Chapter 1124 Rising Against the Tide


In an instant, countless powerful Genesis Qi light beams shot into the sky. Figures rose into the sky one after another behind Ji Mo. This was the Sacred Race subteam he led.

Wei Tuo indifferently said, “Kill all these pigs.”

“Attack!” Several thousand Sacred Race experts cast their gazes towards the battlefield, their eyes filled with cruelness and bloodlust. In their eyes, the races of the other heavens were merely livestock to be slaughtered.

The Sacred Race was the true ruler of the Tianyuan World!


The Sacred Palace team fanned out, seemingly filling the sky, before plunging into the battlefield.

With the Sacred Race team’s entry, the tides instantly began to turn.

The Cangxuan Heaven’s alliance force was swiftly crushed, figure after figure falling like flies from the air. It was a very tragic sight.

Red blossomed in the giant river below, dyeing it dark red.

Despair emerged on the faces of the alliance force. Some individuals lost their courage, crumbling inside as they desperately dashed towards the Sacred Race team while shouting out their surrender.

However, they were met with merciless blasts of Genesis Qi.

Bodies were blown apart and turned into bloody chunks.

Chu Qing’s fingers dug into his flesh. He lowered his head and looked towards a certain corner of the battlefield where Li Qingchan was leading the Cangxuan Sect disciples. Their gazes met for an instant before he took a deep breath and began moving forward against the fleeing alliance army.

He knew that if no one stepped up to cover their backs, the entire Cangxuan Heaven alliance force would be annihilated.

Everyone else desperately ran away, whereas Chu Qing advanced alone.

It was an extremely moving yet tragic scene.

The eyes of Li Qingchan and the other Cangxuan Sect disciples turned red, several female disciples trying their best to muffle their crying.

Azure smoke condensed behind Chu Qing, revealing Mu Wuji’s figure.

“I can’t let you die alone.” He sighed.

“Senior brother Chu Qing, don’t forget about us!” Several advanced Heavenly Sun experts also rushed over and landed behind Chu Qing. Their expressions were determined; they were ready to face their deaths.

Chu Qing gave a slight nod. He did not speak and merely continued to move forward.

The other top experts of the five great sects finally realized Chu Qing’s intentions, causing them to fall silent for a moment. They quickly said something to their fellow disciples before appearing behind Chu Qing one after another.

They understood that someone needed to step up at such a time.

The Cangxuan Sect’s Chu Qing had dared to step forward. How could they not do the same?

As such, Chu Qing led the tiny force of Cangxuan Heaven’s most elite disciples to meet the seemingly endless army of the Sacred Palace and Sacred Race teams.

Li Xuan mockingly said, “What a touching scene. Chu Qing, do you really think that your efforts will have any use?”

Chu Qing did not reply. His bald head glowed as his hair began to grow, falling behind him like a black cape. His strands of hair looked like a million black spikes as they gently swayed in the wind.

Chu Qing coldly said, “Li Xuan, not everyone likes to be someone else’s dog like your Sacred Palace. You should be careful. If you kneel for too long, you might not be able to get back up.”

Li Xuan’s expression darkened. Before he could speak, a hand reached out from behind him and patted his shoulder.

Ji Mo moved past Li Xuan, looking at Chu Qing with an amused smile. “How admirable. However, my favorite pastime is to break unyielding pigs like you. Since you don’t like to kneel, forever crawl on the ground like worms.”

His gaze swept past Chu Qing, looking towards the elite Cangxuan Heaven disciples. “I can give the others a chance. I promise not to kill whoever manages to capture him.”

He pointed towards Chu Qing.

However, no one responded. There only an ice-cold determination in their gazes as they stared at Ji Mo.

Everyone who decided to follow Chu Qing was naturally ready for death. All they hoped for now was to delay the enemy even a second longer to buy more time for the disciples behind them to escape.

Ji Mo’s smile grew even wider. Soon after, he shook his head. “A bunch of foolish pigs. Since that is the case...

“Kill them all.”

He waved his hand.


Astonishing killing intent erupted from the Sacred Palace and Sacred Race members behind him before his side swarmed forward like a wave.

They were like a giant black cloud that blotted out the sun, spreading the smell of death.

Chu Qing gazed at the vast army charging towards them. He took a deep breath and shouted, “For Cangxuan Heaven! To our deaths!”

“For Cangxuan Heaven! To our deaths!”

“To our deaths!”


Shouts rang out one after another.

Chu Qing led the charge. There was only determination visible on his face and not a trace of his past laziness.

Behind them, Li Qingchan and the many Cangxuan Sect disciples displayed sorrowful expressions. They quickly turned to run, not wanting to waste any of the precious time Chu Qing and the others were buying for them.


However, the piercing sound of rushing wind was suddenly heard from the horizon. The sound grew louder and louder, becoming akin to rumbling thunder as it swept over from afar.

The entire canyon seemed to tremble faintly.

This sudden turn of events alarmed both sides. Everyone turned their gaze towards the noise in bewilderment.

The eyes of countless people violently shrank.

They saw numerous figures appearing in the sky. These figures seemed to cover the horizon as they flew over, the scale not the least bit inferior to the Sacred Race team.

“This is?” Li Qingchan and the Cangxuan Sect disciples dazedly stared at the giant force that had suddenly appeared as they began to tremble.

Chu Qing forcibly stopped himself, his expression changing rapidly as he looked at the enormous group that was swiftly flying towards them. From their Genesis Qi pressure and aura, they were obviously no ordinary faction.

Was this an enemy or a friend?

Ji Mo frowned as he gazed at the arriving army, and his expression turned cold. The new arrivals were not weaker than them.

He took a step forward as his indifferent voice boomed like thunder, “I am Ji Mo of Shengling Heaven’s Sea Subduing Hall. Who are you?!”

His voice powerfully rippled through the air.

Under countless bewildered gazes, the new group got into a formation and parted in the sky. A path was revealed, and a youthful figure walked out.

When the figure walked out, the sword in Li Qingchan’s hand slipped from her hand as shock filled her usually frosty face.

Li Chunjun, Zhen Xu and Ning Zhan also dazedly stared at the figure, the latter two even rubbing their eyes.

Ning Zhan mumbled, “Are we seeing things? He looks like…”

However, the majority had blank looks on their faces. After all, it had been many years since Zhou Yuan had left Cangxuan Heaven. Besides the handful who knew him, no one else could recognize him. Hence, they were utterly confused by Li Qingchan’s, Li Chunjun’s and the others’ shocked reactions.

However, their confusion did not last long. As the youthful figure walked forward, his calm voice that seemed to give off a feeling of pressure echoed across the sky, “Hunyuan Heaven, grand elder of the Tianyuan Region...

“Cangxuan Sect Chosen, Zhou Yuan is here!”

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