Chapter 112 Su Youwei’s Destiny

In the courtyard, Zhou Yuan vigilantly watched the gray robed old man before him. Though there were no Genesis Qi undulations from the latter’s body, he clearly understood that it was because the old man’s Genesis Qi had been perfectly concealed.

The gray robed old man was evidently an individual of unfathomable depths whose strength likely exceeded even the Alpha-Origin stage.

“Elder…” Zhou Yuan cupped his fists together, his expression respectful as he cast a glance at Su Youwei and said, “May I ask what elder wants with Youwei?”

The gray robed old man smiled indifferently as he replied, “I plan on taking her away. A place like this will only waste her talent. She should not be squandering away her time here.”

Zhou Yuan was taken aback by the old man’s words. Complicated feelings soon rose in his heart as he looked towards Su Youwei. The dirty little girl he had pulled up in front of the clinic back then had now begun to reveal the radiance that belonged to her alone. Zhou Yuan had known from the very beginning that Su Youwei’s talent was extraordinary.

It was only a matter of time before her dazzling radiance was revealed.

Given Su Youwei’s talent, if she was born in another family and had the chance to come into contact with cultivation earlier, she would have long become a goddess that countless geniuses could only look up to.

While a prince from a tiny empire such as himself would likely be incapable of drawing even a single glance from her.

As Zhou Yuan sighed in his heart, he gave a little nod and said, “To be viewed so highly by elder is Youwei’s fortune.”

It was indeed as this gray robed elder had said. Su Youwei’s talent was akin to a precious pearl left to collect dust if she stayed in the Great Zhou Empire.

A phoenix should be perched atop a chinese parasol tree and not a dead tree.

Zhou Yuan was truly happy for Su Youwei.

The gray robed elder chuckled and said, “But she is not very willing.”

Zhou Yuan was taken aback. When he looked towards Su Youwei, she avoided his gaze, her tiny mouth pouting slightly as she said, “I did not say that I won’t.”

The gray robed elder nodded. “But she has a condition…”

He stared at Zhou Yuan before continuing, “She wants me to bring you along.”

Zhou Yuan let out a bitter laugh. How could he not guess by now that Su Youwei had also realised how unfathomably powerful the gray robed old man was. It would be a blessing for him if he could tag along too.

The gray robed elder smiled a little, his gaze sweeping over Zhou Yuan as he said, “Truthfully speaking, you are also no ordinary individual. As one that once possess the sacred dragon blessing, your talent cannot possibly be too pathetic.”

“However… my teachings may not be suitable for you.”

Su Youwei instantly began to panic when she heard this. “Why? His highness’ talent is no less than my own.”

The gray robed elder’s murky eyes seemed to glimmer deeply. His gaze locked onto Zhou Yuan as he slowly said, “I can faintly feel the remains of an extremely powerful presence from his body. Hence, he has likely encountered a destiny of his own and it is inappropriate for me to interfere.”

Zhou Yuan was a little shocked inside. Could the powerful presence the old man had spoken of be master Cang Yuan? Zhou Yuan did not expect that the old man would be able to sense it even after a whole year. It seems that this elder was truly unimaginably powerful.

Su Youwei gritted her teeth and declared, “If you do not bring his highness along, I won’t be going either.”

The gray robed old man chuckled, pointed at Su Youwei and said, “Little lass, you truly do not realise how fortunate you are. Do you know who I am? Do you know how many geniuses in this world desire to follow me?”

Su Youwei bowed towards the old man and earnestly answered, “I understand that it is my blessing to have obtained elder’s favor, but elder was only able to meet the current me because his highness once helped me. If not for his highness, I will not be what I am now.”

Perhaps, if her grandfather had not received treatment for his illness, the orphaned little girl would have been gradually embraced by death within cold.

The gray robed old man was a little taken aback as he slowly stroked his beard.

Zhou Yuan sighed softly. He smiled at Su Youwei as he placed his hands on her soft shoulders and said in a gentle voice, “Youwei, I know that you are very grateful to me for helping you back then. However, it was not for the sake of binding you to my side. I treat you as my best friend, so I hope that you will be able to obtain better cultivation conditions.”

Su Youwei blushed a little, but when she heard the words ‘best friend’, her limpid eyes faintly dimmed for an instant.

“But your highness… this goodbye may last several years.” Su Youwei bit into her red lips as her eyes reddened.

She had already grown accustomed to staying by Zhou Yuan’s side; feeling his presence, listening to his voice. In her opinion, no matter how amazing her future would be, it would never be as unforgettable as everything she had experienced during the past year she had spent in the Great Zhou Institute.

If they parted, even she did not know when they would meet again.

This thought made even the usually tough Su Youwei feel somewhat sad.

Zhou Yuan smiled as he reached out a hand and gently wiped away the glistening drops that had appeared on the young lady’s long lashes. “Don’t worry. Believe me, we will definitely meet again.”

He paused for a moment before chuckling. “I’m only worried that you’ll become too outstanding when that time eventually comes, and feel that knowing a prince from a small remote place will instead be humiliating.”

Su Youwei’s tears turned into a smile as she softly said, “Your highness, in my eyes, even the most wonderful of places cannot compare to the Great Zhou Institute, even the most amazing geniuses will never match up to you.”

The gray robed old man rolled his eyes upon hearing this as he remarked, “Lass, you’ve seen far too little. This kid is nowhere as good as you’ve described.”

However, Su Youwei paid no attention to him.

“Your highness, will you come searching for me in future?” Su Youwei stared at Zhou Yuan, her teary eyes filled with anticipation.

“I will, I definitely will.” Zhou Yuan earnestly replied. Su Youwei likewise held a very important place in his heart. If there was a chance, he would absolutely pay a visit to her and see how she was doing.

Su Youwei displayed a slight smile, her smiling face akin to elegance with a dab of bright beauty. She hesitated for a moment, before suddenly finding the courage to take a step forward, trembling hands reaching out and hugging Zhou Yuan.

The sudden warm and fragrant softness that entered his embrace dazed Zhou Yuan for some time. He could feel the sadness within Su Youwei’s heart at their departure, and thus also reached out and gently patted her back, comforting her.

Su Youwei very quickly fled Zhou Yuan’s arms, her small face beet-red as she hid herself in the room.

The sudden absence of softness made Zhou Yuan feel both a little disappointed and frustrated. The sadness of their parting had likewise filled his heart. Just like how Su Youwei had become accustomed to following at his side, he too had grown used to this strong and pretty young lady that was always beside him.


The gray robed old man coughed, seemingly in a bad mood as he shot a look at Zhou Yuan before sighing. “Kid, at the end of the day, I still have to thank you for persuading the little lass.”

Although he really did not want to admit it, the gray robed elder knew that if Zhou Yuan had not given his approval, the stubborn little lass would really not leave with him.

Zhou Yuan smiled, cupped his fists together at the gray robed old man and said, “I hope that elder will take good care of her in future.”

“This you don’t have to worry. Not just anyone is allowed to follow me because I’m very fussy when it comes to selecting someone. Since I’ve made my choice, I will naturally give my all.” The gray robed elder glanced at Zhou Yuan before continuing, “Are you disappointed that I am not bringing you along?”

Zhou Yuan mere chuckled. “Elder has already said that each person has their own destinies. Even if I do not follow you, I may not end up as an ordinary individual in future.”

This was not arrogance. He was cultivating the Ancestral Dragon Scripture, and even practicing the Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone Visualisation Method. Although he did not know where this gray robed elder came from, he believed that as long as he mastered what he had, he would naturally stand tall even in this world.

“Oh, you do have a little backbone.”

The gray robed old man laughed, now a little in admiration of Zhou Yuan. The former pondered for a moment before he said, “I dislike owing you a favor. Since you helped me, I will help you this once.”

“I may not have anything to teach you, but I can still give you a little pointer…”

Upon hearing this, Zhou Yuan’s eyes focused as he solemnly replied, “Then this young one will respectfully listen.”

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