Chapter 1132 Bluff

“What—how is this possible?!”

Ji Mo was in a state of shocked disbelief when he saw Zhou Yuan’s figure. It was as though he had been struck by lightning.

“Zhou Yuan actually withstood my light beam of obliteration?! Impossible…impossible!”  

Ji Mo, who was always calm and indifferent, lost self-control. His face twisted into a hideous expression. He only managed to endure Zhou Yuan’s rainbow light with the help of the Death Substitute Art from his Sacred Pupil. In other words, Zhou Yuan’s rainbow light could have killed him. 

But even though he had survived in the end, he had to pay a heavy price—his Sacred Pupil was in a sealed state. 

Ji Mo was confident that his obliteration light beam wasn’t in any way weaker than Zhou Yuan’s rainbow light. He was only able to withstand Zhou Yuan’s light beam with the help of his Sacred Pupil, so how was Zhou Yuan still standing alive in front of him?!

Ji Mo balled his hands into fists, his expression dark and unpleasant. He thought he had already overestimated Zhou Yuan, but now it seemed his overestimation was still too conservative.

The Sacred Race team didn’t even utter a sound, and the shock on their faces was much stronger than Ji Mo’s.

After all, they all knew how strong Ji Mo was. Ji Mo was no doubt their heaven’s strongest Heavenly Sun stage cultivator, and he was among the best even in Shengzu Heaven, the Sacred Race’s strongest heaven. Therefore, they couldn’t understand how Ji Mo had suffered such losses in the hands of Zhou Yuan, an intermediate Heavenly Sun stage cultivator. 

As members of the Sacred Race, they were all arrogant and viewed other races as dogs. Therefore, they had never expected such a powerful person to appear in the human race they so despised. 

When their gazes shifted to Zhou Yuan again, the contempt that filled them before silently disappeared, replaced by intense hostility and killing intent.

The Sacred Race were enemies with the other races in the Tianyuan World because the Sacred Race had no intention of co-existing with the other races. They wanted to be the sole ruler of the Tianyuan World, and the other races had to become their slaves if they wanted to survive.   

Therefore, the more outstanding Zhou Yuan was, the more the Sacred Race should want to eliminate him.

They all had the same thought, but no one dared to act recklessly. The miserable-looking young figure in the distance brought the Sacred Race team tremendous pressure.

This was because they could tell that the sacred rune in the center of Ji Mo’s brows had dimmed significantly, and it was obvious that Ji Mo had paid a heavy price to withstand Zhou Yuan’s rainbow light. This was clear from the chaotic Genesis Qi circulating around his body. 

Although they didn’t want to admit it, they knew in their hearts that the situation was spiraling out of control. 

Zhou Yuan looked surprisingly calm under the countless horrified gazes. He lowered his head and examined the huge scorch of flesh on his chest. The wound looked terrifying, but only his external body was damaged, and it would heal very soon.

As he lifted his hand, a silver liquid swiftly gathered in his palm and turned into a silver ball covered in countless ancient patterns. It was naturally Silver Shadow; it was just that it looked particularly dull and half its size because it had shielded Zhou Yuan from Ji Mo’s Light of Obliteration.

Of course, even if Silver Shadow had cultivated the Great Flame Devil, it still wasn’t enough to withstand Ji Mo’s ultimate move alone. It was only able to survive because Zhou Yuan had activated the Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune when the Light of Obliteration struck him.

His Law Domain directly halved the light beam’s power.

But even so, the light still pierced Silver Shadow and wounded Zhou Yuan. He had thereby activated the Great Flame Devil and the Heavenly Yuan Brush to protect his body. Without his Law Domain and the Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune, Zhou Yuan would have been hesitant in taking on the obliteration light beam.

Zhou Yuan stored away Silver Shadow and, under countless gazes, peered in Ji Mo’s direction, saying, “It seems the ending is a little different from what you thought.”

Ji Mo's face darkened, and after a while, he said indifferently, "You indeed surprised me. I didn't expect there to be someone like you in the human race.”

Zhou Yuan's piercing gaze fell on the center of Ji Mo's eyebrows, and he smiled. “It seems you paid a heavy price to block my attack?”

“Your injuries aren’t light either, right?”  

“A lot better than yours.” Zhou Yuan smiled.   

The two taunted back and forth, seemingly testing how severe the other's injuries were.

Ji Mo finally sighed indifferently. He was silent for a moment and then said, “Zhou Yuan from Hunyuan Heaven’s Tianyuan Region, is that right? I will remember you, and I admit that I underestimated you.

“It’s no wonder that Hunyuan Heaven became the head of the lower five heavens. Even the deteriorating Tianyuan Region produced someone like you.”

When Zhou Yuan heard the high and mighty attitude from Ji Mo’s words ‘lower five heavens’, Zhou Yuan couldn’t help chuckling. "We don't accept the name ‘lower five heavens’.”

The corners of Ji Mo’s lips curved contemptuously. “I know you’re not happy, but that is the truth. My Sacred Race occupies four heavens of the nine heavens in the Tianyuan World and is countless times stronger than your five heavens. The blessings of the universe are also within my Sacred Race. So, it isn’t something a little Heavenly Sun expert like you can change.

“When you are weak, you have to accept it. Don't try to challenge an existence that you cannot bear.”

He waved his hand dismissively as though he didn’t want to say anything else to Zhou Yuan. "You have some abilities since you didn't die in my hands today...Fine, the people from the Cangxuan Heaven can leave. When I see you next time, I will make you try the strength of my Shengling Heaven.”

Li Xuan from the Sacred Palace wanted to say something, but he was deterred by Ji Mo's chilling gaze.

The Sacred Race team members whispered to each other, and in the end, they remained quiet and obeyed Ji Mo’s command.  

Many people burst into cheers on the Cangxuan Heaven's side, and they cast respectful and grateful gazes at Zhou Yuan.

If Zhou Yuan hadn’t reversed the tides, the Sacred Race wouldn’t have let them go so easily. 

Qin Lian and the other Tianyuan Region members relaxed slightly. If they had clashed with the Sacred Race team, they would have suffered inevitable damage. Therefore, it was already considered the best result to save the Cangxuan Heaven team without a fight.

Zhou Yuan stared at Ji Mo, narrowing his eyes. 

Ji Mo’s expression changed when he saw that Zhou Yuan wasn’t leaving. “What? Why aren’t you leaving? I have already notified the rest of the Shengling Heaven. Once they come, you won’t be able to leave!”

Zhou Yuan smiled in response to Ji Mo's threat. He gazed at the great valley destroyed in the battle with a strange expression.

Then, he lifted his head and gave Ji Mo a smile.

“How about this…you take your people away and leave the great valley for my Tianyuan Region team.”

Fury and killing intent burst forth from Ji Mo’s eyes when he heard Zhou Yuan’s words.

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