Chapter 1110 Yin Yang Reversal


When the black-and-white light streaked across the air, Zhou Yuan felt a destructive aura lock him to the spot. Immediately, his hair stood on end.

The power gathered within the beam was more terrifying than Li Zhu’s giant foot.

“No wonder he is ranked second on the Heavenly Sun List!”

Zhou Yuan's expression was solemn, and his vigilance was raised to its highest. He didn't continue to meet the attack head-on. Instead, he moved all of a sudden and sped away like a ghost. 

It was better to dodge such a destructive attack.


But how would it be that easy to shake off the black-and-white light beam? It flashed towards Zhou Yuan as though it had teleported and followed Zhou Yuan everywhere like a maggot.

Zhou Yuan shuttled through the mountains and forest at full speed, making it difficult for ordinary people to catch his figure clearly. Even Qin Lian and the others could only perceive a shadow moving between the mountains and forests.

But no matter what body movement technique Zhou Yuan used, the black-and-white light beam continued to follow him closely and remained firmly locked on him. 

As Wang Xuanyang watched Zhou Yuan repeatedly flee, the corners of his mouth curved up into a ruthless smile. “He’s like a stray dog. Weren't you very arrogant before? Is this all you have? But unfortunately, it is useless even if you run as fast as a dog.”

He ever so lightly moved his two fingers that had turned black-and-white. 


The black-and-white light beam suddenly accelerated, appearing behind Zhou Yuan as though it had teleported. Then, under Qin Lian's horrified gaze, it shot towards Zhou Yuan's back.


A terrifying Genesis Qi storm swept through the dense mountains and forests, crushing all vegetation.

It was a scene of devastation everywhere.

Wang Xuanyang curled a corner of his lips in a sinister sneer as he peered at the huge pit formed on the ground. Then, he turned to look at Qin Lian and Dong Ye and shrugged. “This is the reinforcement you’re waiting on?”

Dong Ye's face was overcast, and she didn’t say a word. Genesis Qi constantly gushed forth from her to resist the black-and-white hoop’s constriction.

Qin Lian almost shot flames from her eyes as she thundered, "Wang Xuanyang, my Tianyuan Region won’t rest until you are killed!”

“Who can you blame when Zhou Yuan’s ability is inferior? I am also thinking about your Tianyuan Region’s reputation. Now he won’t be able to carry the grand elder title and embarrass the Tianyuan Region." 

Wang Xuanyang couldn’t care less about Qin Lian's threat. "That boy shouldn't be dead yet. I'll go and get rid of him completely first and then come play with you two.”

With a slight movement, he descended from the sky to the huge pit and stood in front of Zhou Yuan, who was lying there soaked in blood.

With a sinister smile, Wang Xuanyang stretched out his foot and stomped on Zhou Yuan's head. “So what if you’re a grand elder from the Tianyuan Region? Aren’t you being stepped on like a dog now? Zhou Yuan, Zhou Yuan, you actually have very scary potential, but you had to go against me. What a fool.”

He turned Zhou Yuan’s face over with his foot to see the look of despair on his face. He suddenly froze. He found that Zhou Yuan's face had turned silver and his eyes were wide open and staring at him intently. 

"What?!" Wang Xuanyang's pupils shrank. This isn’t Zhou Yuan!

He keenly sensed something abnormal and immediately erupted with Genesis Qi as he drew back without any hesitation.


But just as he moved, the soil beneath his feet exploded, and a figure charged out like a ghost. Snow-white hair blasted out from the figure’s sleeves and, like a white python, wrapped around Wang Xuanyang.

“Zhou Yuan?!” 

The sudden attack made Wang Xuanyang's eyes turn icy cold. He erupted with Genesis Qi erupted, wanting to destroy the attack.

Before he could circulate his Genesis Qi, Zhou Yuan grinned. "Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune.”

A small ten-foot Law Domain spread out and shrouded Wang Xuanyang, thereby suppressing his mighty Genesis Qi. It was as though he was in the depths of a bottomless mud pit.

Taking advantage of the few seconds that Wang Xuanyang’s Genesis Qi was weakened, Zhou Yuan flicked his fingers and shot out flecks of light.

Upon a closer look, the specks turned out to be black-and-white needles marked with bizarre runes.

Swish swish!

The needles pierced into Wang Xuanyang's body like lightning bolts and precisely sank into different locations.

Once Zhou Yuan had done that, Wang Xuanyang escaped from his Law Domain and recovered his vast Genesis Qi. He first peered at the black-and-white needles in his body in bewilderment, but after he saw that they hadn’t damaged his body, he immediately turned towards Zhou Yuan with murderous intent in his eyes. "You dare launch a sneak attack on me!”


A terrifying Genesis Qi foundation broke out, and pressure as oppressive as a mountain enveloped Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan's countenance changed uncontrollably. Wang Xuanyang’s Genesis Qi foundation exceeded the level of 2.8 billion!

This guy is really much trickier to deal with than Li Zhu.

Black-and-white Genesis Qi raged out as Wang Xuanyang thrust his palm forward to kill Zhou Yuan.

But as soon as he launched his palm strike, his figure suddenly froze, and his expression twisted in shocked horror because he noticed that faint smoke was spiraling out of his body and that the Genesis Qi within him was bubbling.

“What’s happening?”

As Wang Xuanyang swept his gaze around, he saw that the black-and-white needles inserted in his body were quivering and releasing bizarre energy waves. It was those black-and-white needles that caused changes in his Genesis Qi.

“I’ve been tricked!”

The abnormal state of his Genesis Qi made him frantically try to crush the black-and-white needles, but he found that no matter what he did, the Genesis Qi in his body was actively avoiding the needles. His eyes went wide with fear. He paid no attention to Zhou Yuan anymore and soared into the sky, attempting to flee.

This was because he could feel the Genesis Qi in his body beginning to escape his control.    

Zhou Yuan’s eyes flickered with surprise, and he exclaimed, "Is it really so effective?”

The black-and-white needles were naturally given to him by Su Youwei, who told him that as long as those Reversal Yin Yang Needles were inserted into certain positions on Wang Xuanyang's body, they could cause him to lose control of his Genesis Qi. 

Wang Xuanyang's body was always enveloped in mighty Genesis Qi, and if Zhou Yuan hadn't suppressed them for a moment with his Law Domain, the Reversal Yin Yang Needles might not have succeeded that easily.

Zhou Yuan stared at Wang Xuanyang, who was fleeing rapidly, and a determined look blazed in his eyes. This is the best time to beat the drowning dog.

But just when he was about to act, he saw Su Youwei's figure appear in the sky, on Wang Xuanyang's retreating route.

“Youwei, be careful!” Zhou Yuan hurriedly warned.

But Su Youwei simply smiled at him and signaled him not to worry.

"Haha, the beauty brought herself to me. I can’t say no!" Wang Xuanyang was overjoyed when he saw Su Youwei. Even if he was in a poor state, he could still capture Su Youwei with his strength.

So he stretched out his hand, and a waterfall of Genesis Qi was about to coil around Su Youwei.

Su Youwei stared at Wang Xuanyang with an icy-cold gaze as she folded her hands in a seal. A pair of black and white Yin Yang Heavenly Suns emerged behind her.


As soon as those two Heavenly Suns appeared, they disappeared with a screech. The next second, they reappeared directly above the head and below the feet of Wang Xuanyang, who was rushing over.

As the two Heavenly Suns rotated, they seemed to release a mysterious power. 

It was also when the two Yin Yang Heavenly Suns enveloped Wang Xuanyang that the black-and-white needles in his body violently vibrated and slowly tunnelled deeper into his body.

A look of horror crossed his face because he found that his body had been immobilized and the Yin Yang Genesis Qi within him had escaped his control.

"You, what did you do?!" he thundered, glaring at Su Youwei.

Su Youwei still ignored him and gently folded her slender hands. Then, her clear voice resounded like a mountain stream.

“Yin Yang Reversal Art!”

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