Chapter 1114 Rainbow Sky Severing Gourd

In the month after getting rid of Wang Xuanyang, the hidden danger, Zhou Yuan and Qin Lian led the Tianyuan Region team to start a large-scale search for ancestral qi veins. Their harvest from such a search was naturally bountiful. During that one month, they even changed their base three times. 

The other forces from Hunyuan Heaven similarly expanded their search area to harvest ancestral qi.

The forces from Hunyuan Heaven were considered peaceful to one another, but the commotion from the Wanzu Region led to a lot of shock.

Wang Xuanyang perished, and Zhao Mushen rose to become the Wanzu Region team captain.

The news understandably shocked various forces because Wang Xuanyang wasn’t a nobody; he was ranked second on the Hunyuan Heaven’s Heavenly Sun List! In the entire Hunyuan Heaven, who else could suppress Wang Xuanyang besides Guan Qinglong? 

Wang Xuanyang's personality wasn’t particularly good, but no one could question his strength.

Therefore, his death had a huge impact on the various forces. Moreover, from the information they heard from the Wanzu Region team, it appeared that an extremely powerful beast had attacked and killed Wang Xuanyang when he went out alone to search for an ancestral qi vein.

The news terrified all parties. They had encountered powerful ancient beasts along the way, and the beasts weren’t impossible to escape from even if they couldn’t defeat them, but Wang Xuanyang had encountered a beast so powerful that even someone with his strength couldn’t even flee for his life. This was what had scared all parties.

Wang Xuanyang was already dead, so no one knew what the exact circumstances were, but for the sake of safety, everyone was much more careful and cautious after the incident.

Only the Tianyuan Region and the Zixiao Region were unaffected, which puzzled all the other forces.  

Are they made of steel? 


In a deep gully.  


Amidst a faint echoing roar, Genesis Qi rolled in like a yellow dragon and continuously sank into an altar. Thousands of figures were seated cross-legged before the altar, frantically absorbing the mighty ancestral qi.

At the very front, Zhou Yuan hadn't closed his eyes yet and was staring at the billowing ancestral qi with a smile. In the past month, they had found dozens of ancestral qi veins, four of which were intermediate-class veins, and such a harvest should be the best among the Hunyuan Heaven forces.

Under the nourishment from the dozens of ancestral qi veins, the Tianyuan Region team’s strength increased at an astonishing speed.

As for Zhou Yuan, his improvement was even more unbelievable. His Genesis Qi foundation had soared past 2 billion and was reaching the level of 2.9 billion.

In addition to his own Genesis Qi foundation, Silver Shadow’s foundation had increased from 1 billion to 1.4 billion. According to Zhou Yuan’s speculation, if he could raise Silver Shadow’s Genesis Qi foundation to 2 billion, that might open up another orifice where Silver Shadow could learn another Genesis art from him.

Its combat strength would greatly soar then.

However, although Zhou Yuan was content with his improvements, he still looked forward to this moment because he felt his seven Cangxuan arts would finally fuse.

"Come on, let me see what exactly the seven Cangxuan arts are!”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes gleamed with anticipation, and then he immediately closed his eyes and let the billowing ancestral qi drown his body. 


As before, he was on a mountain cliff shrouded by an endless sea of clouds.

Above the clouds and mist, several figures of Zhou Yuan repeatedly darted across the air, performing the seven Cangxuan arts. Finally, they merged one by one. This repeated again and again as though it would never end.  

Zhou Yuan sat cross-legged atop the mountain cliff, calmly watching the figures without a ripple of emotion. 

It was unknown how much time had passed, but a trace of enlightenment finally emerged in his mind.

A sun slowly rose from the sea of clouds in the distance, illuminating an area thousands of miles across.

A faint smile spread over Zhou Yuan's face, and then he folded his hands in several strange and ancient seals. His hands changed rapidly into countless seals. Images flew out, and they eventually merged.

Zhou Yuan suddenly pinched his fingers together as if holding a flower. 

“Precious treasure, come out." There seemed to be a whisper.   


The sea of clouds tumbled as countless figures identical to Zhou Yuan appeared and stood together. Where they gathered, a fleck of light bloomed, gradually growing brighter and stronger. Within it, a silhouette was becoming clearer.

The surrounding space vibrated.

Zhou Yuan stared at the silhouette with a blazing gaze, and the feeling in his heart deepened.

It was a Saint Genesis art! A profound Genesis art that Zhou Yuan had never touched upon, one that differed hugely from the little Saint Arts he had cultivated before. 

While Zhou Yuan’s eyes blazed, he finally saw the silhouette clearly. It seems to be a...gourd?

To be precise, it was a gourd-like silhouette that lay between nothingness and substance. It seemed to exist but was difficult to perceive.

As Zhou Yuan stretched out his hand, the gourd silhouette hovered up and down and slowly floated into his palm.

In such close contact, Zhou Yuan noticed rainbow colors reflecting off the gourd, and the gourd exuded an indescribable feeling of mystery and sharpness.

That sharpness could pierce all substance.  

A message rose in Zhou Yuan's heart. 

“This is…    

“The Rainbow Sky Severing Gourd?"    

An inconcealable smile curved the corners of Zhou Yuan’s mouth. This is the product of the fusion of the seven Cangxuan arts? This is the Saint Genesis art of the Cangxuan Sect? He had finally fused the seven Cangxuan arts after obtaining and having them for so many years. 

From the information that Zhou Yuan received, the Rainbow Sky Severing Gourd could contain seven rainbow sword lights with the power to sever the sky when they all appeared together.

Zhou Yuan didn’t know whether he could sever the sky with it, but he knew that the Rainbow Sky Severing Gourd would no doubt become his strongest trump card!

Gazing at the gourd, Zhou Yuan vaguely perceived a very subtle rainbow light swimming in its depths. It was just that the light was too weak and needed to be continuously strengthened with Genesis Qi.

That should be the so-called rainbow sky-severing sword light, but maybe it's still in its infancy stage…

It seemed Zhou Yuan couldn’t bring out all seven sword lights right now.

But even if the rainbow sword light was still weak, Zhou Yuan could already feel the power it possessed. He felt that if he possessed such a sword light when he faced Wang Xuanyang, he could have killed him with one sword strike if he got the timing right. 

In Guyuan Heaven, which was danger-ridden, Zhou Yuan felt much more at ease holding such a trump card.


In the deep gully, when Zhou Yuan opened his eyes, he found that the ancestral qi vein had been fully absorbed and the others had begun to pack up and return to the camp.

In a good mood, Zhou Yuan stood up with a wide smile and immediately saw Qin Lian waiting for him on the side.

"It seems you had a great harvest this time?" Qin Lian asked curiously when she saw Zhou Yuan's smile.

Zhou Yuan smiled without saying anything. He didn’t intend to expose his new trump card.

Qin Lian just rolled her eyes when he didn't answer her, not caring too much as she continued, "By the way, there’s an update to what you asked us to pay attention to.”

Zhou Yuan was taken aback at first till he remembered what he asked them to look out for. His face suddenly lit up. “You met with people from Cangxuan Heaven?”

He had asked Qin Lian and the others to help him listen out for news about Cangxuan Heaven. After all, he was born in Cangxuan Heaven and had a deep relationship with the Cangxuan Sect. Moreover, his best memories with Yaoyao were in Cangxuan Heaven.

Qin Lian shook her head. "We didn’t meet people from Cangxuan Heaven, but we do exchange intelligence with the other forces from Hunyuan Heaven. What we heard this time is from the Yushou Region…

"I heard that they ran into people from Cangxuan Heaven while searching for ancestral qi veins. You know that the guys from the Yushou Region are good at taming beasts, but they met someone from Cangxuan Heaven better than them. That person even directly took control of their battle beasts. Fortunately, that person acted alone, and the Yushou Region, in the end, trapped that person in a mountain with complex terrain. It will be a matter of time before they capture that person.”

Zhou Yuan was taken aback for a moment and then asked, “Was that person a man or a woman?”

Qin Lian thought for a while and said, “I think it’s a woman."   

Zhou Yuan drew a deep breath with a strange expression. There wasn’t any particularly powerful beast-taming sect in Cangxuan Heaven, but he did know a beast-taming genius who was born with the ability to understand animal minds. 

The image of a beautiful green-haired girl with an ice-blue bird on her shoulder flashed to his mind.

Luluo…is it you?   

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