Chapter 1134 Reminisce

The people from the Tianyuan Region and Cangxuan Heaven didn’t pursue the Sacred Race and Sacred Palace teams as their opponents retreated in embarrassment. Instead, they sighed emotionally for a good while.  

Who would have thought the mysterious and unfathomable Sacred Race would have such an embarrassing moment? 

It was utterly silent in the great valley, and everyone was staring gratefully and in awe at the young figure standing in the forefront. 

All Cangxuan Heaven forces knew that they likely wouldn’t have been able to escape if Zhou Yuan hadn't appeared. Therefore, after a moment of silence, everyone from Cangxuan Heaven bowed respectfully towards Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan, however, saw a hint of sorrow on many people’s faces. Although the Sacred Race team had been driven away, Cangxuan Heaven had still suffered significant losses, with many comrades killed in battle. The Cangxuan Heaven forces could be said to have endured life and death.

Zhou Yuan waved his hand gently and didn’t know what comforting words to say. After all, this was war, not some training among sects and factions.

At that moment, he more deeply understood that the Sacred Race was indeed the greatest enemy of all races. When the two meet, there was nothing to be said except for them to fight to the death.

After all, the two sides had completely different stances. The Sacred Race claimed to be the ruler of all heavens, the king of the Tianyuan World, and the most noble and powerful existence, and the other races were to be enslaved. 

It was said that the Sacred Race was even more powerful in the distant past and had suppressed all races to the point that they couldn’t raise their heads. The Sacred Race only regarded the other races as dogs to be slaughtered and bullied. During the darkest times, all races were suppressed and almost suffocated. Many races were wiped out at the time. Fortunately, all races joined hands, and the birth of some mighty existences helped them stabilize the overall situation in the end. After several great wars, the human race and all races occupied the great five heavens they had now.

Although what Ji Mo said was unpleasant to the ear, Zhou Yuan had to admit that the four heavens that the Sacred Race occupied were the most rich in Blessings among the nine heavens of the Tianyuan World. From a certain perspective, they weren’t blowing their own trumpet by calling their heavens the upper four heavens. 

Zhou Yuan fell into deep thought. This was the first time he had faced an expert from the Sacred Race, and Ji Mo’s strength was indeed terrifying. Given Zhou Yuan’s strength, only Guan Qinglong could threaten him in the entire Hunyuan Heaven. Zhou Yuan should be the second strongest in the Heavenly Sun stage, replacing Wang Xuanyang.  

But even so, Zhou Yuan still failed to kill Ji Mo.

It should be said that the Shengling Heaven, where Ji Mo was from, was only ranked third among the Sacred Race’s four heavens. 

Zhou Yuan wondered how difficult it would be to deal with Shengzu Heaven and the mysterious Shengwang Heaven, the heavens ranked first and second, respectively.

Zhou Yuan drew a deep breath, put away the fear and austere expression on his face and landed somewhere in the great valley. 

This was where the Cangxuan sect disciples headed by Chu Qing and Li Qingchan were.

The Cangxuan sect disciples evidently became more cautious when Zhou Yuan arrived, and their eyes were filled with awe. But in fact, most of them were higher up than Zhou Yuan in terms of seniority. Even Chu Qing and Li Qingchan were of a younger generation than them, but seniority had little importance in this kind of place. Only strength mattered.

After all, when you meet the Sacred Race, you would only be greeted with a butcher blade if you brought out your seniority.

Although Zhou Yuan was once a Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect, he was now the captain of Hunyuan Heaven’s Tianyuan Region team.

"Senior brother Chu Qing, senior sister Qingchan…I haven't seen you for a few years. I hope you’ve been well.” Under awed gazes, Zhou Yuan’s face beamed with joy from the bottom of his heart. 

Hearing Zhou Yuan address them in such a way, almost all the Cangxuan Sect disciples breathed a sigh of relief, and their faces lit up because it showed that Zhou Yuan still acknowledged his identity as a disciple of the Cangxuan Sect.

This immediately made the many Cangxuan Sect disciples more friendly.

Chu Qing’s long hair had disappeared, and he had become bald again. He rubbed his head and sighed, “Junior brother Zhou Yuan, I didn’t expect you would come to rescue us at a critical moment, but I’m really touched. If possible, I would like to introduce junior sister Qingchan to you.”


But the moment he finished saying this, Li Qingchan scrunched her brows and lashed out with a kick, knocking Chu Qing onto his knees in front of Zhou Yuan.

“What can you expect from a dog but a bark?” uttered Li Qingchan coldly. This guy was good before, but once the crisis was lifted, he immediately resumed his usual self.

Zhou Yuan chuckled. Senior brother Chu Qing is the same as always.  

“Senior brother Chu Qing, you don’t need to bow to me." Zhou Yuan pulled Chu Qing up.

Chu Qing shook off Zhou Yuan’s hands angrily.  

The Cangxuan Sect disciples all giggled, breaking the formal and slightly mournful atmosphere for a moment. 

Li Qingchan looked at Zhou Yuan with her cold and beautiful eyes and said softly, “This time, we really have to thank you.”

She understood that if Zhou Yuan hadn’t descended like a deity, she would have fled with the many Cangxuan Sect disciples, and it was unknown how many of them would have been buried in the great valley. 

"I'm also a disciple of the Cangxuan Sect…I ran into Qingyu and Luluo, but I still came a little too late,” said Zhou Yuan. He could see that many Cangxuan Sect disciples had been wounded or killed.

Chu Qing clapped Zhou Yuan on the shoulder, saying in a comforting voice, “Don’t worry about it. They died because I, their eldest senior brother, didn’t do a good job. It has nothing to do with you.”

Zhou Yuan could see sorrow hidden beneath Chu Qing’s mischievous face. But Zhou Yuan’s senior brother, who was always lazy and apathetic, also showed some responsibility this time. If Chu Qing hadn’t stepped forward at the most difficult moment, the people from the Cangxuan Sect, and even from Cangxuan Heaven, likely wouldn’t have been able to wait for Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan didn't say anything else on this topic and just turned his gaze away. He saw a familiar figure behind Li Qingchan.

“Senior brother Kong Sheng, I hope you have been well.”  

That familiar figure was Kong Sheng, a Chosen of Cangxuan Sect’s Sword Cometh Peak.

Zhou Yuan often had conflicts with Kong Sheng when he was still in the Cangxuan Sect. Of course, to be precise, he didn’t quite get along with the entire Sword Cometh Peak, including peak master Ling Jun.

However, those were only small disputes, and Zhou Yuan didn’t take them to heart. After all, when he rushed back to the Great Zhou Empire from Cangxuan Sect, the Cangxuan Sect disciples who protected and assisted him along the way included the Sword Cometh Peak disciples led by Kong Sheng.

Kong Sheng's expression was slightly unnatural, and he nodded stiffly. He was prideful, so he didn’t know how to face Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan also understood how he was feeling, so he just smiled. But, just as he was about to turn away, he saw a puff of smoke and a barefooted middle-aged man with a tobacco pipe. The man was smiling at him. 

“Teacher-uncle Mu Wuji?” Zhou Yuan exclaimed.  

This person had left a deep impression on him because he was the one who had introduced him to Cangxuan Sect when they were in the Saint Remains Domain in Cangmang Continent. In a way, Mu Wuji was his guide.

“Hey, you still remember me.” Mu Wuji smiled. 

“If teacher-uncle hadn’t guided me back then, how would there be the present Zhou Yuan?”

Mu Wuji said emotionally, “If I hadn’t led you into the sect back then, the Heavenly Sun experts of my Cangxuan Sect would have been wiped out.”

He looked at Zhou Yuan through the curling smoke and said with a chuckle, “Zhou Yuan, you achieved what you have today by yourself. I was lucky enough to lead you into the Cangxuan Sect. This is the greatest achievement in my life.”

“Without the Cangxuan Sect, I wouldn’t be standing here today,” said Zhou Yuan sincerely. 

When Zhou Yuan looked at the Cangxuan Sect with his current status, its overall strength might not be comparable to the Tianyuan Region. Still, he knew that if the Cangxuan Sect hadn’t given him a lot of support back then, he wouldn’t have had the chance to get revenge for the Great Zhou and kill King Wu. After all, the Sacred Palace was behind Wu Huang.

While Zhou Yuan, Chu Qing and some others were catching up, the leaders of various Cangxuan Heaven forces led their teams over.

Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace, Sword Seeker Sect, Heavenly Ghost Sect, North Sea Dragon Subduing Hall…   

The leaders of the four great sects all expressed their gratitude to Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan responded to them one by one and then looked at the familiar figures behind them with a smile.

“I didn't expect this would be the place where we would meet again.”

In addition to the Zuoqiu Qingyu and Luluo whom he saw before, Li Chunjun, Ning Zhan and Zhen Xu were also here.

His little friends who left the Cangmang Continent with him and went to the Shengzhou Continent to explore were finally gathered together again. 

“I can’t even beat one of your legs now,” said Ning Zhan in a disappointed tone. Even if he was addicted to battling, he knew that the gap between him and Zhou Yuan was too great and that it was impossible for them to have a match.

Zhen Xu was as cold as ever, and he only nodded slightly to Zhou Yuan. But his eyes were evidently brighter than usual. He could feel that Zhou Yuan wasn’t different from how he was in the past, even if there was a difference in strength between them.

Li Chunjun blankly clasped his rusty and mottled sword and said in a hoarse voice, “The sword light you just used was amazing.”

Zuoqiu Qingyu rolled her eyes at the three. “You three are really three pieces of wood.”

Luluo smiled and extended out a little fist, exclaiming excitedly, "Everyone is still alive. We should remember this moment. Fist bump quickly.”

Gazing at his little friends whom he had fought alongside, Zhou Yuan felt a warmth fill his heart. He smiled and stretched out a fist.

Zuoqiu Qingyu also smiled sweetly and bumped the other fists.

Ning Zhan, Li Chunjun and Zhen Xu glanced at each other, revealed faint smiles and also extended their fists.

The five fists touched, and Zhou Yuan chuckled lightly.

“Everyone, live well. When I return to Cangxuan Heaven, I will still need your help.”

The four people’s eyes flashed. They knew about Zhou Yuan's feud with the Sacred Palace, so their hearts trembled uncontrollably in unison, not because of fear, but because of a kind of excitement.

They understand what Zhou Yuan meant...   

When he returned to Cangxuan Heaven, it would perhaps be the time for his real battle with the Sacred Palace.

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