Chapter 113 A Gift

In the courtyard, the gray robed old man was all smiles as he gazed at Zhou Yuan and said, “Kid, you should currently be at the peak of the younger generation in the Great Zhou Empire, right?”

Zhou Yuan smiled in self-mocking manner, “The Great Zhou Empire is merely a small corner of the world, is there meaning in being the best here?”

The gray robed old man grinned as he remarked, “At least you’re a little self-aware.”

“I believe that the Great Zhou Empire’s old enemy is the Great Wu Empire, right?”

“As for you… the strongest enemies you now face are the Great Wu Empire’s python and sparrow.”

“Heh, it may be a little inappropriate to call them python and sparrow now. Thanks to you, these two have begun to spread their wings and soar like a true dragon and phoenix.”

The gray robed elder’s gnarly fingers lightly tapped the back of his recliner as he continued in an apathetic tone, “It is said that the crown prince of the Great Wu Empire, Wu Huang, is already at the advance Heaven Gate stage, and is only a step away from the Alpha-Origin stage.”

Zhou Yuan’s pupils tightened slightly. Had Wu Huang already reached the advance Heaven Gate stage? This was indeed much further than himself.

Though Zhou Yuan had previously displayed the power to kill an Alpha-Origin during king Qi’s rebellion, he clearly understood that he had been borrowing an external power. Without Silver Shadow, he would be easily crushed by any Alpha-Origin expert.

According to Zhou Yuan’s estimates, he should be able to directly face an initial Heaven Gate expert with the aid of the Omni Python Qi and the Dragon’s Resent Poison. His chances against an advance Heaven Gate opponent however, were less than 10%.

As for Silver Shadow, the repercussions were just far too great. Zhou Yuan did not dare to use it unless it was truly a life or death situation.

“Additionally, don’t even think for a second that Wu Huang is an ordinary advance Heaven Gate stage practitioner… from what I know, he is also a fierce fighter capable of doing battle with those above his cultivation level. It is said that he once slayed an Alpha-Origin stage practitioner with the strength of the advance Heaven Gate stage.”

“His kill was based on his own abilities. Compared to him, I’m afraid that you’re pretty lacking.” The gray robed old man grinned like a cheshire cat.

Zhou Yuan’s expression was rather calm in the face of the gray robed old man’s teasing. He had never underestimated the crown prince of the Great Wu Empire. The cultivation resources available to the latter could only be greater than his, while the latter’s Qi cultivation method, Genesis techniques, Genesis Weapons and other Genesis treasures were definitely not ordinary. The accumulation of such advantages would naturally give one the ability to do battle with those beyond one’s cultivation level.

Zhou Yuan smiled and said, “The pointer mentioned by elder doesn’t refer to demoralising me with this information, right?”

The gray robed elder shook his head. “The Great Zhou Empire is too small and is akin to a bird cage. For an eagle to soar in the nine heavens, it must face the baptism of numerous storms. Staying in a small cage like this will only limit one’s view and waste one’s talent, ultimately resulting in the gradual decline towards mediocrity and being left completely behind by other geniuses.”

A look of thought was finally revealed in Zhou Yuan’s eyes. Truth be told, he agreed with the old man’s words. The Great Zhou Empire was indeed too small, while the talented individuals he could come into contact with here were far too few, preventing him from using them as grindstones to improve himself.

Zhou Yuan slowly said, “Elder… means for me to leave the Great Zhou Empire?”

The gray robed old man smiled thinly. “A long time ago, there was a Saint that died on this land. When his holy blood fell, it transformed into Saint Remains Domains filled with various wonders and opportunities, drawing countless geniuses to vie against each other for these treasures.”

“Only by obtaining the Saint’s blood will one be able to call oneself the Saint’s successor and establish a Saint foundation. This can be said to be a huge blessing and opportunity. In the future, the Saint’s successor might even be able to condense a Saint fetus, open a Law Domain and maybe even… have a peek into the greatness of that Saint.”

Zhou Yuan was somewhat dazed after listening to the gray robed elder’s aged voice. Everything had already surpassed the boundaries of his knowledge.

“What is… a Saint?” Zhou Yuan seemed to struggle as he asked. The word seemed to contain an overwhelming divinity, and merely speaking it made the Genesis Qi in his body grow restless.

The gray robed old man thought for a while, before he smiled and said, “This subject is still too far off for you. You only need to know that those who may call themselves Saints are as rare as phoenix feathers or unicorn horns in this world.”

“A single drop of blood from a Saint can turn into an azure sea.”

“When the Saint from back then died, his Saint blood and remains landed in various places, forming several Saint Remains Domains.”

“And one of these Saint Remains Domains exists in the Cangmang Continent.”

Zhou Yuan’s pupils involuntarily shrunk. Was the main topic finally here after so much talking?

The gray robed elder chuckled and continued, “Practically every genius of the Cangmang Continent’s younger generation is currently training hard in preparation to enter this Saint Remains Domain.”

“What’s more, I’ve heard that the Great Wu Empire’s crown prince has been arduously training for several years specifically for this event, and is clearly determined on being the final winner.”

“Other large empires and great clans are also doing all they can to groom their young talents. Everything is solely for the sake of seizing the greatest gift within the Saint Remains Domain.”

“Once the greatest gift is obtained, the six sacred sects of Cangxuan Heaven will turn their attention to you and come to receive you.”

Zhou Yuan interjected in confusion, “The six sacred sects?”

He was aware that Cangxuan Heaven was the name of the world he lived in, while the Cangmang Continent was only one of the many continents within it. However, he had never heard of the six sacred sects.

“Having no knowledge about them is normal. Let alone someone at your level, even your father has yet to come into contact with such information.”

The gray robed old man chuckled before he began to elaborate, “In simple terms, the six sacred sects are the overlords of Cangxuan Heaven. Their hands cover this entire world, while all of you are merely ants beneath them.”

Zhou Yuan let out a bitter laugh. This was indeed information that was far too distant, information that the current him should not be able to access.

However, Zhou Yuan finally had a grasp of how important the Saint Remains Domain was after this explanation. Even the prided geniuses of the various large empires and great clans, such as Wu Huang, greatly desired it. One could imagine just how huge of an opportunity it was.

Zhou Yuan suddenly asked, “Since the Saint Remains Domain is so important, won’t the various factions dispatch their powerhouses?” 

If the large empires sent Alpha-Origin or even the stronger Divine Dwelling stage practitioners, none of the young geniuses would have a chance no matter how strong they were.

“The Saint’s pressure covers the Saint Remains Domain, and the stronger the individual, the greater the suppression faced inside.” The gray robed elder grinned as he continued, “The fear of their cultivation being suppressed and being killed by one of the younger ones makes it such that these powerhouses would not dare to enter so casually.”

He stared at Zhou Yuan, a spark flashing in his murky eyes as he smiled and said, “Kid, if the greatest gift of the Saint Remains Domain falls into the hands of Great Wu’s crown prince, I can say with certainty that your already minute chances of surpassing him will drop to rock bottom. He will use this advantage to spring himself even further ahead of you... so much further that you may never have the chance to turn the tables.”

The gray robed old man paused, before he continued once again, “Of course… I’m afraid that it will be rather difficult for you to vie with him given your current strength.”

“So how about it? Do you have the courage to desire that greatest gift?” The gray robed elder seemed to smile as if greatly interested in Zhou Yuan’s answer.

Zhou Yuan shut his eyes and took in a deep breath. It was a long time later before they slowly opened again as a dazzling light surged within them.

Wu Huang was already ahead of him. If the former managed to obtain the greatest gift of the Saint Remains Domain, the gap between the two of them would widen once more.

As the saying went, once one was a single step behind, one would always be a step behind.

If Zhou Yuan wanted to catch up, he needed to grab every chance he got.

The prided geniuses of the various large empires and great clans would soon gather in the Saint Remains Domain. Compared to them, Zhou Yuan had no advantage at all. However, he had never lacked courage ever since the day he had rediscovered his eight meridian channels.

Even stealing his sacred dragon blessing and being unable to find his eight meridian channels had not stopped him. What could these so-called prided geniuses possibly do?

Therefore, Zhou Yuan looked towards the gray robed elder and solemnly cupped his fists together as he bowed.

“Zhou Yuan thanks elder for his pointer.”

He was glad to have met the gray robed old man. If not, he would have completely missed out on the chance to come into contact with the greatest gift of the Saint Remains Domain.

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