Chapter 1125 Cangxuan Sect’s Chosen

“Hunyuan Heaven, Tianyuan Region’s grand elder, Cangxuan Sect Chosen, Zhou Yuan is here!”

When a voice echoed throughout the great valley, countless people from the Cangxuan Sect opened their mouths soundlessly, particularly disciples of the Cangxuan Sect. Their faces were crossed with shocked disbelief.  

“Cangxuan Sect Chosen, Zhou Yuan?!”   

They didn’t quite understand Zhou Yuan's first sentence, but his identity was clear from his last sentence.

He’s also from the Cangxuan Sect?

The majority of the Cangxuan Sect disciples who could stand here were more senior than Zhou Yuan and were higher-ups within the sect when Zhou Yuan had made a name in the Cangxuan Sect. Therefore, they always looked at Zhou Yuan proudly as if he were their younger brother.

When Zhou Yuan left Cangxuan Heaven, his name gradually faded from the sect over the years, and only very few people ever mentioned his name, except for some of his friends. But when they heard his name again, the dazzling achievements he had gained in the Cangxuan Sect involuntarily flashed to their minds.

“It really is him!”    

Zhen Xu and Ning Zhan looked at each other. Even Zhen Xu, who always had a gloomy personality, immediately showed a hint of excitement in his eyes.

Li Chunjun also raised his head, and he faced the same direction with his eyes covered by a black cloth. However, he was focused on something else. “That Genesis Qi indeed belongs to Zhou Yuan. Moreover, he has become so strong that even the sword qi in my body is trembling as though it sensed indescribable danger.”

Zhen Xu and Ning Zhan shuddered. Although Li Chunjun, like them, was only at the initial Heavenly Sun stage, they knew that Li Chunjun's combat strength far surpassed theirs.

After all, not all initial Heavenly Sun experts were capable of killing advanced Heavenly Sun experts, even if the advanced Heavenly Sun experts were relatively ordinary. But they had never heard Li Chunjun appraise someone in such a way.

Not even Chu Qing.  

But right now, Li Chunjun had made such a comment about Zhou Yuan. In other words, Zhou Yuan had reached a level far beyond them.

Ning Zhan tightly clasped his iron bludgeon and slowly said, "It seems that he has been doing well these years.”

Zhou Yuan's appearance equally shocked Li Qingchan. She had never expected that an old friend would come to save them at such a critical moment. Moreover, others might not understand Zhou Yuan's first sentence, but she did.

"Hunyuan Heaven, Tianyuan Region’s grand elder?” 

It seems he has been in Hunyuan Heaven all these years? Li Qingchan had heard that the most powerful forces in Hunyuan Heaven were overseen by Saint experts and that their grand elders were Law Domain experts, which was the same level as sect master Qing Yang!

It was precisely because of this that Li Qingchan couldn’t help exclaiming in her heart, Zhou Yuan has become a grand elder of the Tianyuan Region?!

Faced with such shocking facts, even Li Qingchan, who was always calm and composed, was left speechless. What has Zhou Yuan done over the years?!

However, in addition to shock, a relieved smile also lit up her icy face. She swept a glance over the panicking Cangxuan Sect disciples beside her and said in a serious voice, "We are saved!”

"Senior brother Zhou Yuan...can he really do it?" asked another disciple anxiously.

After all, the Sacred Race team was too strong that they felt despair.

Li Qingchan nodded firmly, staring at the vague slender figure in the distance. “If it’s someone else, I’m not sure. But I absolutely believe he can!”

This was because Li Qingchan had witnessed Zhou Yuan produce too many miracles.

The other forces from Cangxuan Heaven were also whispering to one another at that moment. Some Heavenly Sun experts also faintly remembered Zhou Yuan’s name, which had once reverberated throughout Cangxuan Heaven, and they couldn’t help look enviously at the former Cangxuan Sect Chosen who had been doing very well after disappearing for many years.

“He went to Hunyuan Heaven? Why did he become a grand elder of the Tianyuan Region?”

Mu Wuji was also dumbfounded. Tianyuan Region grand elder? What kind of identity is that? He really couldn't connect that position with the youngster who he introduced into the sect.

“I haven’t seen this kid in just a few years, but he has become so strong,” muttered Mu Wuji. His eyes then lit up. If Zhou Yuan had come alone, he might not be able to change the situation much, but he was a grand elder of the Tianyuan Region, and the powerful force before Mu Wuji had to be the Tianyuan Region team.

"It seems we won't have to die now.” Mu Wuji grinned at Chu Qing.

Chu Qing said a little helplessly, "This guy came at such an untimely moment. My emotions were already brewing, but he suddenly interrupted them.”

Although he said this, the relaxed corners of his eyes exposed his joy. He wasn’t concerned about his own safety, but he hoped more people from the Cangxuan Heaven could survive with Zhou Yuan leading the Tianyuan Region team to intervene.

“Cangxuan Sect Chosen, Zhou Yuan?”   

On the opposite side, Li Xuan from the Sacred Palace scrunched his brows in a frown. Zhou Yuan’s name had had a vague impression on him before because Zhou Yuan had defeated even the Sacred Palace’s Jiang Taishen and Wu Huang. He had also made impressive achievements, but Li Xuan didn't care too much. After all, in his view, they were like children quarreling over rankings, and they weren't worthy of his attention. 

But he had never expected that the person who had been missing for many years would appear at such a time. Moreover, he was afraid of the Hunyuan Heaven team behind Zhou Yuan.

"Who is that person?" Ji Mo asked.

Li Xuan hurriedly explained, "That person used to be a Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect, but our Sacred Palace had later driven him out of Cangxuan Heaven. It seems that he had fled to Hunyuan Heaven.”  

"Then why did he say he’s a grand elder of the Tianyuan Region?” Ji Mo frowned. From what he knew, the Tianyuan Region’s grand elders were all at the Law Domain stage, but Zhou Yuan was evidently far from that level.

Li Xuan shook his head hesitantly. “It might just be a lie.”

Ji Mo said expressionless, "It doesn't matter whether it's a lie or not. Since the Tianyuan Region team has arrived, they will disrupt our plan.”

Their Shengling Heaven was ranked third among the four heavens of the Sacred Race, and Hunyuan Heaven was the leader of the lower five heavens. So even if Ji Mo was arrogant, he couldn’t underestimate them.

Fortunately for him, only the Tianyuan Region team had arrived, not Hunyuan Heaven’s other eight regions. It was clear that even Ji Mo knew about the Tianyuan Region’s deterioration over the years.

He raised his head and swept an indifferent gaze over Zhou Yuan, saying, "Everyone of Hunyuan Heaven, you and I have never interfered in each other’s business. If you turn around and leave now, I will be happy to make friends.”

Ji Mo paused for a moment before he continued, “I hope you can calmly think about the consequences of being an enemy of my Sacred Race.”

The battlefield fell silent, and many Cangxuan Heaven people’s expressions changed indefinitely. They knew Ji Mo was threatening them, but they could vividly feel the fear brought up by the words Sacred Race. In this world, no force could easily ignore that fear.

They turned to the young man standing at the forefront of the Tianyuan Region team. Could the former Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect really endure such pressure?

Under many gazes, Zhou Yuan remained calm and slowly lifted one finger.


Platinum Genesis Qi swiftly gathered around his fingertip, turning into a shaft of light as it shot out.


The beam of Genesis Qi brushed past Ji Mo’s shoulder and crashed into a cliff, blasting the wall apart.

Ji Mo's hair fluttered, but his face didn’t ripple at all. He knew that Zhou Yuan had shown his answer through action. Therefore, his lips cracked into a chilling smile.

"If you want to die, then I will fulfill your wish, lowly pig!"

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