Chapter 1121 Blood Pill

At a certain location in Guyuan Heaven. 

Giant trees stood like titans in an ancient forest, their branches spreading around them to form a giant canopy that covered the sky. Under the shade, the branches seemed to loom menacingly over the ground like evil shades.

There were numerous swamps in the forest, and they were inhabited by sinister ancient beasts. Danger lurked at every corner, making the entire forest one huge danger zone. Despite this, many tents had been set up. The tents were covered by leaves and branches to conceal their location.

Figures could be seen hurrying about in the camp. A stifling atmosphere enveloped the place, and everyone’s face was filled with worry and fear.

This was Cangxuan Heaven’s temporary headquarters.

In the past month alone, they had changed locations over a dozen times like dogs that had lost their home...

A figure was seated atop a sentry tower in the camp, his shining bald head an exceptionally eye-catching sight. Anyone who passed by would stop and cast a respectful gaze towards the bald figure.

This was because he was the current leader of the Cangxuan Heaven team.

Chu Qing of the Cangxuan Sect.

If not for his valiant efforts of repeatedly stopping the other side from chasing them the past month, even more of them would have landed in the Sacred Palace’s hands. It was rumored that the Sacred Race would refine live prisoners into pills to be consumed. It was extremely bloody and frightening.

Aih… Chu Qing rubbed his bald head. His face remained composed, but he sighed inwardly. He did not understand how he had become the leader of these people...

When Li Xuan was rampaging through their ranks, he had no choice but to fight to protect the Cangxuan Sect disciples. Though there had been no conclusion to their battle, he could tell that Li Xuan was very astonished by his strength. After all, Chu Qing had never bothered to show his true power before, and he seemed to wish he could be invisible forever.

No one had expected the lazy baldy to possess strength that was not inferior to Li Xuan’s.

Afterward, the Cangxuan Sect was forced to keep retreating and relocating while the Sacred Palace side relentlessly gave chase. Over the past month, countless clashes had erupted between both parties.

In the past, Chu Qing would always find an opportunity to blend into the background, but now, countless expectant gazes would look towards him whenever he appeared. It was no longer possible to slack off!

Chu Qing felt very tired and haggard recently.

“Stop wallowing in self-pity. How long has it been already!” a clear voice suddenly sounded behind him.

Chu Qing turned his head and saw a slim figure. Her cold, beautiful face seemed to brighten the stifling atmosphere, causing numerous gazes from all over to sneak glances at her.

Chu Qing hurriedly greeted her, “It’s junior sister Qingchan.”

The beautiful face, the cold aura. It was Li Qingchan.

Li Qingchan shot a glance at him. She understood Chu Qing’s character far too well. “I’ve been helping you deal with every single problem that arises between the various factions over this period, and all you do is show your face once or twice at an important juncture. What’s so tiring? If you keep up this attitude, I'll let you settle everything yourself from now onwards.”

Chu Qing hurriedly climbed to his feet and displayed a simple smile. “Come on, don’t be like this. Senior brother is wrong.”

Li Qingchan was not in the mood to joke around. Her brows knitted more tightly together as she said, “Some of the messengers we’ve sent to search for help have returned, but none of them have anything good to report.”

Chu Qing sighed. “There’s nothing we can do about it. Guyuan Heaven is so huge, and it won’t be easy to bump into factions from the other heavens. Even if we somehow manage to meet them, they will likely be very reluctant when they hear about the Sacred Race.

“The not very good.”

Li Qingchan was silent. The battle for Guyuan Heaven was far too cruel. It was the real thing, not some training mission. This was a war between the heavens, and as the weakest heaven, their Cangxuan Heaven was naturally an easy target.

“Those damned Sacred Palace betrayers!” Li Qingchan ground her teeth as her face twisted in anger. The Cangxuan Sect had also suffered casualties, several of whom she even knew personally.

Chu Qing took a deep breath as he gazed towards the dark and gloomy forest. His expression turned grave as he said, “Junior sister, I’ve been having a bad feeling recently...they have been relentlessly pursuing us for the past month, and they don’t seem to have any intention of letting us off. It just feels a little too coincidental every time we find an opening to break through and escape.”

Alarm rose within Li Qingchan. “You mean they’re purposely letting us escape?”

Chu Qing slowly answered, “I’m not sure. Perhaps I’m being too sensitive.”

He stared at Li Qingchan as he continued, “Junior sister, if it does come to that stage, I will buy some time while you and the other Cangxuan Sect disciples scatter and escape. Do everything you can to survive. As for the ancestral qi channels, don’t think about them for the time being.”

Li Qingchan dug her nails into her palms as her eyes turned somewhat red. She understood that if it did reach that stage, Chu Qing would use his life to protect them.

This lazy first senior brother was usually unreliable, but when it came to the crunch, he would still step up to shoulder his responsibilities.

Chu Qing sighed at Li Qingchan’s appearance. He then smiled and said, “Don’t worry too much, I might be wrong. Moreover, some of the people we dispatched still haven't returned. Who knows, maybe a miracle will happen.”

Li Qingchan bit her lip, but her heart was as gloomy as the forest. She did not see much hope.

How can a miracle appear so easily...


Meanwhile, in a valley some distance from the forest.

The valley was covered in tents with guards continuously patrolling the area.

A tall and handsome man was walking towards the deepest area of the valley. When the guards saw him, they bowed with respectful faces.

He was the Sacred Palace captain, Li Xuan.

Li Xuan’s expression remained impassive as he ignored all of the bowing guards. When he arrived at the deepest part of the valley, a look of reverence appeared on his face. The look intensified, nearly turning fanatical when he finally caught sight of the two figures there.

Li Xuan arrived behind the two figures and respectfully greeted them, “Senior brothers.”

The two figures turned around at his voice, revealing themselves to be two tall young men wearing friendly smiles. However, the terrifying undulations that faintly pulsed from their bodies pressured even Li Xuan.

These two were members of the Sacred Race! They were the two Sacred Race subteam captains Li Xuan had sought help from.

Captain Ji Mo and vice captain Wei Tuo.

They did not look much different from humans, but there were faint glowing patterns on their faces, and each had a vertical slit between their brows. Something seemed to be wiggling under the slit, giving off a strange sensation.

“Oh, it’s junior brother Li Xuan.” Ji Mo smiled at Li Xuan. “How’s the progress? Are the Cangxuan Heaven people fleeing in the direction we planned for them?”

Li Xuan nodded and respectfully said, “Everything is going according to senior brother Ji Mo’s plan.”

Ji Mo nodded in satisfaction. “Good. When they’re all in position, we can reel in the net.”

Li Xuan hesitated for a moment and asked, “May I ask why senior brother Ji Mo is forcing them into that location? I feel that it might be better to finish them off as soon as possible. The longer we delay, the more likely trouble will come knocking.”

By the side, Wei Tuo smiled as he stared at Li Xuan. However, the cold indifference in his eyes made one’s heart shiver involuntarily. “Junior brother Li Xuan, don’t ask too many unnecessary questions. Just do as we tell you.”

Under Wei Tuo’s gaze, Li Xuan felt a chill run up his spine. He hurriedly nodded and said, “Thank you for your teachings, senior brother.”

“Hey, no need to be so serious, Wei Tuo.” Ji Mo, who was dressed in green clothes, waved his hand. He gently pulled Li Xuan forward and pointed to a pit below. “Hehe, come over and see this. Doesn’t this sight relax you?”

Li Xuan looked at the giant pit and immediately felt a chill rise from the bottom of his feet.

A giant boiling cauldron rose from the pit, numerous ancient runes carved into its body. Figures whose Genesis Qi was sealed were currently being thrown into the cauldron one after another.

The continuous shrieks and screams made one’s hair stand on end.

They were the Cangxuan Sect prisoners.

This scene somewhat enraptured Ji Mo. Soon after, Ji Mo beckoned with his hand, and a ball of blood-red light shot out from the cauldron. It landed in his hand, transforming into a dozen red pills.

He placed a pill in his mouth and gently chewed it, releasing a noise indicating enjoyment.

“As expected, Blood Genesis Pills made from humans taste better…” Ji Mo sighed deeply before explaining to Li Xuan, “This Blood Genesis Pill is the most popular blood pill in our Sacred Race. If consumed frequently, it will strengthen not only one’s Genesis Qi but also one’s physical abilities. It truly is a wondrous thing.

“Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to find so many humans to refine these pills in our four Sacred Race Heavens. Hehe, the battle for Guyuan Heaven has really satiated my appetite.”

His lips seemed to glisten with a blood-red glow, a sinister and strange sight.

“Does junior brother Li Xuan want to try one?” He smiled faintly as he offered Li Xuan a blood-red pill.

Li Xuan’s expression fluctuated a little, but when he saw the smile on Ji Mo’s face begin to recede bit by bit, he reached out and accepted the pill. He quickly stuffed it into his mouth and swallowed with some difficulty.

“Haha.” Ji Mo laughed heartily before patting Li Xuan's shoulder as if acknowledging him.

“Don’t worry, junior brother Li Xuan. You’ve done a great service for the Sacred Race. After this is over, we will increase the support given to the Sacred Palace. When that happens, your Sacred Palace will become the ruler of Cangxuan Heaven.

“With our Sacred Race’s support, who cares about the other heavens and races? When the Sacred Race unifies Tianyuan World, all of the races will be nothing but livestock.”

Li Xuan slowly nodded as a determined look flowed out in his eyes.

That’s right; the Sacred Race is the strongest race in this world. No race or faction will be able to withstand their power. Hence, the Sacred Palace’s choice is right. Everyone should join the Sacred Race as soon as possible to ensure the survival of the human race.

The only fate awaiting those stubborn fools is death.

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