Chapter 1115 Old Friends

The mountain range had a complex terrain. Giant peaks rose like waves one after another while countless caves filled the spots between them. Mists swirled around each peak, making the place seem like a maze.

Numerous figures were currently scouting the area.

Each figure was accompanied by ferocious beasts, their beasts’ guttural cries endlessly echoing amidst the mountains.

A man stood with his hands behind his back on one of the peaks. He had a head full of white hair, and he gave off a somewhat timeless aura. However, his eyes were so sharp that no one dared to look at them directly.

He was called Tong He, and he was the Yushou Region’s number one Heavenly Sun expert. He was also his region’s team leader.

Behind Tong He, a Yushou Region disciple reported, “Senior brother Tong He, we’ve been searching for several days but have yet to find that girl.”

Tong He indifferently said, “It’s fine. We’ve already surrounded the entire mountain range. She can’t escape.”

There was fear and anger in the disciple’s eyes as he remarked, “That girl is truly abominable. I don’t know what method she used to make our battle beasts defect.”

They had never encountered such a situation before. After all, the Yushou Region was one of the best beast tamers even among all the heavens. No one had expected them to suffer at the hands of a little girl from Cangxuan Heaven.

Tong He glanced at the disciple and said, “I heard that you guys were the first to attack when you met her?”

The disciple’s expression changed slightly, but he ultimately did not conceal anything and answered in a low voice, “Some of our junior brothers were interested in the strange bird she had. Its bloodline was quite pure.”

Tong He frowned and said, “I will deal with you guys when we return.”

The disciple had no choice but to acknowledge his words.

Tong He’s tone grew icy, “However, our Yushou Region’s face is not something someone from the mere Cangxuan Heaven can step on.”

There was pride in his voice and disdain towards Cangxuan Heaven. But this was normal. Cangxuan Heaven was ranked last among the heavens, and it was said that their only Saint had died long ago. Their strongest expert was merely at the Law Domain stage.

In Hunyuan Heaven, such strength would likely be less than some of the top-tier factions.

Although the Yushou Region might be at fault in this matter, Tong He clearly did not intend on settling things fairly. In this world, only equally strong parties would discuss fairness, and in Tong He’s view, those from Cangxuan Heaven did not have the right to reason with him.

Moreover, they needed to know how the girl had made their battle beasts defect because such a threat was far too great to them. Once the Yushou Region lost their battle beasts, their battle power would greatly diminish. Due to these reasons, there was even less of a chance that Tong Yu would let the girl off.

“Right, senior brother Tong Yu, someone else has been hindering our scouting efforts. It's another girl whose cultivation is at the initial Heavenly Sun stage, but she is unimaginably quick, and we’re incapable of catching her.

“We suspect her to be the green-haired girl’s companion.”

“Initial Heavenly Sun stage?” Tong He shook his head. Cangxuan Heaven was indeed the weakest of the heavens. To think that someone with such a weak cultivation was allowed to enter Guyuan Heaven.

“No need to pay any attention to her. If she’s hindering us, it must mean that we’re heading in the correct direction.

“Focus on catching the green-haired girl first.”

The disciple acknowledged Tong He’s words and swiftly withdrew to spread the command. The Yushou Region scouting teams soon redoubled their efforts.


In a cave deep in the mountain range.

A petite figure was seated on a rock, her hands propping up her distressed face.

Long dark-green hair hung from her head in a ponytail. She was more on the small side, giving her a dainty feeling. Her face was bright and clean like jade, while also pure and beautiful. Her eyes, in particular, were exceptionally bright, flickering with cunningness and eccentricity.

If Zhou Yuan were present, he would certainly recognize this individual. Looking a little more matured, it was the first friend he had met after leaving the Great Zhou Empire...Luluo

Chirp chirp!

Blue light suddenly flashed on Luluo’s shoulder, and a little ice-blue bird appeared. Ancient patterns seemed to shimmer on its tiny wings. When it appeared, the temperature in the cave abruptly plummeted as frost spread across the ground.

Its sharp beak gently nudged Luluo as if consoling her.

Luluo cupped the bird in her hands as she bitterly said, “Those Hunyuan Heaven people are too much! They were clearly the ones who struck first, and now they are even targeting me.

“What do we do now? There’s too many of them. How are we going to escape?!”


While Luluo was agonizing over her predicament, the faint jingle of bells rang out in the cave.

Luluo’s large eyes immediately brightened. “Qingyu, Qingyu!”

A fragrant breeze blew into the cave as a beautiful figure appeared in front of Luluo.

The newcomer wore a black dress, and she had a much more slender and domineering figure when compared to the petite Luluo. Her dress hugged her waist, which was as slender as a willow branch, and as the edges of her dress fluttered, one could catch a glimpse of snow-white calves that were nearly impossible to look away from.

An ample bosom rose in front of her like towering peaks, and the figure had a fair neck as slender as a black swan.

As for her face, if Luluo was the pure maiden type, she would be an unrejectable temptress. Every frown and smile of her long and narrow peach-blossom-like eyes was filled with irresistible charm.

Tiny golden bells were strung around her bare feet, giving her a more graceful air.

This was another old friend of Zhou Yuan’s, Zuoqiu Qingyu.

Zuoqiu Qingyu somewhat helplessly looked at the excited Luluo and said, “You were supposed to find help, but you ended up landing yourself in such big trouble. Those people outside are practically overturning mountains to find you.”

Luluo sullenly said, “I wasn’t the one who started it. They were the ones who struck first.”

Zuoqiu Qingyu sighed and smiled bitterly. “It seems that the factions from the other heavens are not very friendly.”

Although both parties had not interacted much, Zuoqiu Qingyu could already feel the other side’s arrogance. There had clearly been disdain in their eyes after finding out the two girls were from Cangxuan Heaven.

Luluo asked in a low voice, “What do we do? If we don’t find any help, elder brother Chu Qing and the others won’t last much longer.”

Zuoqiu Qingyu was silent for a moment before she said, “No matter what, we have to first escape their encirclement. Since we encountered people from Hunyuan Heaven, we will definitely be able to meet other Hunyuan Heaven factions. We can try our luck with them.

“The entire Hunyuan Heaven can’t be filled with the same kind of people. And if it really doesn’t work out, we can find factions from the other heavens!”

Zuoqiu Qingyu pondered for a brief moment and said, “Pass Little Frost to me later. I’ll disguise myself as you and draw them away while you find an opportunity to escape. You should already know our next meeting point.”

Luluo worriedly said, “Ah? That’s too dangerous. Those people are very strong!”

Zuoqiu Qingyu chuckled as she said with confidence, “I’m not planning on butting heads with them. It’s not like you don’t know how agile I am. Even advanced Heavenly Sun experts might not be able to catch up to me.”

Luluo hesitated for a long time. In the end, she could only grit her teeth and nod. “Be careful!”

Zuoqiu Qingyu nodded.


However, just as the two girls were about to carry out their plan, they suddenly heard the cry of a crane.

Luluo expression immediately changed. “Crap, we’ve been discovered!”


The entire mountain began to shake violently. Half of the mountain was torn apart by a terrifying force, allowing sunlight to shine in through the cracks.

Zuoqiu Qingyu and Luluo looked outside and saw a giant white crane in the air. Atop the crane’s head was a man with white hair.

Zuoqiu Qingyu’s and Luluo’s faces paled slightly at the sight of him, sensing an extremely dangerous aura.

The man atop of the crane was Tong He. He indifferently gazed at the two girls in the cave as his cold voice echoed across the mountains, “We’ve been playing hide-and-seek for quite a few days. You guys should have already had your fill, right?

“Will you two voluntarily hand yourselves over, or do I have to personally take action?”

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