Chapter 1112 Schemed


Under the dim light of night, a stream of light streaked across the sky at an unbelievable speed, creating sonic booms and blasts of air. 

It was just that no speed could hide the panic on his face.

This stream of light was naturally Wang Xuanyang. His face was deathly pale, and the Genesis Qi around his body was undulating unstably.

“Die! Die!” Wang Xuanyang's face twisted as he repeatedly roared. The anger and hatred in his eyes were palpable. He had never thought he would lose so badly. 

To break free, he even destroyed one of his Heavenly Suns. To re-cultivate the sun again would require a lot of effort and energy, even in a blessed land such as Guyuan Heaven. Moreover, Su Youwei had forcibly looted a huge amount of his Genesis Qi. It was similar to scraping flesh off his body.

He had suffered a disastrous loss in the battle. He originally planned to find opportunities in Guyuan Heaven to attack the Nascent Source stage, but all his hope was annihilated. 

Now he was like a tiger away from his mountain after descending into the plains. But compared to death, this price was acceptable.

"Zhou Yuan, Su Youwei! Wait till I regain my strength. You will then regret your actions!”

Wang Xuanyang was like an enraged beast, but he also understood that his condition was extremely grave and that anyone with a foundation of more than 1.5 billion could kill him. Therefore, he needed to hurry back to the Wanzu Region’s base as soon as possible.

Once he returned to their base, Zhou Yuan and the others wouldn’t dare do anything to him given the Wanzu Region’s power.

Wang Xuanyang swept a glance behind him with his scarlet eyes and could feel several waves of Genesis Qi following him closely. Zhou Yuan and the others were chasing at full speed.

"It's still very far away from the camp, and they won’t give up. My condition isn’t too good, and I might not be able to escape. Also, they might have left a Genesis Qi seal on me.”

Wang Xuanyang's eyes flickered. His Genesis Qi was in an extreme state of disorder, and he couldn’t erase the Genesis Qi seal left on him. As a result, Zhou Yuan and the others would be able to locate his whereabouts accurately.  

He pondered for a moment, then gritted his teeth.


His arms exploded, blood spurting everywhere as his arms split into four parts.

Enveloped in powerful Genesis Qi, the four chunks transformed into beams of blood-colored light and shot out in four different directions.

As for him, he did everything he could to conceal his Genesis Qi. He fled at a low height, disappearing into the dark forests.

Several minutes later, Zhou Yuan and the others streaked across the sky.

Zhou Yuan sensed the surroundings and suddenly raised his brows. "The Genesis Qi seal has been split into four parts. He must have noticed the seal.”

"Let's split up. Now that his strength is greatly reduced, there shouldn’t be any danger,” suggested Qin Lian.

Zhou Yuan nodded. “He must have broken his arms to confuse us so he could survive. Let’s split up and search.”

The four agreed and sped off as streams of light.

While Zhou Yuan and the others scattered in different directions, Wang Xuanyang lay quietly in a mountain cave like a dead body. He remained in that state for a long while before he finally opened his eyes.

He felt that Zhou Yuan and others should have been diverted away. As he stared at his broken arms, the corners of his eyes twitched. He had never thought such a tragic day would ever come to him.

But you are too naive if you think you can kill me, Wang Xuanyang!

Wang Xuanyang grunted coldly, and with one thought, he split open his chest and brought out a jade bead. He manipulated his Genesis Qi to crush it, and suddenly, an aroma filled the cave. Inside the bead was a crystal clear pill.

"Although my injuries are serious, the Mythic Crystal Pill is a healing pill I had exchanged for in the Wanzu Region. It should be able to heal some of my injuries. If I then hide for a period till I restore my strength, I should be able to return to the Wanzu Region’s base.” 

Wang Xuanyang drew a deep breath and opened his mouth to swallow the pill. However, just as he inhaled, he found that the pill remained suspended in front of him.

“I didn’t expect senior brother Wang to still have such a mysterious pill." Faint laughter echoed throughout the dark cave.

Wang Xuanyang could feel all the hair on his body suddenly stand on end. He stared fiercely into the darkness. “Who is it?!"

A hand stretched out from the darkness, fingers bent. The pill in front of Wang Xuanyang slowly flew into the palm. The sound of footsteps drew closer, and as the figure walked out of the darkness, Wang Xuanyang's eyes suddenly widened in shock.

“Zhao Mushen?!”

The person who had walked out of the darkness was Zhao Mushen from the Wanzu Region!

"It's me, senior brother." Zhao Mushen nodded with a smile.

Wang Xuanyang's expression grew dark and unpleasant. ”Why are you here?”

Zhao Mushen pointed to the pill in his palm and said, “Senior brother Wang, have you forgotten? You told me to exchange for this pill for you. I hid a tracker in it, so I can locate your position.”

Wang Xuanyang's heart trembled, and all his suspicions were answered. "Zhao Mushen, you were the one who schemed against me?! You informed Zhou Yuan and Dong Ye that I was going to attack Su Youwei!” Wang Xuanyang's face suddenly twisted into an angry scowl. "You are so bold!”

Zhao Mushen said indifferently, "In truth, I was the one who reminded you several times to ask Li Zhu from the Yaogui Region to assist you. I thought that after you joined forces with him, both your side and Zhou Yuan’s side would suffer considerable damage and you would at least kill one or two of them. But, unfortunately, you’re a piece of trash.”

Wang Xuanyang felt a chill run down his spine. Zhao Mushen schemed against me from the very beginning.

"Why did you do that?!"    

Zhao Mushen's face was devoid of expression as he said, "Because you're trash, and you don't deserve to be the leader of the Wanzu Region’s Heavenly Sun stage. Of course, the main reason is that I need you to be my stepping stone.

“Senior brother Wang, my potential is far better than yours. If you can give up on yourself to help me, I will surely surpass Zhou Yuan!”

“In your dreams!” said Wang Xuanyang furiously. “Zhao Mushen, if you dare do anything to me, you will no doubt be severely punished when our supreme sovereign finds out!”    

Zhao Mushen smiled. "That's why I designed this situation. Everyone will know that you were killed by Zhou Yuan. How would it have anything to do with me?”

He slowly approached Wang Xuanyang. Black qi spread out from his body.

Wang Xuanyang trembled, fear brimming his eyes. “Junior brother Zhao, your Taotie Blessing can only swallow up blessings, but I have none. What do you want from me?!”

Zhao Mushen smiled. "No, you are wrong. That's in normal situations, but every few years, my Taotie Blessing can completely devour something.”

He grinned, revealing his white teeth and making the dark cave look particularly ominous.

“To completely devour means to swallow everything you have.”

The fear in Wang Xuanyang's eyes was so strong that he madly drew back. Blood gushed from his broken arms.

"Don't come near me! Don't come near me!”

Black qi filled the cave, and a mysterious beast shadow gradually took shape. It unleashed an ancient roar, and ink-black qi corroded Wang Xuanyang's body till he was completely covered.

The cave fell dead silent.

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