle broke out in the great valley once again.  

This battle was very fierce because the scale of the earth beasts born from the high-class ancestral qi vein surpassed everyone's imaginations. Therefore, even Zhou Yuan, who was watching over the situation, led troops onto the battlefield, and it took them two hours to completely wipe out the earth beasts.

But before they could rest, the great river rolled up, and a tremendous pale-yellow water dragon loomed out. The ancestral qi it contained caused the Genesis Qi across the world to frantically pulse.

“Is that the ancestral qi contained in the high-class vein?” Zhou Yuan’s eyes glimmered as he stared at the huge yellow water dragon. The ancestral qi it contained was far more than in any veins they had ever encountered.

“Prepare the altar!”   

An altar was swiftly set up in front of the great river.

Around one thousand people from the Tianyuan Region sat cross-legged before the altar, while the other thousand were vigilantly watching the surroundings, waiting for the time to switch roles.

A little farther behind the Tianyuan Region’s altar, Chu Qing and the others also set up the Cangxuan Sect’s altar. Besides the half of the team on watch duty, all Cangxuan Heaven team members excitedly gathered before the altar. 

Although they all knew that setting up a Cangxuan Sect altar would bring greater benefits to the Cangxuan Sect than to the other Cangxuan Heaven forces, no one was unhappy with this arrangement. They knew that Zhou Yuan wouldn’t have shared 30% of the high-class ancestral qi vein if it weren’t because of the Cangxuan Sect. 

Zhou Yuan descended before the altar and sat down cross-legged, looking at the yellow water dragon rising from the river. Then, he made a one-handed seal.


As Zhou Yuan’s seal formed, the altar behind him suddenly developed a strange suction force that captured the yellow water dragon. Then, the water dragon soared into the sky and turned into water droplets, falling on the altar like a rainstorm. 

Those water droplets were not formed from the river water but from ancestral qi!

The drops of ancestral qi beat Zhou Yuan’s body, creating a cold and refreshing sensation, but Zhou Yuan could feel streams of vast ancestral qi pouring into his body.

Compared to middle-class ancestral qi veins, the ancestral qi here was evidently much purer and ancient.

As ancestral qi gushed into his body and merged with his Divine Dwellings, the two Heavenly Suns within them gradually grew brighter, and the amount of Genesis Qi they contained soared at an astonishing rate.

Even the dragon claw rune on his Heavenly Sun was growing and extending.

Zhou Yuan was overjoyed with the improvement speed of his body. The vein deserved to be called a high-class ancestral qi vein. The improvements it brought were far better than any middle-class vein.

A strong sense of anticipation rose in his heart. He was very curious to know what great changes the rare high-class ancestral qi vein would bring him this time.

The high-class ancestral qi vein lasted for three days.

During these three days, the teams had rotated several times, and only a handful of people, such as Zhou Yuan, hadn’t moved at all and had absorbed the ancestral qi from beginning to end. This was the benefit of being a leader. After all, leaders had to face the strongest enemy in battle. Therefore, no one could question their right to enjoy the best treatment.

When the sun set on the third day, everyone withdrew from their cultivation state.

They stared at the great river that was slowly drying up. Several huge cracks appeared in the river, each extending into the depths of the earth where the river water flowed away.

Everyone who withdrew from their cultivation state immediately examined themselves to check their changes, and they soon burst into excited cheers. It was obvious that many had improved tremendously. 

Qin Lian also checked herself, and immediately her countenance changed. “My Genesis Qi foundation has increased to 2.6 billion.”

Her Genesis Qi foundation was already 2.5 billion after several upgrades, but she didn’t think it would soar by another 100 million this time.

High-class ancestral qi veins were indeed terrifying!

If she were to use her secret art again, she felt that her combat strength could compete with Dong Ye, who was ranked third on the Heavenly Sun List.

Even if Qin Lian had a cold personality, she couldn't help grinning at such a tremendous increase. 

“It seems that Miss Qin Lian had a good harvest.” Laughter sounded.

Qin Lian tilted her head and saw an eye-catching shining head. She narrowed her eyes slightly and said, “Captain Chu Qing. My improvement isn’t bad; what about you?”


Chu Qing said with a smile, “Thanks to you guys, my Genesis Qi foundation increased by around 100 million.”

Qin Lian stared blankly at him at first, and then her heart trembled. The Tianyuan Region had taken 70% of the high-class vein, which allowed her Genesis Qi foundation to increase by around 100 million. On the other hand, the Cangxuan Heaven’s side only had a share of about 30%, yet Chu Qing's harvest was the same as hers?!

What did this imply? It showed that the talent of the lazy baldy who makes people speechless was superior to hers!

The answer made Qin Lian feel a little aggrieved. Zhou Yuan had already surpassed her, but now even the lazy baldy was stronger than her?

As a result, Qin Lian put away the smile on her face and resumed her usual coldness.

Chu Qing felt a little uneasy when he saw Qin Lian’s changing expression. This woman is indeed difficult to talk to, but I came over because Li Qingchan kicked me over to express gratitude on behalf of the entire Cangxuan Heaven. With that thought, he smiled, “Miss Qin Lian, the Tianyuan Region helped us a lot this time. I’ve come to express my thanks on behalf of Cangxuan Heaven.”

Qin Lian nodded indifferently. “Don't thank me. It’s all because of grand elder Zhou Yuan.” 

However, Qin Lian’s expression still eased a little, though she still looked at Chu Qing with a strange gaze. 

Chu Qing could only endure her gaze even if he felt that his whole body was being uncomfortably stabbed with needles. He warned himself to stay away from women.

Fortunately, Zhou Yuan had just awakened, and he quickly rescued Chu Qing from the awkward situation. Zhou Yuan stretched his body, attracting much attention.

Qin Lian stared intently at Zhou Yuan, feeling a sharper aura from him. Immediately, she couldn’t help but ask, “How much has your Genesis Qi foundation increased by?”

Zhou Yuan glanced at her and then at Chu Qing. He had overheard their conversation, and so he said after some hesitation, “Don't ask about that. Why do you like to ask for embarrassment in front of people?” 

Qin Lian was so angry that the veins on her forehead throbbed. She said through gritted teeth, “How much?!”  

Zhou Yuan sighed helplessly and finally whispered, “Not much, only 200 million.”

Although Qin Lian was mentally prepared, she still inhaled deeply and shot annoyed glances at him and Chu Qing. “Your Cangxuan Sect is too abnormal!”

She flung her sleeve and stormed off.

Zhou Yuan sighed, staring at Qin Lian’s furious figure as she left. She’s too naive. My harvest this time isn’t just an increase of 200 million in my Genesis Qi foundation. 

The dragon claw rune on his Heavenly Suns had reached five claws!

Silver Shadow, however, was the one that had changed the most.

When he lifted his hand into the air, a silver liquid rose and turned into a silver ball.

Silver Shadow, who had sustained severe injuries from Ji Mo, had not only completely recovered with the help of the vast ancestral qi but had also improved stunningly, utterly shocking Zhou Yuan. 

Silver Shadow’s Genesis Qi foundation had skyrocketed from 1.4 billion to 2 billion! 

An earth-shattering increase!   

Of course, the price that Zhou Yuan paid for this was that almost half of the ancestral qi he absorbed was given to Silver Shadow. But in Zhou Yuan’s view, it was completely worth it because Silver Shadow had finally opened a second orifice.

After experimenting, Zhou Yuan copied his Rainbow Sky Severing Gourd Art over to Silver Shadow as he had hoped.

This was the most terrifying aspect of his harvest!

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