Chapter 1106 Su Youwei’s Strength

Li Zhu stood atop a tree as the giant blood puppet behind him exuded a monstrous evil aura and a terrifying power.

He stared at Su Youwei with a puzzled frown because, in his perception, Su Youwei was weaker than Zhou Yuan. Moreover, she was only at the intermediate Heavenly Sun stage.

She dares interfere in a battle of this level with her strength?

“The new generation of Heavenly Sun experts in Hunyuan Heaven are all so arrogant!” said Li Zhu indifferently. "My puppet doesn't know how to be gentle with a woman. If you don't want to die an ugly death, I advise you to stay still. I don't want to mistakenly kill you and have to explain it to Wang Xuanyang.”

Su Youwei ignored him and tilted her head while looking at Zhou Yuan. "Your Highness, do you want to see my Heavenly Sun?”

Zhou Yuan was indeed a little curious. Su Youwei was born with a Yin Yang Qi Dwelling and had refined the so-called ten Divine Dwellings after reaching the Divine Dwelling stage. Zhou Yuan was curious to know what bizarre things would happen after she broke through to the Heavenly Sun stage.

As Su Youwei folded her fair little hands together, waves of astonishing Genesis Qi abruptly rippled out from her body. 

Behind her, two Heavenly Suns emerged as Genesis Qi rose into the air.

Surprised expressions crossed both Zhou Yuan’s and Li Zhu’s faces.

This was because they found that Su Youwei’s Heavenly Suns were neither glass nor colored, but black and white, like yin and yang disks. They seemed mysterious and unpredictable! 

The black and white suns slowly rotated, like two yin and yang fish chasing each other.

“What kind of Heavenly Suns are those?    

Zhou Yuan was a little dumbfounded because it was the first time he saw someone with black and white Heavenly Suns.

However, as Zhou Yuan thought more about Su Youwei's Yin Yang Qi Dwelling, a light dawned on him. Su Youwei was born compatible with yin and yang, and in a sense, her and Wang Xuanyang's Genesis Qi were the same.

However, the class between the two differed hugely. 

Su Youwei's Yin Yang Genesis Qi was innate and natural and drew upon the most origin power between heaven and earth. On the other hand, Wang Xuanyang seized a woman's yin qi to strengthen his yang qi. His Yin Yang Qi was too inferior to even be compared to Su Youwei’s.

Zhou Yuan intently stared at the black and the white Heavenly Sun behind Su Youwei because he vaguely noticed something was on them. But he couldn't identify what it was with the naked eye, and so, after hesitating for a moment, he finally activated the Decoder Saint Rune.

As the Saint Rune swirled in the depths of his eyes, he finally saw some familiar-looking patterns on Su Youwei's Yin Yang Heavenly Suns.

They were dragon runes.

Dragon-Claw Heavenly Suns!

The corners of Zhou Yuan’s mouth twitched. There are also dragon runes on Su Youwei’s Heavenly Suns, which means hers are also Dragon-Claw Heavenly Suns! But hers are rarer because there are transformations of yin and yang on her Dragon-Claw Heavenly Suns. 

To be precise, her Heavenly Suns should be called Dragon-Claw Yin Yang Heavenly Suns!

"What a mouthful,” Zhou Yuan murmured. Through his Decoder Saint Rune, he could clearly spot three complete dragon runes on Su Youwei’s Heavenly Suns, indicating her Dragon-Claw Heavenly Suns were at the three-claw level, which was slightly lower than his.

But even so, it was still terrifying. After all, this was the first time Zhou Yuan had seen anyone other than him reach such a level.

Qin Lian hadn’t even reached one claw.   

Based on that, her Heavenly Sun should be considered an innate Dragon Claw Heavenly Sun with boundless potential, Zhou Yuan couldn’t help sighing emotionally as he stared at the beautiful and elegant girl in front of him. Who could imagine the miserable and desperate look that this remarkable girl had when Zhou Yuan first met her?

As he thought back to the thin little girl dragging her seriously ill grandfather in the torrential rain and sobbing in front of a clinic, his heart still ached.

"It seems that even if my Sacred Dragon Blessing was taken away, I’m still very lucky,” Zhou Yuan said suddenly with a smile.

Su Youwei’s big, bright eyes blinked puzzledly.

He added, "Otherwise, how would I have run into you back then?”

Su Youwei bit her lips and smiled sweetly. Zhou Yuan's figure was clearly reflected in her clear eyes, as though engraved into the depths of her spirit.

"Your Genesis Qi foundation should be around the level of 1.6 billion,” said Zhou Yuan after sensing the strength of the Genesis Qi exuding from Su Youwei's body. “But that level isn’t enough to fight the blood puppet.”

"Your Highness, don't worry. I have a secret method that supreme sovereign Zixiao specially created for me,” Su Youwei chuckled, her eyes and brows curving like a child showing off her favorite toy.

She swiftly folded her hands in a seal, and her fingertips glowed with specks of mesmerizing light. 

“Yin and Yang Unite!"    

As her voice faded, the two Yin Yang Heavenly Suns began to fuse, and when they completely merged, the strength of the Genesis Qi being emitted from Su Youwei's body soared.

1.7 billion, 1.8 billion, 1.9 billion…   

In the end, it soared to the level of 2.2 billion!

An increase of 600 million!    

Even Zhou Yuan inhaled sharply. This increase is too terrifying.

"It's a pity that my secret method can only last a short while,” remarked Su Youwei regretfully.

"Be content." Zhou Yuan rolled his eyes.

Su Youwei giggled. "Your Highness, I'll make a move first.”

She soared into the air with a slight graceful movement, and under Li Zhu's somewhat sullen gaze, a waterfall of Genesis Qi blasted towards the blood puppet.

Now that Su Youwei's Genesis Qi had soared to the level of 2.2 billion, which was still a little weaker than the blood puppet, the gap between them had mostly closed.

Therefore, Li Zhu didn’t dare to let his blood puppet be careless. With one thought, the blood puppet unleashed a deafening roar, and its tremendous body turned into a mountain-like shadow and shrouded Su Youwei.


They collided in midair, resulting in an explosion of shock waves and rumbles of thunder.

There was a clear difference in size between the two, but the blood puppet still didn’t have much advantage over Su Youwei.

When Zhou Yuan saw Su Youwei handling the blood puppet with ease, he finally retracted his gaze and smiled at Li Zhu. "It seems that your two-against-one strategy has failed.”

Li Zhu glanced at Zhou Yuan and said indifferently, "After I capture you, she’ll realize that all her resistance is meaningless.”

Li Zhu folded his arms and peered down at Zhou Yuan. Su Youwei’s strength had indeed surprised him, but nothing more. A foundation of 2.2 billion couldn’t change the situation.

The battle on his side was the most important. He believed Zhou Yuan wouldn’t be able to endure the absolute suppression of his 2.6 billion Genesis Qi foundation.

Zhou Yuan simply grinned in response to Li Zhu's contemptuous look.

"Actually, she interrupted me before I even finished speaking.”

Li Zhu scrunched his brows.  

As Zhou Yuan twisted his neck, the Heavenly Yuan Brush’s Promotion Rune gradually grew brighter.

“Who said—

“A foundation of 2.3 billion Genesis Qi stars was my limit?”

Li Zhu's pupils suddenly shrank when he saw a strange teasing expression spread over Zhou Yuan's face.

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