Chapter 1133 Forced to Retreat


Terrifying killing intent gushed forth from Ji Mo's body, causing the temperature in the great valley to plummet. 

"What did you say?" Ji Mo stared coldly at Zhou Yuan like a venomous snake. His every word created an oppressive pressure.

The Sacred Race team behind him looked terrifying. Their eyes contained a fierce glint, and powerful Genesis Qi was surging around them. 

They hadn’t expected Zhou Yuan to be so arrogant. They had already taken a step back and asked him to leave with his people, but he dared to tell them to scram! 

The Tianyuan Region team was also a little puzzled as to why Zhou Yuan would irritate Ji Mo in such a way. Given the situation, it was already great to be able to retreat peacefully.

Under Ji Mo’s gaze and the murderous gazes of many others, the smile on Zhou Yuan’s face faded, and his expression turned icy and contemptuous. “I said, ‘Take your people and get out of here immediately!’ ”  

While talking, he stepped forward.

Earth Saint Rune!  


Vast Genesis Qi gushed up from the earth and poured into Zhou Yuan’s body. With the clench of his hand, the Heavenly Yuan Brush appeared in his grip, and an astonishing Genesis Qi pressure pervaded the great valley. 

His imposing pressure suppressed the Sacred Race team for a moment. 

“Do you really think I don’t know what situation you are in now? Do you think I don’t know much combat strength you have left?” Zhou Yuan sneered, pointing his Heavenly Yuan Brush towards Ji Mo. “If you have the courage, come and play with me again!”

The corners of Ji Mo's eyes twitched, and his face fiercened. He didn't expect Zhou Yuan to be so arrogant.

But he was most annoyed with how Zhou Yuan knew his current state. 

He had suffered severe damage after his Sacred Pupil was sealed. Although he looked perfectly fine on the outside, the Genesis Qi within his body was already rioting. However, he had forcibly suppressed it, so how could Zhou Yuan know about it?!

Ji Mo glared at Zhou Yuan and asked again, “Zhou Yuan, do you really intend to fight to the death with my Shengling Heaven?”

Zhou Yuan said indifferently, “Ji Mo, the more you act like this, the more you confirm my speculation. It seems that you are really weak now. Also—”

He swept a glance across the great valley, the corners of his mouth curving upwards in a mocking smile. “Is this your purpose for driving the people from Cangxuan Heaven to this great valley like sheep? What a good plan.” 

Puzzled, Chu Qing and the others scanned the great valley. They were vaguely aware of the Sacred Race team’s intention, but they still couldn’t understand what was so special about this place. 

Ji Mo’s face darkened, and he couldn’t believe how Zhou Yuan could detect the high-class ancestral qi vein hidden in the great valley’s depths. This was a secret only known to his Sea Subduing Hall and was passed on by their saint expert, so how would Zhou Yuan know?

Seeing Ji Mo’s expression change, Zhou Yuan smiled. “Isn't it just a high-class ancestral qi vein? What’s the need to conceal this?”

Ji Mo’s heart sank. This bastard really knows!


Zhou Yuan’s words stirred up shock within the Tianyuan Region and Cangxuan Heaven teams, and they all ran their gazes across the great valley in disbelief. There is a high-class ancestral qi vein here?!

Neither the Tianyuan Region team nor the Cangxuan Heaven team had found an ancestral qi vein of such a level yet!

Ji Mo was silent for a good while, then finally stopped trying to cover up the truth. “You are indeed very smart, but don’t even dream of making us retreat. I have already notified the other forces of Shengling Heaven, and they will be here very soon. Let’s see who will die then,” he said coldly. 

Zhou Yuan smiled. “It just so happens that I have also notified the other teams from Hunyuan Heaven. Our heavens can compete then.”

In truth, Zhou Yuan didn’t believe that Ji Mo had informed the other Shengling Heaven teams, because high-class ancestral qi veins were very rare and anyone who found one would want to enjoy it alone. If he were to notify other forces, it would reduce his share significantly. 

Especially since Ji Mo had an arrogant personality, Ji Mo must have felt that Cangxuan Heaven was nothing to be feared and that he could perhaps even swallow the Tianyuan Region team. Therefore, why would he notify the other forces of Shengling Heaven to come over to help when he was so confident?

Perhaps Ji Mo did have such a thought now, but it was too late. When reinforcement from Shengling Heaven arrives, the high-class ancestral qi vein would have already been taken. 

Of course, Zhou Yuan didn't notify the other Hunyuan Heaven teams either for a similar reason as Ji Mo.

They both only said that to scare each other.

Ji Mo's eyelids twitched, and the anger in his heart blazed like a raging flame. He glowered at Zhou Yuan, hating the fact that he was unable to tear him to pieces.

Zhou Yuan didn’t say anything more to him. Zhou Yuan’s face turned solemn, and cold killing intent filled his eyes. “Teams of the Tianyuan Region and Cangxuan Heaven, prepare to attack! The Sacred Race is ruthless. If you want to avenge your comrades, we have to make them pay with blood!”

When Zhou Yuan's cold voice resounded in the great valley, Qin Lian unhesitatingly made a signal with a wave of her hand. The Tianyuan Region team erupted with Genesis Qi without any reservation, and a mighty pressure shrouded the whole area.

The people from Cangxuan Heaven also assembled into battle formation.

As Chu Qing stood in front of everyone, his thorn-like hair fluttered with the wind, and his expression grew austere. “A debt of blood must be paid in blood.”

“A debt of blood must be paid in blood.” The various forces from Cangxuan Heaven roared. Ji Mo had captured many of their comrades and refined them into blood pills. The blood feud must be settled.

They couldn’t stand a chance before and could only retreat in embarrassment, but now that Zhou Yuan had stabilized the situation, how could they continue to retreat?!

Countless roars echoed across the great valley, causing it to quake violently.

The Sacred Race’s and the Sacred Palace team members’ expressions changed when they saw their opponents’ momentum and fighting spirit soar. Mom importantly, they felt that their pillar, Ji Mo, was no longer as bold and fierce as before. 

They would no doubt suffer heavy losses from their opponents’ fierce counterattacks.

“Ji Mo, since you don't want to leave, stay here to be buried!”

Zhou Yuan tightened his grip around the Heavenly Yuan Brush. Mighty Genesis Qi roared into the sky like a giant platinum dragon. He lifted his hand into the air, and a weak rainbow light appeared in his palm once again. 

Ji Mo’s pupils shrank rapidly when he saw the faint light, and a look of panic crossed his face. Zhou Yuan can bring out his previous powerful move again?! 

My Sacred Pupil can't use the death substitute again!


While Ji Mo panicked, Zhou Yuan’s thunderous voice rang out. 

Then, Zhou Yuan soared into the sky, rushing towards the Sacred Race team. The teams from Cangxuan Heaven and the Tianyuan Region followed closely behind.

The entire world quaked from such tremendous momentum.

Ji Mo balled his hands into fists, and his body quivered. It wasn’t from fear but anger. The beings that he regarded as pigs dared to provoke his Sacred Race. 

But could he really stay at a time like this? 

His rationality told him that once war started, they would no doubt suffer heavy losses. At that time, the other people from Shengling Heaven might not be convinced of the Sea Subduing Hall’s power and target his position of commander.


The faint rainbow light in Zhou Yuan’s hand filled them with fear. 

Ji Mo’s expression frantically changed for several seconds before he finally said through gritted teeth, “Sacred Race team, retreat!”

He turned around and led the team away.

Although the Sacred Race team looked disappointed, they had no choice but to follow because they also knew they had lost the upper hand. 

But the one most shocked was Li Xuan from the Sacred Palace. He had never thought Zhou Yuan could scare off Ji Mo! But if even Ji Mo retreated, Li Xuan would no doubt die a graveless death if he were to stay any longer, so he had no choice but to follow and flee like a stray dog.

"Zhou Yuan, when we meet again, I will massacre your Tianyuan Region team!”

As the Sacred Race team fled, Ji Mo’s raging roar resounded in the distance.

Zhou Yuan waved his hand to stop everyone from pursuing the enemies. As he watched the many figures flee in embarrassment in the distance, a corner of his mouth curved mockingly, and the rainbow light in his hand dimmed. That guy is so easily scared. A Genesis Qi flame dyed with a little color is enough to scare him off.  

"When we meet again, I want to see what else you have to counter my Rainbow Sky Severing Sword Light.”

Intense killing intent flashed in Zhou Yuan”s eyes. That guy’s Sacred Pupil is now sealed and likely won’t recover for a period. And without the Sacred Pupil’s protection, the next time we meet will be your death day. 

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