Chapter 1119 Rescue

“They brought in the Sacred Race?!” Zhou Yuan was not the only one to react. Even Qin Lian frowned deeply as her face turned somewhat frosty. After all, all of the races knew that the Sacred Race was their mortal enemy. To think that Cangxuan Heaven’s Sacred Palace actually dared to have relations with the Sacred Race!

Mu Youlan could not help but ask, “How dare the Sacred Palace team do that! Aren’t they afraid of cutting themselves off from everyone else?”

If something like this occurred in Hunyuan Heaven, even an entity like one of the nine factions would become everyone’s common enemy and be immediately exterminated by everyone else.

Hence, this was inconceivable to people like Qin Lian, Mu Youlan and the other Hunyuan Heaven members.

Zuoqiu Qingyu and Luluo felt uncomfortable under the many surrounding gazes. After all, this matter had happened in Cangxuan Heaven, and it was honestly quite shameful for them.

Zhou Yuan waved his hand and explained, “Cangxuan Heaven is the weakest of the heavens. Hence, it has been the target of the Sacred Race’s plotting for many years. The Sacred Palace is a faction the Sacred Race had brought up.

“In the beginning, the Sacred Palace had managed to conceal their roots. By the time the truth was finally revealed, their strength had already reached the apex of Cangxuan Heaven, and there was no longer anyone left to restrain them. It was also the Sacred Palace that forced me to leave Cangxuan Heaven.”

Qin Lian and the others nodded in comprehension. They understood that the other Cangxuan Heaven factions were not to blame. After all, Cangxuan Heaven did not possess Hunyuan Heaven’s overwhelming power, and it was very difficult for them to eliminate the Sacred Race’s influence.

Moreover, even a seemingly almighty existence like Hunyuan Heaven was extremely wary of the mysterious and powerful Sacred Race, let alone the weakest Cangxuan Heaven...

Zhou Yuan solemnly asked, “What’s the current state of Cangxuan Heaven’s main force?” 

“After being beaten, the Cangxuan Heaven factions elected the Cangxuan Sect’s senior brother Chu Qing as their leader. He’s been leading the remaining forces to resist the Sacred Palace’s attacks. However, the situation is still very dire. With a Sacred Palace team on the other side, we only continue to suffer devastating losses.”

“Senior brother Chu Qing?” The familiar name evoked several memories within Zhou Yuan. The picture of a bald and carefree man who was exceptionally lazy flashed in his mind.

However, when even someone as lazy as Chu Qing was forced to step forward and become a leader, one could see just how bad things were for Cangxuan Heaven.

“We were sent out by senior brother Chu Qing. He told us to find the other heavens and seek help from them. After all, we’re all in the same camp against the Sacred Race.”

Luluo puffed her cheeks and angrily said, “I met those people before coming here, but they didn’t even bother listening to me first before trying to snatch Little Frost.”

Zhou Yuan nodded and suddenly asked, “Who's the Sacred Palace captain?”

“Li Xuan, a Chosen of the previous generation, and also the current strongest Heavenly expert in the Sacred Palace and the entire Cangxuan Heaven.” Zuoqiu Qingyu had a grave expression. Her face filled with hatred and fear at the mention of his name.

“He’s a vicious, double-crossing bastard! He’s practically a snake!” added Luluo.

The name was unfamiliar to Zhou Yuan, but that was to be expected. When he was still active in Cangxuan Heaven, he had only been at the initial Divine Dwelling stage, while Li Xuan was most likely already at the Heavenly Sun stage since he was a Chosen of the previous generation.

Li Xuan might have heard of Zhou Yuan and had most likely laughed him off. An initial Divine Dwelling expert was not worthy of his attention.

Zuoqiu Qingyu hesitated for a moment before asking, “Zhou Yuan, will you...will you help us?”

Although she knew Zhou Yuan had extraordinary status in the Tianyuan Region, this matter was far too big. Once he got involved, he would have to face the Sacred Race.

Hence, Zuoqiu Qingyu was not certain if Zhou Yuan would be willing. After all, he was now a Tianyuan Region grand elder and needed to be responsible for the Tianyuan Region team’s safety.

Luluo did not say anything. She merely looked at Zhou Yuan with expectant eyes.

The numerous surrounding gazes converged onto Zhou Yuan.

He stared at the rising flames, displaying no hesitation as he smiled and said, “Although I’m currently a Tianyuan Region grand elder, my roots are in Cangxuan Heaven. This is an unchangeable fact. My feelings for the Cangxuan Sect are no weaker than the Tianyuan Region.

“If the Cangxuan Sect is in danger, I will definitely come to their aid. Of course, this is my decision, not the Tianyuan Region team’s. They will make their own choice.”

Zuoqiu Qingyu bit her lip, her eyes dazzling as she stared at Zhou Yuan.

Luluo rubbed her tearing eyes and said, “Zhou Yuan, I’m so touched, but if you go alone, won’t you be going to your death?”

Zhou Yuan curled his lips and said, “You’re the one who will be going to your death. I’m pretty strong now.”

“Hey, you’re the leader of our Tianyuan Region team. How can you go off by yourself?” Qin Lian rolled her eyes at Zhou Yuan. “And you’re also a grand elder. If something happens to you, how will we explain this to supreme sovereign Zhuan Zhu?

“So don’t say such meaningless things!”

She looked towards Zuoqiu Qingyu and Luluo as her expression softened somewhat. “What’s the Sacred Palace team’s numbers like, and how strong are they? And the Sacred Race team, is there any information you have to share on them?”

While she was questioning them, Qin Lian cast a glance at Zhou Yuan and said, “We have to at least find out this information so we can come up with a plan, right?”

Zuoqiu Qingyu quickly answered Qin Lian in detail. Of course, it was limited to what she knew.

Qin Lian fell silent for a brief moment before she said, “The Sacred Palace team is not much of a threat. The only uncertainty is the Sacred Race team, but from what we know, it’s not the entire force of one of the Sacred Race heavens, but a subteam.”

“Only a subteam?” Zuoqiu Qingyu could not help but say. A subteam had destroyed the elites from the various factions of Cangxuan Heaven? If senior brother Chu Qing had not stepped up, the Cangxuan Heaven team would have suffered even heavier losses.

Qin Lian calmly said, “If it was the entire force of a Sacred Race guys would have been wiped out.”

Although her words were a little cruel, it was the truth. Cangxuan Heaven was the weakest of the heavens, and their strongest faction, the Sacred Palace, had also betrayed them. The full power of an entire Sacred Race heaven team would certainly be able to easily destroy such a force, leaving at most a handful of survivors.

“But if it’s only a Sacred Race subteam, our Tianyuan Regino should be able to take them down.” Qin Lian looked at Zhou Yuan. “Please remember your status. You’re a Tianyuan Region grand elder that has the authority to command everyone from the Tianyuan Region. Don’t try and handle everything by yourself because it’s your personal matter. We will never agree for you to go alone.”

Zuoqiu Qingyu’s and Luluo’s eyes immediately brightened. They understood what Qin Lian was trying to say: the entire Tianyuan Region will be coming to their aid.

Moreover, it was all because of Zhou Yuan.

Zuoqiu Qingyu joyfully said, “Thank you. Senior brother Chu Qing has also said that we can give up some of the ancestral qi branch channels we discovered to anyone who helps us.”

Although the Tianyuan Region team was basically helping because of Zhou Yuan, they did not want the Tianyuan Region to help for nothing. There should be some reward so both sides could be happy.

Qin Lian nodded. The other party’s tactful response had bettered her impression of them. “Although it's only a Sacred Race subteam, we cannot be careless. No one knows whether the main team would be drawn over. Hence, we have to first inform the other Hunyuan Heaven factions so that we can call for reinforcements if the situation requires it.”

Zhou Yuan nodded in agreement. If they encountered the main force of any Sacred Race heaven, it would be impossible for the Tianyuan Region to stop them alone. Qin Lian’s plan was the most reliable.

Hence, he gave Qin Lian a thumbs up, his eyes filled with appreciation. He said, “Very meticulous. Elder Qin Lian has yet to find a cultivation companion, right? My Cangxuan Sect’s senior brother Chu Qing is actually a pretty good choice, but he’s bald. Shall I introduce him to you?”

He felt that they were very compatible. Qin Lian was capable, efficient and direct. It would certainly be very interesting to see what would happen when she met senior brother Chu Qing, who refused to voluntarily do anything unless you placed a knife to his neck.

However, veins popped out on Qin Lian’s head at his suggestion.


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