Chapter 1107 Great Battle Against Li Zhu


As Zhou Yuan’s voice died away, the Heavenly Yuan Brush’s Promotion Rune erupted in blinding rays of light that were far stronger than any previous times. Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi foundation also soared at an astonishing rate as he activated the Promotion Rune.

As Zhou Yuan's Genesis Qi foundation neared the 2.3 billion level, something happened that made Li Zhu's expression change drastically—the increase showed no sign of slowing down and continued to rise fiercely.

2.4 billion!   

2.5 billion!  

It was only when Zhou Yuan's Genesis Qi foundation reached 2.5 billion that the increase gradually slowed.

As Zhou Yuan clasped the Heavenly Yuan Brush, his robe billowed around him, and the astonishing pressure exuding from his body continuously tore cracks into the ground.

He raised his head and looked at Li Zhu, who looked particularly dark and unpleasant under the dim light of night. Zhou Yuan grinned. “Are you satisfied now?”

He had never activated the Promotion Rune’s power to its peak during his training sessions with Qin Lian because it was never necessary. After all, Qin Lian wasn’t an enemy. This was the first time that Zhou Yuan fully activated the Promotion Rune after reaching the intermediate Heavenly Sun stage. 

And the result of it undoubtedly surprised Li Zhu.

“So this is your foundation,” Li Zhu uttered, his expression dark. Who would have thought Zhou would conceal his strength so deeply?

"I already warned you to leave, and we can pretend we didn’t see you here earlier,” Zhou Yuan said.

However, Li Zhu snorted. As the strongest Heavenly Sun expert in the Yaogui Region, he was undoubtedly prideful. “So what you have a foundation of 2.5 billion Genesis Qi? It’s just the same level as mine. The final outcome of the battle remains to be decided!”

His eyes suddenly turned fierce and sharp, and with a flick of his sleeve, several beads shot out. They expanded as they met the wind and finally transformed into tremendous puppet beasts. 

The giant beasts fixed their threatening eyes on Zhou Yuan. 


The ten puppet beasts pounced towards Zhou Yuan with murderous intent.

Zhou Yuan faintly smiled and lifted his hand. A silver sphere whirled in his palm and flowed out like a liquid till it turned into a silver figure identical to Zhou Yuan.

“Eliminate them,” commanded Zhou Yuan.    

Silver Shadow immediately transformed into a silver lightning bolt and sped out. As it streaked across the air, crimson runes emerged over its silver body, and a blazing and ruthless aura erupted from them.

Great Flame Devil!   


Silver Shadow charged into the group of puppets, and as its silvery light flashed, it blasted the several giant puppet beasts back with terrifying combat strength.

Li Zhu’s face twisted with bewilderment when he saw his puppets be defeated in seconds. He stared at the silver figure in astonishment. He knew his puppets were unafraid of death and that even top-tier Heavenly Sun experts would be cautious in countering the giant puppets’ fierce and ruthless attacks.

But why is that mysterious silver figure even fiercer than my giant puppets? Also, from its movements, it seems unconcerned about being wounded.

That boy has quite a few means! 


A streak of cold light suddenly tore the space in front of Li Zhu, followed by platinum Genesis Qi, like a platinum dragon somersaulting in the air.

"Can you afford to be distracted at a time like this?" Zhou Yuan's laughter resounded with the cold light.

A mighty attack swept towards Li Zhu. His face grew overcast, and as his hand quivered, a golden umbrella appeared in his grip. Flowing with Genesis Qi, the umbrella sprang up and withstood the attack like a shield. 


The Heavenly Yuan Brush’s snow-white tip pointed at the center of the umbrella, and sparks sputtered in all directions. Mighty platinum Genesis Qi battered the umbrella, causing the surface to ripple violently, but more Genesis Qi was expelled as the umbrella rotated.

The golden umbrella in Li Zhu's hand was clearly a top-tier Heaven Genesis Weapon capable of dissolving attacks.


Zhou Yuan's expression remained unchanged. With a flick of his wrist, the brush tip multiplied into countless shadows and pelted down like torrential rain.

The mighty offensive split the space around, and ear-piercing booms echoed in the night sky.

Li Zhu snorted coldly, and the umbrella in his hand also shot out.

Countless shadows collided in the air.

In just a few breaths, they had fought hundreds of rounds.

In that kind of head-on collision, Li Zhu's expression gradually became a little unpleasant because he began to feel some pressure. Their Genesis Qi foundation was almost at the same level, but Zhou Yuan’s attack was more aggressive and domineering than his.

“Could this guy's Genesis Qi be grade 8?" Li Zhu studied the platinum Genesis Qi rising from Zhou Yuan's body and felt a dangerous aura.

The Yaogui Region’s cultivation techniques could be traced to the same origin, and the highest level was also grade 8. However, this level required great resources, and even if he had worked painstakingly hard for so many years, he had only cultivated top-level grade-7 Genesis Qi.

Zhou Yuan's Genesis Qi could suppress him because his Genesis Qi grade surpassed his.


The brush tip collided with the umbrella tip, and the two astonishing Genesis Qis clashed. The space around them crumbled, and two figures were blasted back.

Zhou Yuan pointed the Heavenly Yuan Brush towards the ground and, with a stamp of his foot, sent platinum Genesis Qi spiraling into the sky like billowing clouds.

“Heavenly Dragon Claw!”  

The platinum Genesis Qi rapidly gathered and formed an incomparably huge dragon claw. Then, it fiercely slammed down. The dragon claw was covered in scales, glistening brightly.

“Devil Puppet Shadow!” Li Zhu roared.  

Mighty Genesis Qi swept forth, forming a giant shadow behind him. As the shadow thrust its palm forward, there appeared to be countless puppets squirming and hissing in its palm.


The palm and claw met head-on. Genesis Qi shock waves wreaked havoc and devastated all the nearby forests.

However, Li Zhu's face grew increasingly sullen because he found it hard to accept that he didn’t have the upper hand in any of the rounds.

Before this battle, Li Zhu secretly looked down on Zhou Yuan. After all, Zhou Yuan was considered his junior and was still a nobody when Li Zhu had made a name for himself in Hunyuan Heaven!

But the junior had humiliated him in this fight. This was hard to accept for Li Zhu because of his great pride.

"I don't believe I, Li Zhu, can't stop you, a little junior!”

Li Zhu had a fierce glint in his eyes, and his face bore a look of determination. With a slight movement, he appeared above and folded his hands in a seal. Two demonic patterns emerged in his palms from which a mysterious light bloomed.

“The Great Devil Puppet!”

As his thunderous roar echoed throughout the world, the earth shook, and countless rocks and trees were sucked into the sky. They were turned into powder, their dust converging towards Li Zhu.

As the powder gathered around him, the vast Genesis Qi between heaven and earth also gathered with it.

Therefore, in just a few breaths, Li Zhu's figure had disappeared and was replaced by a giant thousand-foot-tall puppet body. The surface of the puppet body was streaked with countless vague ancient patterns. 

Thunder and wind raged as the giant figure inhaled. An extremely astonishing Genesis Qi storm erupted from it and swept out in all directions.

Zhou Yuan lifted his head and stared at the gigantic figure, his expression serious.

"Zhou Yuan, no matter how talented you are, as a junior of the Heavenly Sun stage, you can’t behave wildly in front of us veteran Heavenly Sun experts!

“Get lost!”

Li Zhu's roar echoed like thunder. Then, as he lifted his giant foot, countless runes emerged on the sole of his foot. He stamped his foot and cracked the space around him. Even the mountains below were crumbling. 

Not even those ranked on the top of the Heavenly Sun List would dare be careless facing Li Zhu's foot.

On the more intense battlefield in the distance.

Wang Xuanyang fanned the yin yang jade fan in his hand, blowing out black-and-white hurricane wind to lash out at Qin Lian and Dong Ye. It caused wind to whistle throughout the world. 

At the same time, they also noticed tremendous movements in the distance.

Wang Xuanyang couldn’t help smiling when he saw the giant puppet. “Zhou Yuan isn’t bad if he can force Li Zhu to use that. As far as I know, he prepared that for you guys. Zhou Yuan’s situation doesn’t look good.” he said with a half smile.

Qin Lian and Dong Ye didn’t respond and just cast a glance in the distance, and their attacks turned even fiercer. 

However, a hint of concern and worry emerged in the depths of their eyes.

If Zhou Yuan couldn’t withstand Li Zhu’s assault, their situation could turn even more troublesome. 

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