Chapter 1117 Intimidate

When Zhou Yuan’s figure appeared at the center of the spider web, Zuoqiu Qingyu and Luluo felt as if they were struck by lightning. Their hearts churned violently, their blank minds unable to form any thoughts for a time.

They never imagined that their friend would appear when they were on the edge of despair.

On the web, Zhou Yuan turned his head and grinned as he gazed at the two shocked girls. His dazzling smile was filled with happiness. “Qingyu, Luluo, long time no see.”

He noticed that Luluo had grown a little taller but still retained her petite figure. Her pure and innocent face was more adorable than he remembered. Zuoqiu Qingyu had not changed much, though every expression she made had grown even more alluring.

It was fortunate that he had rushed over in time. They did not seem to have sustained any injuries.

Zuoqiu Qingyu finally returned to her senses and blankly stared at Zhou Yuan’s familiar face, unable to believe her eyes. “Zhou...Zhou Yuan? Are you really Zhou Yuan?”

Zhou Yuan smiled and nodded.

Luluo started shouting in excitement, “Ah, Zhou Yuan, is it really you? You’re still alive?!”

Zhou Yuan did not know whether to laugh or cry. “I’m doing pretty well.”

Zuoqiu Qingyu also smiled. However, she quickly remembered their current predicament. She nervously looked towards Tong He and said, “Careful Zhou Yuan, he’s very strong!”

Luluo also nodded repeatedly. “If you can’t beat him, run away!”

The strength displayed by Tong He had made them fearful. Although meeting Zhou Yuan was a happy occasion, Zuoqiu Qingyu and Luluo did not wish to see him fall into danger because of them.

Zhou Yuan smiled at them and waved his hand.

In the sky, Tong He’s expression turned solemn. He stared at Zhou Yuan and slowly said, “Grand elder Zhou Yuan, it isn’t appropriate to interfere in the affairs of the Yushou Region, right?”

Zhou Yuan cupped his fists together. “Captain Tong He, these two girls are my friends. If they have offended you earlier, I can apologize on their behalf.”

Tong He frowned. He gazed at the nervous Zuoqiu Qingyu and Luluo in silence for a while before saying, “I can let off one of them, but the green-haired girl needs to stay behind.”

Zhou Yuan shook his head and smiled faintly. “I have to take both of them.”

Tong He’s eyes grew sharp. “If I don’t agree?”

Zhou Yuan sighed softly. “Although I do not wish for any conflicts with the Yushou Region, if captain Tong He really cannot let them off, I’ll have to forcefully take my friends away.”

“Humph, what a bold claim!” Tong He could not help but laugh in anger. Although he was being courteous to Zhou Yuan, it was mostly on account of the Tianyuan Region. As for Zhou Yuan’s strength, Tong He was clearly unafraid because the battle with Wang Xuanyang had been kept under wraps.

“I do want to find out where grand elder Zhou Yuan gets his confidence from.” A storm of alarming Genesis Qi unfurled from Tong He’s body, the pressure making the surrounding land rumble.

Below, Zuoqiu Qingyu’s and Luluo’s hearts sank at Tong He’s refusal to back down.

Zhou Yuan calmly observed Tong He as a faint rainbow glint appeared in his eyes. In his Divine Dwellings, the rainbow gourd that seemed to flicker between illusion and reality slowly began to ripple as a rainbow spark slowly circulated within it.

Zhou Yuan had brought out a sliver of the Rainbow Sky Severing Gourd’s aura.

When the aura locked onto Tong He, the erupting Genesis Qi from his body instantly fell calm. A trace of terror appeared on his face, his hand trembling uncontrollably.

He had felt death, and he knew that he would die at the slightest movement.

Cold sweat trickled down his back, wetting his clothes. He stared at Zhou Yuan in fear, not daring to make any movements. Tong He could not understand or believe why Zhou Yuan would cause him such terror.

What the hell is that?!

Since when did Zhou Yuan become so terrifying?!

Had he merely been acting weak all along?

Neither Zhou Yuan nor Tong He spoke as they communicated with their gazes. However, this scene looked extremely bizarre in Luluo’s and Zuoqiu Qingyu’s eyes. Tong He had been on the verge of attacking, so why did he suddenly extinguish his Genesis Qi?

Although it was very strange, Zuoqiu Qingyu and Luluo were no fools. They knew that Zhou Yuan was the reason, and this realization made them look towards Zhou Yuan in astonishment.

Tong He was already an apex-level expert to them, but he was now akin to a mouse that had seen a cat when faced with Zhou Yuan.

How strong is Zhou Yuan now?

Zhou Yuan slowly asked again, “Captain Tong He, won’t you give me a little face?”

Tong He did not answer, not because he did not wish to, but because he found it very difficult to speak due to the tiny sliver of aura that Zhou Yuan gave off. It was far too frightening. Tong He could feel that his life would end the moment it was released.


It was at this moment that numerous figures suddenly shot out from the forest behind them, each riding a ferocious beast.

It was the Yushou Region members.

Worried looks appeared on Zuoqiu Qingyu’s and Luluo’s faces.

“Zhou Yuan, this is an affair of our Yushou Region. Don’t be a busybody!” shouted a disciple from the group. They had seen Tong He and Zhou Yuan facing off, and they were naturally going to support their boss.

“Yeah! Quickly withdraw and don’t interfere!”

“Senior brother Tong He is on an entirely different level than the Wanzu Region’s Qian Hu!”

More and more voices echoed, showing their support for Tong He.

However, because Tong He was back facing them, none of them could see his entire face twitch and twist a little. These bastards! Are they planning on getting me killed to replace me? 

However, before he could say anything, another swarm of figures arrived.

Zuoqiu Qingyu and Luluo felt even more nervous. It seemed to be another faction no weaker than Tong He’s team. They did not know whether they were friends or foes.

Fortunately, the second group did not display any hostile intent towards the two girls. Instead, several figures appeared around them in a protective stance. 

Mu Youlan arrived in front of the two girls and displayed a friendly smile. “Relax, everything is alright now. You two are grand elder Zhou Yuan’s friends, and the Tianyuan Region will definitely protect you.”

Zuoqiu Qingyu and Luluo looked at each other, seeing the shock in each other’s eyes. Zhou Yuan is from Hunyuan Heaven’s Tianyuan Region? And it seems he is doing pretty well?

Qin Lian appeared in the air, staring at Tong He as she said, “Tong He, are you sure you want to start a fight?”

Qin Lian did not wish to clash with the Yushou Region. After all, relations between them had yet to deteriorate to an irreversible state. Hence, she tried to persuade him. “I hope that you will give some face to our Tianyuan Region.”

Qin Lian was even considering using an ancestral qi treasure in exchange for peace.

However, before she could lay out the terms, Tong He finally spat out a single word, “Okay!”

“Goodbye!” While Qin Lian was stunned, Tong He turned the giant crane around and sent a vicious glare at the Yushou Region disciples. Without saying a single word, he rode off on the crane.

The Yushou Region disciples were somewhat stupefied. There seemed to be something different about their boss. Although they were confused, they soon followed after him.

Qin Lian was likewise bewildered. Tong He had left before she could begin to persuade him. Does he really respect the Tianyuan Region so much? But why does his leaving figure seem a little panicky?

Regardless, it was still best for them to have settled things peacefully.

She turned around, looked at Zhou Yuan and somewhat helplessly scolded, “Tong He seems to be a very receptive person. Why must you insist on butting heads with him?”

Zhou Yuan blinked repeatedly, unable to stop himself from chuckling. He knew the real reason, of course.

The Rainbow Sky Severing Gourd’s aura must have been too terrifying.

However, the outcome also surprised him. He had not expected the gourd to be such an effective deterrent...

A Saint-level Genesis art did live up to its reputation.

He sighed inwardly as his figure descended from the sky and landed in front of Zuoqiu Qingyu and Luluo. “Alright, everything is okay now.”

The two girls had yet to return to their senses after seeing the Yushou Region withdraw. It was hard to believe that such a powerful force would retreat just like that.

“Wow! Zhou Yuan, you’re just too amazing!” Luluo excitedly cried out as she pounced at Zhou Yuan, hugging him by the neck. However, due to her exceptionally tiny body, she looked akin to a squirrel swinging from him.

Zuoqiu Qingyu also stared in astonishment at the young man before her, unable to express herself for a time. The young man who had walked out of the Cangmang Continent with them all those years ago seemed to have achieved some pretty remarkable things.

While such thoughts were swirling in her head, with Luluo still hanging by his neck, Zhou Yuan helplessly reached out and pulled her towards him as he revealed a slightly pleased smile. “Are you awed by my heroic rescue?”

Zuoqiu Qingyu rolled her eyes at him and scoffed, “Tch, you’re still far from Yaoyao!”

Soon after, a smile emerged on her lips.

He was still the same Zhou Yuan from back then...

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