Chapter 1105 Two Against One?

Li Zhu’s sudden appearance ruined Zhou Yuan’s plan to encircle and suppress Wang Xuanyang.

Ranked seventh on the Hunyuan Heaven’s Heavenly Sun List, Li Zhu was just ranked behind Qin Lian, which means his strength shouldn’t be underestimated.

Dong Ye wrinkled his brows and immediately glanced at Zhou Yuan. "You won’t hinder us, will you?”

If Li Zhu captured Zhou Yuan, Qin Lian would hold back attacking, and the situation would turn disadvantageous for them. 

Seeing Dong Ye's questioning gaze, Zhou Yuan didn't answer her and instead asked, "Can you two deal with Wang Xuanyang?”

Although Dong Ye was ranked third on the Heavenly Sun List and Qin Lian sixth, and their combined strength almost equaled Wang Xuanyang’s, Zhou Yuan knew that Wang Xuanyang wasn’t easy to deal with.

Dong Ye and Qin Lian exchanged a glance and saw a rather solemn look in each other’s eyes. Although Wang Xuanyang’s behavior was disgusting, they had to agree his strength was remarkable.

Among all Heavenly Sun experts of their generation, only Wang Xuanyang could pose a little threat to Guan Qinglong. This point alone was enough to show Wang Xuanyang's tyrannical strength. Therefore, even if they joined forces against Wang Xuanyang, they still wouldn’t dare to say that they had an absolute chance of winning.

Seeing the two women’s expressions, Zhou Yuan pursed his lips. It seems they aren’t confident in winning. I have to get rid of Li Zhu as soon as possible and assist them.


Wang Xuanyang smiled at Zhou Yuan, cold killing intent gleaming in the depths of his eyes. Immediately after, his figure soared into the sky and charged into the distance.

"Li Zhu, I leave him to you.”

As soon as he moved, Dong Ye and Qin Lian erupted in Genesis Qi and pursued him.

After several breaths, a frightening Genesis Qi storm raged in the distance, and the ground quaked violently. The fight between the three had started, and terrifying Genesis Qi rapidly tore the entire mountain range apart.

Li Zhu didn't glance at the battle in the distance. He smiled at Zhou Yuan. "I heard that Xu Ming was defeated in your hands at the nine regions tournament?”

Zhou Yuan stared at Li Zhu and said, "If you don't want to follow in his footsteps, I suggest you leave. We will pretend we never saw you here.”

Li Zhu chuckled, shaking his head. There was some contempt and mockery in his eyes as he stared at Zhou Yuan.

"What? Grand elder Zhou Yuan wants to drive me away with just words? Unfortunately for you, a grand elder’s authority doesn’t have any effect on people from the other regions.”

Frightening Genesis Qi shock waves spread out from Li Zhu’s body, and three glass Heavenly Suns emerged behind him. Even the nearby ice trees crumbled under the pressure of Genesis Qi, turning into swirling ice crystals.

A foundation of 2.3 billion!

As soon as Li Zhu made a move, he revealed his Genesis Qi foundation, which was only slightly less than Qin Lian.

Li Zhu tilted his head and said, "When I saw you fighting Qianhu before, your Genesis Qi foundation skyrocketed to 2.3 billion, isn’t that right? It is amazing. When you reach the advanced Heavenly Sun stage, I believe only Qinglong will be able to suppress you. But unfortunately, you won't have that opportunity.”

Li Zhu folded his hands into a seal at lightning speed. The strings of beads on his wrist strangely penetrated his flesh, and then his Genesis Qi foundation suddenly soared.

2.35 billion, 2.4 billion. It finally stopped at the level of 2.5 billion.

It was evident that Li Zhu had activated a secret means to increase his Genesis Qi foundation.

As the 2.5 billion Genesis Qi stars erupted, they quaked and cracked the ground nearby. Standing atop a tree, Li Zhu peered down at Zhou Yuan and said indifferently, "No matter how great your potential is, that is the future. At least right now, you aren’t qualified to act tyrannical in front of me.”

Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes. It was as he expected: none of the people on the Heavenly Sun List were easy to deal with. Qianhu wasn’t even on the same level as Li Zhu.

"Do you think that’s all my trump cards? No, you are wrong.” Li Zhu didn’t stop after unreservedly displaying his Genesis Qi foundation. He looked pitifully at Zhou Yuan. "The rankings on the Heavenly Sun List haven't changed in a long time because I haven’t exposed all my strength. With the trump cards I currently have, even Qin Lian might not be able to suppress me.”

As he slowly lifted his hand, his palm suddenly split, blood streamed down, and a red bead made of unknown material rolled out. 


The blood-red bead constantly expanded with the wind, like a mass of flesh squirming. After just a few breaths, it grew to a ten-foot-tall blood-red giant.

The giant exhaled blood-red mist, and its body was covered with complicated markings. The most astonishing thing was that the Genesis Qi exuding from its body also reached the level of 2.3 billion!

Zhou Yuan’s expression tensed up. He could tell that it should be a puppet, but it was very rare to see a puppet possess such powerful Genesis Qi.

"This is the Life Core Blood Puppet of my Yaogui Region. It has been nourished within my flesh for many years and now finally possesses some combat power. What do you think? With your strength, how can you go up against my Life Core Blood Puppet and me?”

Zhou Yuan nodded. It was no wonder why Li Zhu was so confident. Given his strength and his Life Core Battle Puppet, he wouldn’t be inferior to even Qin Lian.

"You are already weaker than me, and now you have to fight against two. What are you going to do?" Li Zhu sighed, looking pitifully at Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan couldn't help chuckling seeing Li Zhu's arrogant face. "Who said I—”

“Who said he was fighting against two alone?”   

Zhou Yuan was startled because he didn't say that. He turned his head and saw a beautiful and graceful figure standing behind him. That slender figure and sweet smile—who else would it be besides Su Youwei?

Su Youwei blinked her beautiful eyes at Zhou Yuan and said teasingly, "Your Highness, there is no one else here. You wouldn’t mind if I steal some of the limelight, right?”

She tilted her head slightly, pointed her beautiful finger to the blood-red puppet, and said with a smile, "I won't disturb you playing with him, but let me deal with that puppet!”

Zhou Yuan looked at Su Youwei, who was gazing at him in anticipation.

Su Youwei looked forward to fighting alongside Zhou Yuan because she hadn't experienced that feeling in many years.

As Zhou Yuan looked at the face that was much more beautiful and graceful compared to the past, his many memories in the Great Zhou Empire flooded out from his heart, bringing him bursts of warmth.

So, he nodded with a smile.

“Do you want to race to see who gets rid of their target first?”

Su Youwei's clear and mesmerizing eyes suddenly shone in the dim light of night, and a smile uncontrollably bloomed on her lips like a flower as she nodded vigorously.


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