Chapter 1108 Earth Saint Rune Appears Again


The huge foot, like the foot of a mighty god, descended with destructive force, shattering space and crumbling the mountains.  

Zhou Yuan raised his head and solemnly stared at the foot crushing down. Li Zhu’s means was overbearing, and his tremendous body was clearly formed from absorbing and merging the essence and Genesis Qi between heaven and earth in a special way.

Li Zhu was purely using strength to force Zhou Yuan to submission. 

Zhou Yuan felt that even Qin Lian and the others would have to exert all their strength and bring out all their trump cards to withstand Li Zhu’s foot.

It was indeed true that no one on the Heavenly Sun List was simple.


A jet of white qi spurted from Zhou Yuan’s mouth. The pressure pressing down from above caused a crackling within his body. Despite this, there wasn’t a hint of fear in his eyes, and instead, his eyes blazed with fighting spirit.

Only such a powerful enemy could make him improve.

“The Great Flame Devil!”

Crimson runes spread across Zhou Yuan’s body, and his eyes grew increasingly red with vicious tendencies. But the depths of his eyes were still clear and bright. The blistering heat radiating from his body twisted and distorted the nearby space. 

The ground constantly dried up and cracked. 

It was only after he activated the Great Flame Devil and his body was strengthened that the pressure that shrouded the world weakened a little. 


Platinum Genesis Qi erupted from Zhou Yuan, and the two Heavenly Suns behind him grew increasingly clear. The dragon runes were much brighter than before, and faintly, they even emitted ancient dragon roars. 

Zhou Yuan's momentum was rising steadily.

But it still wasn’t enough.

The means that Li Zhu used was so tyrannical that Zhou Yuan felt it passed the level range of a little Saint Art. 

In Zhou Yuan’s view, Li Zhu was able to achieve that sort of level and draw upon the fusion of essence and Genesis Qi between heaven and earth not because of his own strength but the two strange runes imprinted on his palms.

Zhou Yuan had only caught a glimpse of those runes, but he already felt their vast power. Their power was extraordinary, and they were perhaps bestowed on Li Zhu by the Yaogui Region’s supreme sovereign.

Therefore, they mustn’t be underestimated.

Looking rather solemn, Zhou Yuan crouched down and gently touched the ground with his palm. A similarly mysterious light rune emerged in the center of his palm.

“Earth Saint Rune!”


A ripple unperceivable to the naked eye suddenly spread out from Zhou Yuan’s palm. Then, the ground began to vibrate violently. The mountains trembled, and the rocks tumbled down, like an earth dragon was leaping out.


As the ground quaked, Zhou Yuan could distinctly feel a vast force sweeping forth from the ground and rushing through his palm into his body like a tremendous torrent.

It was as though a furious dragon had invaded his body and was raging inside him.

Zhou Yuan’s veins squirmed and bulged like snakes, making him look fierce and hideous. This was because the force flooding into his body was too tyrannical, causing blood to seep out and his flesh to show signs of tearing. 


The severe pain made Zhou Yuan inhale sharply through clenched teeth. His expression was incredibly solemn because he found that the Earth Saint Rune absorbed much more earth’s power in Guyuan Heaven compared to in Hunyuan Heaven.

However, it made sense. Guyuan Heaven was filled with ancestral qi, one of the most ancient Genesis Qis, and the ground also contained that power. Thus, bodily injuries were unavoidable as Zhou Yuan drew up power via the Earth Saint Rune. 

Sensing the terrifying power within his body, Zhou Yuan felt as though he could crush stars with the slightest movement. 

“But—it can become even stronger!”

Zhou Yuan smacked his lips. He could feel the power drawn up by the Earth Saint Rune hadn't reached its limit, but his body couldn’t endure the incoming power any longer.

Zhou Yuan drew in a deep breath.

A thousand drops of golden blood erupted in his heart, and a golden torrent suddenly gushed out, flooding all his limbs and bones.

The golden blood repaired his torn flesh where it passed at an astonishing speed and enveloped Zhou Yuan’s body with a faint golden film. It looked as though Zhou Yuan’s body had turned into an impenetrable and indestructible golden statue. 


He slammed his palm into the ground.


The ground quaked as terrifying power frantically poured into Zhou Yuan’s body. Then, rays of golden light suddenly erupted from the depths of his body, making him look cast from gold from afar. 

Zhou Yuan finally stopped absorbing the power of the great earth and slowly stood up straight as golden light overflowed from his body and specks of golden light fluttered out. There was too much power for his body to contain.  

His eyes, originally red after he activated the Great Flame Devil, were now glowing with golden light. Even his pupils had turned golden. 

“That power—”

Zhou Yuan lifted his head, watching the foot pressing down. He was like a mighty god without a hint of fear. He clenched his hand, and the Heavenly Yuan Brush flashed from his grip.

The tip of the brush pointed skywards, and its entire body began to buzz and quiver. The golden light flowing around the tip released an extremely sharp power. 


Zhou Yuan stamped his foot.

The ground beneath his foot collapsed into a bottomless pit. Cracks extended in all directions like pythons and tore down trees. 

He soared into the sky and met the giant mighty god-like foot head-on.

“You want to die!”

Li Zhu’s thunderous voice rang out from the giant body, and all his power was gathered into his foot.

Zhou Yuan's figure, glistening with golden light, seemed small and insignificant under the giant foot. Even so, he charged forward, rays of golden light gushing from the Heavenly Yuan Brush.

Finally, he collided directly with the foot’s sole.


Suddenly, a terrifying storm raged and wreaked havoc, completely flattening that stretch of mountain range.

Even Wang Xuanyang, Qin Lian and Dong Ye in the distance paused their battle for a moment and solemnly glanced from the corner of their eyes towards the explosion.

The battle between Zhou Yuan and Li Zhu was fiercer than they had expected.

Who had the upper hand in such a collision? 

A shaft of golden light rose from under the giant’s foot, piercing up through the foot!

Wherever it passed, the giant puppet’s body cracked!


But the golden light beam didn’t stop and constantly rushed up till it pierced out from the giant’s head with a loud boom.

The golden figure hovered in space. The intense golden light it emitted illuminated thousands of miles into the distance like golden stars.

And under the golden figure, the puppet that stood like a giant between heaven and the earth exploded after several breaths. Boulders tumbled down, and smoke and dust filled the world. 

Looking at the golden figure hovering in space, even Wang Xuanyang, Dong Ye and Qin Lian felt dazzled.

They shuddered all over.

No one thought Li Zhu would be defeated in such a way.

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