Chapter 1128 Abnormal Intermediate Heavenly Sun Stage

The severed great river in the great valley basin was flowing again.

It was just that there was still utter silence in the valley, and countless people were staring  blankly at the huge fissure that had appeared in the valley. They especially stared at the figure embedded into the mountain wall at the very end of the crevice.

At that moment, Wei Tuo looked indescribably tragic, and he no longer had half the imposing manner and arrogance he had before. 


Li Qingchan, who always cared about her image, also cupped her mouth with her small hand and gulped. Although she knew from the start that Zhou Yuan wasn’t reckless, she had never thought he would be able to send the Sacred Race team’s deputy captain flying with one kick.

He was a terrifying enemy with a Genesis Qi foundation of 2.7 billion, and he had used a secret technique to increase it to 2.9 billion!

A Heavenly Sun expert of such a level could crush all Heavenly Sun experts in the entire Cangxuan Heaven! Even someone as strong as Chu Qing would likely be crushed facing Wei Tuo.

Who would have thought the battle would end in such a way?   

The advanced Heavenly Sun expert from the Cangxuan Sect wiped the cold sweat on his forehead as he stood next to Qingchan, his hands trembling. He muttered, “I understand what your emotions were like back then when such a monster appeared in your generation.”

Zhou Yuan was clearly only at the intermediate Heavenly Sun stage, but his Genesis Qi foundation could soar to the level of 3 billion stars!

What other word could describe him besides monster?

He and the other Heavenly Sun experts in Cangxuan Heaven didn’t quite understand why the younger generation would revere Zhou Yuan so much in the past, but now he understood it.

Sometimes, such a monster was just for people to worship and revere.

"Compared to him, we advanced Heavenly Sun experts are nothing.”

The experts from the other Cangxuan Heaven forces snapped out from their shock and smiled wryly.

They previously felt that Zhou Yuan’s cultivation level didn’t quite match his reputation, but now they realized that they were too narrow-minded and that Zhou Yuan’s intermediate Heavenly Sun stage was not the same as the intermediate Heavenly Sun stage they imagined.

Ning Zhan and Zhen Xu looked at each other and then simultaneously turned to Li Chunjun, who was standing silently beside them. They said indifferently, “I thought the gap between us would be closed when we meet again, but it seems we were too naive.” 

There wasn’t much of an expression on Li Chunjun’s face when he heard their words. He just gave a faint smile and said, “I think this is good. He is my goal. The farther he goes, the more motivated I am to catch up to him.”

Ning Zhan was silent for a moment. He then said, "Blind sword, if you were Qingyu or Luluo, we would be able to take it, but we don’t know how to respond if you say such a thing to us with your appearance.”

Li Chunjun seemed taken aback. After a moment, the iron sword in his arms quivered, and wisps of piercingly sharp sword qi shot towards Ning Zhan.

Ning Zhan couldn’t evade in time, and the sword qi tore his robe to pieces, exposing his sturdy upper body. 

With a howl of rage, Ning Zhan swiftly took out a robe from his spatial bag and put it on. He didn’t dare to provoke Li Chunjun again. That guy's sword qi is so painful when it strikes! 

“You deserved it,” remarked Zhen Xu. That guy is so stupid to say it out loud. He should be smarter like me and keep it to himself. But even as such thoughts appeared in Zhen Xu’s mind, he still felt Li Chunjun’s piercing sword-like gaze lock onto him. 

Zhen Xu said with a frown, “Blind Sword, don’t go too far. Can’t I even think about it?”

Veins throbbed on Li Chunjun's forehead, and then, a gush of sword qi swept towards them.

In midair, after staying silent for a long while, Mu Wuji finally said with difficulty, "This is too abnormal, right?"   

Although Chu Qing was equally stunned, he soon snapped out of it when he recalled the many miracles that Zhou Yuan had created in the past. He shrugged his shoulders, saying, “In truth, it can be regarded as normal. Junior brother Zhou Yuan actually did many similar things in Cangxuan Heaven.”

Mu Wuji couldn't help saying, “But Wei Tou is a powerful enemy with a Genesis Qi foundation that can reach 2.9 billion! That’s 2.9 billion! You know that no one in Cangxuan Heaven at the Heavenly Sun stage has ever reached that level in hundreds of years. Zhou Yuan defeated someone of that level with a kick.”

His flushed face showed how greatly Zhou Yuan’s victory impacted him.

Chu Qing also understood his words and said with a smile, "But doesn’t our Cangxuan Heaven have one now? Besides, it was you who introduced him to the sect. Speaking of which, you made a great contribution to the sect.”

Although Zhou Yuan was now cultivating in Hunyuan Heaven, he was born in Cangxuan Heaven. This was an unchangeable fact.

Mu Wuji was taken aback and then immediately grinned. “You’re right.”

However, they had to admit that their tensed-up hearts gradually relaxed after Zhou Yuan's kick.

Zhou Yuan showed the various forces in Cangxuan Heaven that he was capable of reversing the almost-overturned situation with his strength.

Compared to the incomparable shock the various forces from Cangxuan Heaven felt, the Sacred Race team was extremely enraged and frightened. Their angry and cold gazes shot toward Zhou Yuan like blades.

The Sacred Race was arrogant and regarded all other races as dogs, so they had a condescending attitude even when they faced the Tianyuan Region. They thought that Wei Tuo would instantly defeat Zhou Yuan and kill him, but who would have expected that Wei Tuo would suffer a crushing defeat?

The contrast was too great that it was too hard for the Sacred Race to accept. However, in addition to shame and anger, there was also fear in their hearts.

After all, they had witnessed Zhou Yuan's Genesis Qi soar to the level of 3 billion. It was almost impossible for an intermediate Heavenly Sun expert to have such a foundation. After witnessing such a power, even the Sacred Race’s heaven prides had to admit that Zhou Yuan was indeed a great enemy!

But Wei Tuo was defeated, and it was unlikely that any of them could suppress Zhou Yuan. As a result, everyone cast hopeful gazes toward Ji Mo.

Under those many gazes, Ji Mo retracted his indifferent gaze from Wei Tuo’s miserable-looking body in the distance. He waved his hand, and several Sacred Race experts darted out to retrieve Wei Tuo, who was seriously wounded. 

Ji Mo shifted his gaze to Zhou Yuan and said indifferently, "I really underestimated you. I didn't expect there to be a person like you in the human race.”

Even Ji Mo was a little apprehensive of Zhou Yuan, a talent who could reach such a level at the intermediate Heavenly Sun stage. Among the Sacred Race’s four heavens, only the sacred heaven prides from the strongest Shengzu Heaven could compare to him.

Killing intent uncontrollably rose from the bottom of Ji Mo’s heart. That boy is only at the intermediate Heavenly Sun stage, yet he possesses such strength. If he reaches the advanced Heavenly Sun stage, he will likely reduce the Sacred Race’s harvest in Guyuan Heaven.

He previously thought that Zhou Yuan wasn’t qualified to show up here, but now he had to admit his mistake. Zhou Yuan’s victory had greatly raised the morale of Cangxuan Heaven and the Tianyuan Region and had impacted the Sacred Race’s morale. The situation could spiral out of control if he didn't stand up soon.  

Ji Mo fixed his eyes on Zhou Yuan and said, “You are now qualified to play with me. How about this: if you can endure one of my attacks, I will let go of the entire Cangxuan Heaven? What do you say? Do you dare accept this challenge?”  

A smile bloomed on Zhou Yuan’s face. "Your thoughts are the same as mine. How about you take one of my moves?” 

The two stared at each other and smiled, but the killing intent beneath each smile was almost palpable. 

At that moment, a rainbow light emerged in the depths of Zhou Yuan’s eyes.

The vertical rune on the center of Ji Mo's brows also squirmed slightly.

An austere atmosphere filled the entire valley, and even the great river running through the valley basin was on the verge of freezing. 

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