Chapter 1123 The Plan


Chu Qing stood in the air, golden shuttles zipping around him like birds. The shuttles gave off extremely deadly auras, leaving tears behind in the fabric of space as they passed by.

Chu Qing stood at the center of the battlefield, making it very easy for his enemies to surround and attack him. However, every Genesis Qi attack that arrived was swiftly shattered by the golden shuttles.

There was a focused look on his face as the golden shuttles occasionally shot forth, turning into deadly flashes of gold that pierced the Sacred Palace experts.

Although the battle was currently in a deadlock, Chu Qing did not dare to relax. Instead, his brows knitted together a little. The Sacred Race team had yet to enter the battlefield.

“Attack!” Another small group of advanced Heavenly Sun experts charged towards him in an assault formation.

But before Chu Qing could respond, azure smoke surged out from behind him. Countless sparks blossomed in the smoke as torrents of fire swept through it, smashing into the advanced Heavenly Sun experts.


The advanced Heavenly Sun experts were blown away by the explosions, their bodies charred black by the fire.

Chu Qing turned his head and saw azure smoke condense into a figure.

It was a middle-aged man, bare-footed and with a pipe in his hand. He looked like a farmer working in the fields.

When Chu Qing saw him, he cupped his fists together. “Senior brother Mu Wuji.”

Zhou Yuan would definitely be surprised if he were here since Mu Wuji was also one of his old acquaintances. Mu Wuji was the one who had guided Zhou Yuan to the Cangxuan Sect after Zhou Yuan had left the Cangmang Continent.

Back then, Mu Wuji had been at the Divine Dwelling stage, but he had now reached the peak of the Heavenly Sun stage after several years of cultivation. He was one of the Cagnxuan Sect’s strongest Heavenly Sun experts.

Mu Wuji gazed at the chaotic battlefield with a grave expression. “Junior brother Chu Qing, the Sacred Palace practitioners are fighting far too desperately. Something feels wrong. Moreover, the Sacred Race team has yet to move.”

Chu Qing nodded. “I’m afraid this will be our final battle.”

Mu Wuji’s heart sank.

Chu Qing slowly said, “I’ve already made preparations with junior sister Qingchan. Once things turn sour, she will escape and scatter with the Cangxuan Sect disciples. As for the others, there’s not much we can do.”

“What about you?” asked Mu Wuji.

Chu Qing grinned. “I’ll be staying behind, of course, to accompany that traitor Li Xuan.”

Mu Wuji could see the killing intent in Chu Qing’s eyes. He clearly intended to perish together with Li Xuan. After all, Li Xuan was the main reason for Cangxuan Heaven’s current predicament.

Mu Wuji was silent for a moment. He said, “You can’t die here. You’re the Cangxuan Sect’s second super genius in the past hundred years. Only by living will our Cangxuan Sect grow stronger in the future.”

“Who’s the first?” asked Chu Qing.

“That brat Zhou Yuan, of course. Heh, I was the one who guided him into the sect back then.” Mu Wuji felt somewhat proud. However, he soon realized something and glared at Chu Qing. “Don’t change the topic!”

Chu Qing chuckled. “Junior brother Zhou Yuan, huh. I can accept that. After all, he’s the first person to gather all seven Cangxuan arts.”

However, as he watched Mu Wuji’s face slowly turn stern, Chu Qing could only helplessly say, “Senior brother, I have to stay behind. Otherwise, even fewer of the Cangxuan Sect disciples will be able to escape.

“I also wish to be useful to the sect in the future, but the situation does not allow it. No one else can stop Li Xuan. Moreover, the two Sacred Race captains have yet to move. They seem to enjoy watching us kill each other, or maybe, they feel it is beneath them…”

Mu Wuji fell silent as sorrow filled his face.

“In Cangxuan Heaven, we were truly frogs watching the sky from a well...there’s just too huge of a gap between Cangxuan Heaven and the other heavens.”

Chu Qing sighed. There was nothing he could do about this. Cangxuan Heaven’s weakness was not something that could be changed in the short term unless they could produce an expert that could stand at the apex among all the heavens. Only such an existence would be able to change Cangxuan Heaven’s current situation.

But Chu Qing understood it was not practical to believe in such a possibility. After all, it was something even patriarch Cang Xuan had been unable to achieve.

Chu Qing raised his head and looked towards a certain tall peak far away. He could barely make out three silhouettes belonging to Li Xuan and the two Sacred Race captains.

He tightly clenched his fists as iciness flashed in his eyes. “What exactly are you guys planning?”


“Senior brothers, what are we waiting for? This should be the best time for us to finish them off,” Li Xuan could not help but ask as he gazed at the enormous battlefield.

The Sacred Palace forces were currently engaging the Cangxuan Heaven factions in fierce combat, and they had already suffered tremendous losses. Many disciples had died in the canyon, their bodies swallowed by the raging river below.

But Ji Mo, Wei Tuo and the Sacred Race team were still not moving.

Li Xuan’s heart ached for the fallen disciples, not because he cared, but because they were his to command. Every disciple that died would shave away his power. 

Ji Mo ignored Li Xuan and instead focused on the crystal ball in his hand. Blood-red dots were emerging in the crystal ball, slowly dyeing it red.

He observed it for a long time before a smile finally rose from the corners of his mouth.

Ji Mo seemed to be in a pretty good mood. With a smile, he asked, “Junior brother Li Xuan, didn’t you ask me why we forced the Cangxuan Heaven forces here?”

Li Xuan immediately displayed a curious expression.

Ji Mo pointed at the canyon and grinned, “Because there’s a high-grade ancestral qi branch channel hidden deep under this canyon!”

“High-grade branch channel?!” Li Xuan’s heart shook violently. They had discovered a few branch channels previously, but all of them had been low grade. Even so, they had reaped substantial benefits.

If a low-grade branch channel was already so amazing, the intermediate ones would naturally be much better.

As for a high-grade branch channel, Li Xuan had not even considered it before.

Ji Mo was telling him that there was a high grade branch channel hidden under the canyon? How could this not shock him?

“How does senior brother Ji Mo know?” Li Xuan could not help but ask. He had not sensed any peculiar undulations, so why was Ji Mo so certain?

Ji Mo softly chuckled. “The Sacred Race understands Guyuan Heaven far better than your five lower heavens.”

Five lower heavens was what the Sacred Race called the other five heavens. The four heavens they occupied were naturally referred to as the four upper heavens. From this, one could see just how superior the Sacred Race felt they were when compared to the other races.

“However, the high-grade branch channel is hidden very deeply, and ordinary methods will not be able to force it out. We can only set a bait to entice it…” Ji Mo smiled as he pointed towards the bloody battlefield. “They are our bait.”

Li Xuan’s face twitched a little. “Senior brother Ji Mo intends to induce an Earth Disaster to dig out the high-grade branch channel?”

Ji Mo smiled and nodded.

Li Xuan said in admiration, “Senior brother Ji Mo is so smart!”

However, his heart was bleeding inside. Many of the Sacred Palace forces were also dying for this plan.

Ji Mo did not care what Li Xuan thought. Still smiling, he kept the crystal ball and looked towards the battlefield. His tone was gentle, but the killing intent in his voice turned the surrounding air ice-cold, “It’s about time...

“Go. No need for prisoners this time. Kill them all.”

As his hand fell, figures slowly rose into the air behind him.

A terrifying pressure swept forth like the tide, enveloping the entire canyon.

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