Chapter 1131 Each Show Remarkable Ability


When the rainbow light appeared above Ji Mo and slashed down, a tremendous endless sword mark began to wildly extend out from beneath Ji Mo's feet. The sword mark was as deep as an abyss, and the cut forming across the ground was as smooth as a mirror, splitting everything apart.

As the rainbow light approached, the power it contained became increasingly apparent to Ji Mo, and he had never looked so solemn and serious before. His body tensed up, and he circulated the Genesis Qi within him without any reservation.


A thousand layers of Genesis Qi shrouded him. But Ji Mo soon discovered that they had no effect. His Genesis Qi defense disintegrated like paper as the rainbow light descended.

Ji Mo retreated with lightning speed as horror filled his eyes. He flung his sleeve and threw out several defensive Genesis Qi treasures to form another line of defense.

But as before, it was useless.  

Boom! Boom! Boom!  

Countless people cast nervous, tense gazes at Ji Mo, who constantly drew back as the stream of rainbow light chased after him and instantly destroyed any defense that Ji Mo brought out.

Such destructive power made many people’s scalps feel numb.    

In less than ten breaths, Ji Mo's many means were all forced out. His face turned ashen, and a look of sheer terror washed over his face.

The power of Zhou Yuan’s rainbow light far exceeded his imagination, and it made him a little regretful. If he had known that Zhou Yuan was so tricky to deal with, he wouldn't have antagonized him.

But now that a conflict had broken out, it was too late to change anything. Moreover, Ji Mo wasn’t an overcautious person. His expression suddenly changed, and his face bore a look of determination. He had to kill Zhou Yuan no matter the price. Otherwise, Ji Mo had no confidence in competing with him again once Zhou Yuan reached the advanced Heavenly Sun stage. 

Zhou Yuan must die today!  

"My ray of obliteration light will definitely be able to destroy him, but his rainbow light also has the power to eliminate me, so I must withstand it first!”

Ji Mo sighed deeply, a flicker of coldness and mockery appearing in his eyes.

“Zhou Yuan, Zhou Yuan, your talent is remarkable, and you are indeed a heaven pride of the human race, but unfortunately, you have underestimated the natural means of my Sacred Race.

“Do you really think the fact my Sacred Race can suppress all other races is false?!”


Ji Mo suddenly folded his hands together, forming an ancient seal.

As the rainbow light slashed through the air towards Ji Mo, the obliteration light beam that contained destructive power headed towards Zhou Yuan.

The light beam annihilated everything it passed.

A dark and deep rift split the great valley for thousands of miles.

Everyone stared in utter shock at the two deep rifts that appeared across the great valley. The destructive power made even advanced Heavenly Sun experts shudder inwardly. They were at the Heavenly Sun stage, but the gap between them and Zhou Yuan and Ji Mo was too great that it was simply indescribable.

If those two attacks were instead launched at them, they would likely suffer considerable damage, no matter which side they were on.

But the question right now was who, Zhou Yuan or Ji Mo, could withstand the opponent’s destructive attack?

They all understood that the one who survived would be the winner.

The world fell silent, and all eyes were on the ends of the two abyss-like rifts.

Who would survive in the end?   


It was during this silence that several boulders suddenly exploded, and a dark hole appeared in the depths of the deep sword mark. A figure slowly emerged.

When the figure appeared under the countless nervous gazes, the people from the Tianyuan Region and Cangxuan Heaven all turned pale-faced, and the Sacred Race team erupted in earth-shattering cheers.

The person who came out was Ji Mo! 

It was just that Ji Mo looked rather miserable with a deep sword wound that almost split him apart across his chest. But regardless of the severity of his injuries, at least Ji Mo ultimately withstood the terrifying rainbow light.

Under countless shocked gazes, Ji Mo expressionlessly glanced down at the injuries covering his body and couldn't help but clench his fists.

No one noticed that the Sacred Pupil between his brows had closed and the vertical rune at the center of his brows had dimmed to the point it was almost invisible.

He had paid a heavy price to withstand Zhou Yuan's destructive sword light.

The Sacred Pupil was an innate supernatural power of the Sacred Race that could nurture and develop many amazing arts. Moreover, Ji Mo’s Sacred Pupil had developed a Death Substitute Art, which meant any fatal damage could be transferred to his Sacred Pupil. However, this also meant the Sacred Pupil would be severely injured and would be in a sealed state for a long period.

This period could even be forever.   

Ji Mo's eyes blazed with fury. Even if he was mentally prepared to pay such a price, his heart still ached.


Ji Mo drew a deep breath, suppressing the rage in his heart. Although the price he had paid was heartbreaking, fortunately, he had eliminated a powerful enemy.

Zhou Yuan’s talent was too demonic. If he had reached the advanced Heavenly Sun stage, he would have undoubtedly become the Sacred Race’s strongest enemy in Guyuan Heaven. Therefore, they avoided had future trouble by eliminating him.

Ji Mo lifted his head, sweeping a cold gaze over the Cangxuan Heaven and Tianyuan Region teams. He immediately curled his lips in a bloodthirsty smile and said, “It seems that he isn’t your savior today. Don’t worry, when we capture you all, we will refine all of you into blood pills and not waste anything!”

Hearing Ji Mo’s chilling and murderous voice, the Cangxuan Heaven and Tianyuan Region teams all felt a chill surge in their hearts.


Just when Ji Mo's voice fell, however, a faint strange sound suddenly sounded.

The voice was subtle, but it resembled a clap of thunder when it fell in everyone's ears, because that voice came from the deep crack behind them.


Countless people looked toward the noise with astonished gazes. Then, they trembled when they saw the ground tear apart at the very end of the rift. An arm slowly stretched out.

A person climbed out from the ground, shaking the mud off his body. His figure looked very miserable, and red lines were spread across his upper body and emitting strong heat. Snow-white hair rustled down him as it fell, burying his feet. There was a large black scorch mark on his chest, and the afflicted flesh showed signs of burning.

It was Zhou Yuan!   

Although he looked miserable, his appearance still halted the Sacred Race team’s cheers, and their arrogant gazes immediately turned terrified.

They couldn't believe that Zhou Yuan could survive Ji Mo's strongest attack!


This time, the people from the Tianyuan Region and Cangxuan Heaven burst into deafening cheers. Joy and excitement brimmed their countless gazes as they looked at Zhou Yuan.

Amidst the earth-shattering cheers, Zhou Yuan shook the mud and snow-white hairs off his body, raised his head, and smiled at Ji Mo, who was standing dumbstruck.

“What did you just say?”

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