Chapter 1127 Expose


Astonishingly powerful Genesis Qi swept across the area and displayed its terrifying destructive power, shattering space and the mountains it passed.

On the great valley battlefield, everyone from Cangxuan Heaven watched the battle with their faces scrunched up in worry.

"Qingchan, isn’t Chosen Zhou Yuan too arrogant?" an advanced Heavenly Sun expert beside Li Qingchan whispered.

But even if Wei Tuo was aggressive, overbearing and imposing, Li Qingchan just stared at the slender young figure and said through gritted teeth, “Zhou Yuan has never been a reckless person. He must have confidence in winning since he accepted the challenge.”

The advanced Heavenly Sun expert could only smile bitterly when he heard Li Qingchan’s words. He, of course, had heard about Zhou Yuan’s name and reputation before, but he didn’t care too much because he was already at the Heavenly Sun stage then and didn’t think much about the battles of the Alpha-Origin stage. 

But Zhou Yuan was going to face an enemy at the top of the Heavenly Sun stage! Wei Tuo's Genesis Qi foundation was at the terrifying level of 2.7 billion. If Zhou Yuan faced him, Wei Tuo could suppress and immobilize Zhou Yuan with just his Genesis Qi alone.

On the other hand, Zhou Yuan was only at the intermediate Heavenly Sun stage.

Given the gap between them, how could others relax? 

“What is Zhou Yuan doing? Can he really stop that person from the Sacred Race?” Ning Zhan couldn't help mumbling.

Zhen Xu slightly furrowed his brows. His rationality told him that the gap between the two should be huge and that Wei Tuo could kill any ordinary intermediate Heavenly Sun expert immediately, but he wasn’t so certain about Zhou Yuan.

He pondered for a moment and finally gave a more perceptive answer, “Zhou Yuan should have some means to deal with him. At the very least, he wouldn’t be beaten to death.”

Ning Zhan looked at Li Chunjun again and said, "What do you think?”

Li Chunjun thought for a moment before he answered, "I think Wei Tuo might be killed.”

His words surprised both Ning Zhan and Zhen Xu. They didn’t think Li Chunjun would give such a shocking answer, which they didn't even dare to think about.

Zhen Xu couldn’t help asking, “How do you know?”  


Zhen Xu and Ning Zhan were speechless. 


While they were discussing the battle, Wei Tuo appeared in front of Zhou Yuan and punched out with berserk storm-like Genesis Qi wrapped around his fist.

With his punch, space exploded. 

"Lowly pig, you dare act tough in front of my Sacred Race?!” Wei Tuo's face grew hideous and sinister, and his eyes were filled with pleasure. He knew that Zhou Yuan would explode into a foam of blood beneath his punch. Zhou Yuan’s corpse would be utterly destroyed.

As the terrifying storm raged, Zhou Yuan suddenly lifted his drooping eyes, and the corners of his mouth curved upward.


It was at that moment he erupted with a platinum Genesis Qi storm, and his Genesis Qi foundation soared at an indescribable speed.

It soared to 2.8 billion in just a few breaths! It had surpassed Wei Tuo’s Genesis Qi foundation!

Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi foundation was already near 2.1 billion before the battle, which was a huge increase compared to before he came to Guyuan Heaven. That foundation, coupled with his Promotion Rune, had allowed Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi foundation to reach a terrifying level. 


The terrifying Genesis Qi erupting from Zhou Yuan’s body caused Wei Tuo’s expression to change dramatically and twist in shock. 

That bastard is only at the intermediate Heavenly Sun stage, so how can he erupt with such terrifying Genesis Qi? What kind of secret art could achieve this? Wei Tuo roared in his mind. 

An indescribable feeling of danger gushed into his heart, making him aware that Zhou Yuan’s attack carried the aura of death.

Wei Tuo, however, didn’t lose his rationality from the shock. His expression abruptly changed, and he immediately burst out laughing, “Pig, you pretended to be a pig to eat the tiger, but it’s a pity that you underestimated my Sacred Race!”

Wei Tuo instantly folded one hand into a seal and activated the secret art he had been secretly preparing. 

Although he disdained Zhou Yuan, he, in truth, had prepared for the worst. He originally thought he wouldn’t need to use his preparations, but now he was thankful for his usual cautiousness.

“The Great Wave Layers!”    

With a roar, Genesis Qi rolled up behind him, and his foundation climbed again to the level of 2.9 billion, surpassing Zhou Yuan’s.


The space around him was shattering due to the terrifying Genesis Qi pressure.

“No matter what means you have, a pig will always be a pig!” Wei Tuo roared as he slammed out his fist, sending a tremendous wave of Genesis Qi gushing straight towards Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan watched the wave speed towards him without a ripple on his face, but the smile on his lips slowly deepened. 

"Is this all you have?" His smile seemed a little strange. “I’m sorry, but it's still not enough.”

Then, the seal that Zhou Yuan had prepared finally formed.

“Earth Saint Rune!”   


The ground quaked as an endless stream of berserk energy rushed up from the depths of the earth and drilled into his body from his feet.

Zhou Yuan's body quivered violently, his blood bubbling. The ground around his feet began to crack.  

But what made Wei Tuo's expression change dramatically was that Zhou Yuan's 2.8 billion Genesis Qi foundation soared once again, reaching the level of 3 billion under countless stunned gazes!

"How is that possible?!" exclaimed even Wei Tuo.

He couldn't believe that someone at the intermediate Heavenly Sun stage could raise his Genesis Qi foundation to such a level!


But no matter how aghast Wei Tuo was, Zhou Yuan erupted with all his Genesis Qi and no longer maintained the same position. He stood on his tiptoes as snow-white hair broke out from his soles and covered his feet. 

“Genesis Breaker.”   

The snow-white color quickly turned a deep, dark color. 


When Zhou Yuan aimed a kick at Wei Tuo, his kick was like a heavy hammer and shattered the space ahead of him. Countless spatial fragments wrapped around his foot.

The power of his kick could split even a mountain into two parts. 

Facing such power, Wei Tuo had no room to retreat. He understood he had to face it head-on for a chance to survive. He hoped that perhaps Zhou Yuan's power would be some kind of illusion to deceive him!

"I don't believe a lowly pig can surpass a heaven pride from the Sacred Race!”

Wei Tuo's eyes were fierce and ruthless as he gathered his strength and circulated his Genesis Qi. Then, an arc of sunlight collided with the foot wrapped in spatial fragments.


A thunderous noise resounded from the impact, and the entire great valley quaked violently. Berserk Genesis Qi shock waves immediately formed, severing everything they passed, including the great river.

All eyes were fixed on the location of the collision.  

There, the two forces seemed to be in a stalemate. Then, everyone’s pupils suddenly shrank.

Zhou Yuan remained motionless like a boulder after the collision, but Wei Tuo, on the other hand, unleashed a tragic scream. Half of Wei Tuo’s body exploded, filling the air with blood.


The destructive force blasted his body back, and he directly rammed into the great valley. Wherever he passed, cliffs split apart as though a giant divine hatchet was opening up another mountain stream.

The noisy battlefield fell silent, and only the rushing water from the great river could be heard.

Countless people stared aghast at the fissure that ran through the great valley and then at the figure embedded into the cliff at the end.

It was Wei Tuo, but half his body was destroyed, and his blood had stained the mountain wall red.

Seeing this, let alone the various forces from Cangxuan Heaven, even the Sacred Race team members, who wore mocking expressions before, froze for a moment.

Mountain wind whistled across the great valley.

The countless figures frozen in shock eventually and gradually came back to their senses. They looked at the young figure standing atop the mountain, and trembling emotions surged from their hearts to the top of their skulls, causing their scalps to numb for a moment.

Who would have thought that a top expert from the Sacred Race would be defeated by an intermediate Heavenly Sun expert’s kick?

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