Chapter 1126 Test

When Ji Mo’s voice filled with a thick murderous intent resounded, the many Sacred Race experts behind him fixed their gaze on Zhou Yuan. Although Hunyuan Heaven was the strongest of the lower five heavens, they still felt superior as part of the Sacred Race.

So in their view, Zhou Yuan was asking for death.

Zhou Yuan, however, didn’t seem to notice the many contemptuous gazes. He smiled at Ji Mo and said, "I wonder how you plan to let me die. Do you want to come up and play? I am also very curious to see what’s so great about the Sacred Race.”

A faint light flickered in Ji Mo's eyes as he studied Zhou Yuan for a moment. Then, he smiled mockingly. "Are you sure you’re the leader of the Tianyuan Region team? An intermediate Heavenly Sun expert?”

He detected Zhou Yuan's cultivation level.  

His remark drew loud laughter from many Sacred Race experts, and the contempt in their eyes intensified. Had the Tianyuan Region deteriorated to such a state that even someone at the intermediate Heavenly Sun stage could become a leader?

Did they have no one else?    

The various experts from Cangxuan Heaven stared at Zhou Yuan in bewilderment.

The former Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect is only at the intermediate Heavenly Sun stage? But, in truth, he is already considered very talented since he could achieve this in a few years.

After all, Zhou Yuan's peers, such as Li Chunjun and Zuoqiu Qingyu, were as talented as him but were still only at the initial Heavenly Sun stage.

Although Li Chunjun took an alternative route and could display a strength equal to the advanced Heavenly Sun stage, doing so placed a huge burden on him, and he wasn’t considered a true top-tier advanced Heavenly Sun expert. 

Even if Li Chunjun erupted with terrifying strength, he was still no match for top-tier advanced Heavenly Sun experts like Chu Qing. 

Among the Cangxuan Sect young generation, only Chu Qing had reached the advanced Heavenly Sun stage. This was because, for him, the Cangxuan Sect had opened up the Saint Tower, a treasure that old ancestor Cang Xuan had left for the Cangxuan Sect. It was said to have a limited number of times which it could be opened. 

Therefore, it was impressive that Zhou Yuan could reach the intermediate Heavenly Sun stage. Even so, an intermediate Heavenly Sun expert couldn’t change the present situation. 

But fortunately, no one was too disappointed about this. After all, they had never truly placed their hopes on Zhou Yuan from the beginning. They were optimistic about the powerful and fierce Tianyuan Region team he led.

It was just that the expressions on the faces of the Tianyuan Region team members surprised them a little. The Tianyuan Region members didn’t show any anger towards the opponents who mocked Zhou Yuan; instead, they wore strange expressions. 

Zhou Yuan similarly wasn’t a little bit angry. He landed on a towering mountain peak and smiled faintly. “Is the Sacred Race only good at talking? Does no one dare to play with me as a warm-up?”

Ji Mo stared contemptuously at Zhou Yuan, but he didn’t plan to respond to Zhou Yuan's provocation. He believed that doing so would lower his status.

Ji Mo tilted his head slightly, and Wei Tuo immediately understood what he was thinking and replied, “There is no need for me to do it myself, right? Just send any advanced Heavenly Sun expert.” 

Ji Mo explained, "I want a clean kill. I want the leader of the Tianyuan Region team to be devastatingly slaughtered in front of everyone. This will greatly impact their morale.

“So, it’s safer that you take on the challenge.”  

Wei Tuo was obviously reluctant, but he couldn’t refuse since Ji Mo was the captain. He cast an icy stare at Zhou Yuan. “I will make him regret coming here.”

Like a ghost, Wei Tuo slightly moved and appeared on a boulder in front of Zhou Yuan.

His face was dark and unpleasant, and he had no intention of saying a word. He simply stomped his foot, and a vast torrent of Genesis Qi soared into the sky as three glass Heavenly Suns loomed behind him.

A Genesis Qi pressure that twisted countless people’s faces with fear swept across the air. Given the intensity of the Genesis Qi, it was at least at the level of 2.7 billion stars!

His Genesis Qi foundation was very close to that of Wang Xuanyang and the others!

“Zhou Yuan, be careful!” Chu Qing solemnly warned.   

The pressure brought by Wei Tuo's Genesis Qi stifled even people like Chu Qing who were outside.

"Aren't you going to help him?!" Mu Wuji was so worried that he couldn’t help shouting to Qin Lian and the others standing in the air watching.

“No need to worry.” Qin Lian smiled at him, seeing his anxious face.  

Zhou Yuan had previously single-handedly defeated Li Zhu. Moreover, he was much stronger than before, so Qin Lian wasn’t worried that Wei Tuo could threaten Zhou Yuan.

Mu Wuji's face twitched uncontrollably. Don't worry? Wei Tuo's Genesis Qi pressure is so strong that it’s difficult to breathe. Also, Zhou Yuan is only at the intermediate Heavenly Sun stage!

At that moment, Mu Wuji even suspected that they wanted to deliberately kill Zhou Yuan.

In contrast to Chu Qing and Mu Wuji, Zhou Yuan was incredibly calm. There was only a flicker of surprise in his eyes. Wei Tuo should be the second strongest in the Sacred Race team in front of him, but his Genesis Qi foundation was close to Wang Xuanyang’s.

It should be said that Wang Xuanyang was second only to Guan Qinglong among Hunyuan Heaven’s Heavenly Sun stage experts.

“They say that Shengling Heaven is ranked third among the Sacred Race’s four heavens and that the Sea Subduing Hall is an overlord-like force. I can tell the Sacred Race’s strength is remarkable and unfathomable since its third-ranking heaven can compete with Hunyuan Heaven, the strongest heaven of the non-sacred races.

"But I couldn't force Ji Mo down to fight.”

Zhou Yuan was a little disappointed. His goal was actually Ji Mo. If he could kill him, the Sacred Race’s morale would inevitably decrease, and it would reduce the damage his team faced if a battle broke out between them. 


While Zhou Yuan was in deep thought, Wei Tuo's cold, venomous-snake-like gaze locked on his body. The mountain beneath his feet began to crumble as boulders tumbled down.

Wei Too shot out like a lightning bolt with 2.7 billion Genesis Qi stars roaring behind him, like a deadly monster descending upon the world.


Although Wei Tuo was contemptuous of Zhou Yuan, he didn’t hold back. He mercilessly threw out a punch. Space shattered, and several spatial fragments revolved around his fist like the wind.

“Nine Void Fragments!”    

Not only did he unreservedly reveal his Genesis Qi foundation, but he was performing a killing move. Nine hurricane winds revolved around him, each one more powerful than the previous as they approached the center like nine tremendous beasts. Space collapsed at the places Ji Mo passed. 

As the terrifying offensive shrouded him, everyone on Cangxuan Heaven’s side of the great valley stood aghast.

Chu Qing gritted his teeth and was about to help out, but just as he moved, he felt a chilling and terrifying aura lock him to the spot.    

Chu Qing looked up to see Ji Mo staring down coldly at him like a venomous snake eyeing its prey. Chu Qing's face darkened. He knew that it was impossible for him to help Zhou Yuan now.

"Junior brother Zhou Yuan, you have to be careful." Unable to do anything, Chu Qing could only stare worriedly at Zhou Yuan.

Under countless terrified gazes, Zhou Yuan simply smiled in anticipation. He wanted to test out what kind of level his strength would reach if he fought without any reservation. Therefore, he balled his hand into a fist as a low voice sounded in his mind.


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