Chapter 1109 The Powerful Wang Xuanyang


The giant body constantly crumbled, and smoke and dust swept over the mountains like a sandstorm. 

Hovering in the air, Zhou Yuan let out a long sigh as he watched the giant collapse. Then, he sharply swept his gaze across the surroundings. Now that the giant had collapsed, Li Zhu should have also suffered severe injuries. 

Under his intent gaze, a stream of dim light fell from the giant’s body. It was Li Zhu.

Li Zhu’s face was deathly pale, the Genesis Qi around his body seemed spiritless, and his eyes were filled with fear and shocked disbelief as he looked at Zhou Yuan. Even if the cruel facts were laid in front of him, he still found it hard to believe that Zhou Yuan defeated him. 

“That guy—” Li Zhu gritted his teeth, his expression complicated. 

He shifted his gaze to his Life Core Blood Puppet, only to see that Su Youwei had already suppressed it. He couldn’t control his anger any longer and roared, “Why is this generation of Heavenly Sun experts so abnormal?!” 

Not only Zhou Yuan, even Su Youwei, who hadn’t had any dazzling achievements before, turned out to be so difficult to deal with. They were clearly only at the intermediate Heavenly Sun stage, yet Su Youwei was able to suppress his blood puppet, and Zhou Yuan was able to inflict him with severe injuries.

However, he also understood that whatever he said now was useless. He was already wounded, and even if he stayed longer, Zhou Yuan wouldn’t show any mercy.

And so, Li Zhu folded his hand in a seal.


The moment he completed his seal, his blood puppet fighting Su Youwei in the distance suddenly drew back rapidly and retreated. Its huge body shrank and turned back into a blood-red bead. It streaked across the air with incredible speed and drilled into Li Zhu’s palm.

After withdrawing his blood puppet, Li Zhu collapsed on the ground, bringing up a flurry of dust and gravel.


Zhou Yuan's golden figure descended from the sky, aiming a punch at where Li Zhu had fallen. The ground cracked from the impact of his punch, but Zhou Yuan raised his brows and said, “He escaped?”

He peered down at the deep pit and saw a broken puppet. Li Zhu’s real body was gone. 

Li Zhu had used a special means to escape.

“He slipped away so quickly.” Zhou Yuan chuckled, but he wasn’t interested in pursuing him. After all, he didn’t hold much enmity with Li Zhu. His priority right now was to deal with Wang Xuanyang.

Su Youwei appeared next to Zhou Yuan.

"Your Highness’s strength puts everyone else to shame. I can never catch up to you,” said Su Youwei with a bright smile and a look of admiration in her clear eyes.

Zhou Yuan rolled his eyes. “The way you belittle yourself is too fake.” 

Su Youwei’s strength during her fight with the blood puppet was in no way inferior to Zhou Yuan’s. Moreover, Zhou Yuan felt that Su Youwei wouldn’t be weaker than the experts on Hunyuan Heaven’s Heavenly Sun List if she revealed all her strength.

“Compared to Your Highness, I’m still not good enough,” Su Youwei corrected him with a smile.

Zhou Yuan smiled and stretched out his fist. Su Youwei also balled her hand, and they lightly tapped each other’s clenched fist.

“I hope we can work together again.”

"Let's go. There is a fiercer one over there." Zhou Yuan looked into the distance where Wang Xuanyang, Dong Ye and Qin Lian were battling.

Compared to Li Zhu, Wang Xuanyang was more tricky to deal with.

Su Youwei followed Zhou Yuan’s gaze and saw Wang Xuanyang’s figure in the distance. She pondered for a moment and whispered, “Your Highness, I have an idea.”

She leaned closer to Zhou Yuan, pressing her red lips to his ears, and whispered something, bringing a sweet, pleasant aroma that could send one’s heart galloping.

Zhou Yuan fully concentrated on what she was saying. Then, he couldn’t help raising his brows as he looked in surprise at Su Youwei. “Are you sure?”

Su Youwei nodded firmly.

Zhou Yuan finally nodded after some hesitation. “Then let’s give it a try.”

When the giant's body had collapsed, Wang Xuanyang’s face had grown particularly dark and unpleasant because he knew that Li Zhu had failed and, given Li Zhu’s personality, would no doubt flee.

"I really underestimated grand elder Zhou Yuan,” uttered Wang Xuanyang, chilling intent flowing around his eyes. 

At the same time, he faintly regretted provoking Zhou Yuan. He felt he should have waited until he got his hands on Su Youwei and Wu Yao first. At that time, his combat strength would skyrocket, and he wouldn’t even be afraid of facing Guan Qinglong.

He could get rid of Zhou Yuan with a turn of his hand then. Moreover, he wouldn’t have fallen into the present humiliating situation.

In contrast to Wang Xuanyang, Dong Ye's and Qin Lian’s faces lit up with pleasant surprise. 

Even Qin Lian was particularly stunned by the outcome. After all, Zhou Yuan wasn’t that strong when she trained with him before, which meant Zhou Yuan had also concealed his strength.

On the other hand, Dong Ye's expression was a little complicated. She didn’t think much of Zhou Yuan even after he defeated Qianhu from the Wanzu Region, but now that he defeated Li Zhu, she had to raise his position to a level similar to theirs.

But overall, Dong Ye was more glad and happy. After all, compared to Zhou Yuan, Wang Xuanyang was a disgusting and hateful enemy.

Dong Ye and Qin Lian exchanged a glance with each other, and suddenly, a fierce and overbearing gush of Genesis Qi erupted from them to envelop Wang Xuanyang.

As long as they could stall Wang Xuanyang till Zhou Yuan comes to support them, the tide of the battle would turn to their side. 

Wang Xuanyang evaded the two’s attack like a ghost and said indifferently, "Do you really think he can change anything when he comes?”

However, the two women ignored him and launched even fiercer attacks.  

Wang Xuanyang constantly evaded while saying indifferently, "I'm also a little annoyed. I originally wanted to wait for Li Zhu to get rid of Zhou Yuan first before I took action so I could see your despair. But it seems I can't wait anymore.”

While speaking, his sleeve vibrated and waves of terrifying Genesis Qi rapidly gathered, causing space to twist and produce bolts of lightning.

Feeling the dangerous atmosphere, Dong Ye’s and Qin Lian’s countenance changed dramatically. They frantically drew back as they circulated their Genesis Qi to its peak state.

They knew that this was a means that Wang Xuanyang had been preparing for a long while.

“I’m afraid it’s too late to retreat now,” chuckled Wang Xuanyang, flicking his sleeve to send out a gush of black-and-white light.

"Yin Yang Qi Hoops."    

The two black-and-white lights formed two black-and-white hoops of light. The hoops flashed through space, shattering it along the way, and when they reappeared, they were already nearing Qin Lian and Dong Ye.

The black-and-white hoops slowly shrank as though freezing space, and they made it impossible for the two to flee. 

The two’s expressions changed dramatically as they frantically operated the Genesis Qi around their body to counter the black-and-white hoops.

They knew they would be trapped completely once the hoops touched their bodies and that Wang Xuanyang could then do whatever he wanted to them.

Wang Xuanyang’s lips broke into a playful smile as he gazed at the two women. “You two are also considered to be top quality. After I capture Su Youwei, I can also play with you two.”

Hearing his disgusting and filthy words, Dong Ye and Qin Lian both turned livid, and their eyes almost spurted out flames.

Wang Xuanyang paid no attention to their response and just turned his head and peered into the distance where a golden figure was racing through the air at an astonishing speed. He chuckled, "While you are trapped, you can watch how I destroy your savior.”

He slowly lifted his hand and curled two fingers. 

Black-and-white runes swiftly gathered on his fingertips, strangely turning his fingers black and white.

An extremely dangerous wave of energy was emitted from his fingers, shaking the nearby space.


Dong Ye’s and Qin Lian’s pupils suddenly shrank.

“Life-Seizing Yin Yang Finger!"

This was one of Wang Xuanyang's ultimate killing moves. Although Wang Xuanyang had cultivated numerous Genesis arts, this was ranked first in terms of lethality.

Evidently, Wang Xuanyang had been preparing this move for a long while and was waiting for the perfect opportunity to launch it.

And he left the killing move for Zhou Yuan!    

"Zhou Yuan, get away!” Qin Lian yelled loudly.

“It’s too late.” Wang Xuanyang smiled faintly as his black-and-white fingertips quivered. Then, a black-and-white light beam full of destructive aura burst forth from his fingertips, directly aiming for Zhou Yuan in the distance.

Even space was torn apart where the black-and-white light beam passed.

“Die.” Wang Xuanyang muttered to himself.

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