Chapter 1104 Wang Xuanyang’s Backup


When the icy voice containing thick killing intent echoed throughout the mountains and forests, a gush of waterfall-like snow-white Genesis Qi roared towards Wang Xuanyang.

It was obvious that the sudden attack startled Wang Xuanyang a little. He stood there blankly till a gush of cold air assaulted his face, and he snapped out of his shock. 

A jet of black-and-white Genesis Qi spurted from his opened mouth, forming a shield of light in front of him.  


The icy torrent of Genesis Qi and the black-and-white shield collided. 

Frost spread like lightning across the ground, instantly turning the nearby sea of trees into crystal-clear ice trees.

Wang Xuanyang swiftly drew back and slid across the frosted ground. He immediately swung his sleeves to steady his body as he stared in the direction of where the attack came from. His expression changed abruptly, and his brows wrinkled in a frown. “Dong Ye?”

Under his intent gaze, a figure shrouded in frost walked out from the darkness, and a pair of eyes pierced Wang Xuanyang like icicles.

"Wang Xuanyang, how dare you stretch your disgusting claws toward someone of my Zixiao Region?!" Dong Ye's eyes were full of killing intent. She knew of Wang Xuanyang's purpose of coming, so she naturally burst into anger.

Wang Xuanyang rolled his eyes and lifted his hand. “Dong Ye, if I say this is a misunderstanding, would you believe me?”

The corners of Dong Ye’s lips curved into an icy and determined sneer. “From now on, in Guyuan Heaven, your Wanzu Region is my Zixiao Region’s enemy.”

The smile on Wang Xuanyang's face faded. He had never expected Dong Ye’s stance to be so firm. Once she said this, they would have to fight to the death.

He narrowed his eyes, a dangerous and chilling aura flowing around his eyes. “Dong Ye, you are the Zixiao Region’s leader. You can't act so wilfully. Do you know what consequences your actions could bring?

"Have you considered the safety of your thousands of Zixiao Region team members?”


However, Dong Ye blasted out and responded to his threat with a torrent of icy qi. She reached into the torrent and pulled out a crystal-clear jade bow.


Dong Ye drew the bow at lightning speed. An icy arrow shot out with incredible speed and disappeared into thin air in a flash. When it reappeared, it was already in front of Wang Xuanyang.


Wang Xuanyang coldly snorted and threw out a punch. Black-and-white Genesis Qi rapidly flowed around his fist. A seemingly simple punch caused space to crack. It was obvious how terrifying his Genesis Qi foundation was. 

Wang Xuanyang's fist collided with the icy arrow, distorting the fabric of space.

But just as the arrow was on the verge of being destroyed, its shape abruptly changed into an ice chain, and it shot out like a bolt of lightning. It coiled around Wang Xuanyang's body like a white python, binding him firmly. 

Dong Ye's face was icy-cold as she pulled the bowstring. Icy Genesis Qi swiftly gathered on the bowstring, and faintly, a white glass image seemingly formed on the ice arrow.

“White Glass Genesis-Sealing Arrow!”


As the bowstring vibrated, icy white glass roared through space, aiming directly at Wang Xuanyang who was bound by the ice chain.

The White Glass Genesis-Sealing Arrow was one of Dong Ye’s strongest attacks. Once it struck, the extremely cold Genesis Qi would penetrate one’s body and seal one’s Genesis Qi, thereby weakening one’s strength.


But when the Genesis-sealing arrow pointed towards Wang Xuanyang, he emitted a low sneer, and a special flame blazed around his body.

The flame was milky-white, fierce and burning hot.

The flame cleanly incinerated the ice chain the moment it appeared.

He raised two fingers into the air, and a flame gathered at his fingertips. Then, a beam of flame shot out with a boom, colliding with the Genesis-sealing arrow. In the end, both were annihilated.

“Dong Ye, although your ice Genesis Qi can freeze everything, it has no effect on me, unfortunately for you. My Little Sun Flame was refined over the years by collecting yin and replenishing my yang. It is best suited to deal with women like you.”

Wang Xuanyang collected women’s yin to strengthen his yang qi, and when his yang qi flourished, he refined the so-called Little Sun Flame. Once the flame invaded a woman's body, it could cause her blood to boil, her body to burn, and her organs to incinerate.

"Let me try it on you too!” 

But when Wang Xuanyang's voice faded, space suddenly tore apart, and another slender figure flashed out, swinging down a scarlet blade.

Wrapped in boundless blazing qi, the crimson blade slashed towards Wang Xuanyang's head. As the blade came slashing at Wang Xuanyang, it ripped deep marks in the ground.

“Qin Lian?!”

Wang Xuanyang’s pupils shrank rapidly when the familiar sparrow’s cry rang out. However, before he could think too much, he quickly unfolded his black-and-white jade fan and sent two beams of black-and-white light through the air. The two beams transformed into a pair of black-and-white scissors.


The scissors fiercely collided with the Scarlet Sparrow Blade, and a berserk Genesis Qi shock wave erupted.

Qin Lian's strong and beautiful figure blasted back, and she steadied herself atop a crystal-clear ice tree. She pointed her Crimson Sparrow Blade at Wang Xuanyang as she looked at him with an icy stare.

Wang Xuanyang’s face darkened as he looked at the two women.

It was normal to see Dong Ye, but Qin Lian's appearance made him feel a hint that this was a scheme.

This was clearly a trap targeted at him.

But how did they know that I would attack Su Youwei today?


"It seems the Zixiao Region and the Tianyuan Region are planning to join forces. The second and sixth on the Heavenly Sun List have joined forces to try to eliminate me?” Wang Xuanyang peered into the darkness in another direction. “There’s also grand elder Zhou Yuan, isn’t that right?”

There, he felt a faint fluctuation of Genesis Qi. A figure slowly strode out from the darkness, staring indifferently at Wang Xuanyang. It was Zhou Yuan.

"Haha, what a line-up," Wang Xuanyang sneered. "But can I ask, how do you know about my movements?”  

Zhou Yuan clenched his hand, and the Heavenly Yuan Brush appeared in his grip. He said indifferently, "You’re going to die. Why ask about this?”

Since they had already acted, they needed to eliminate Wang Xuanyang to avoid future trouble.

The black-and-white jade fan in Wang Xuanyang's hand quivered, and his narrowed eyes glinted cold and sinisterly. "Zhou Yuan, although your ambush surprised me, you shouldn’t underestimate my ability. Do you really think I’m an idiot? Do you think I would be unprepared?" 

A jade tablet appeared as Wang Xuanyang stretched out his hand. He crushed it casually.

When Zhou Yuan, Dong Ye and Qin Lian heard his words, their expressions tensed.

To think Wang Xuanyang came prepared!

And just a few seconds after Wang Xuanyang crushed the jade tablet, Zhou Yuan and the others felt a wave of Genesis Qi erupt from afar and quickly approach them.

A few seconds later.

A figure descended from the sky and landed atop a tree.

Zhou Yuan’s and the others’ expressions changed when they saw who it was.

Li Zhu from the Yaogui Region!

This was unexpected to all of them. No one thought Wang Xuanyang would secretly contact Li Zhu and ask him to come!

"Wang Xuanyang, you are in big trouble." Li Zhu frowned as he analyzed the situation.

Wang Xuanyang shrugged. “Fell into a trap.”

"Li Zhu, I will deal with Dong Ye and Qin Lian. You only need to capture Zhou Yuan.”

Qin Lian said in an icy voice, "Li Zhu, do you want to join the fight between our three regions? If you intervene, you will become an enemy of my Zixiao Region.”

However, Li Zhu's expression remained unchanged in the face of their threats. Evidently, he had considered that long ago. “Since I have chosen to join forces with Wang Xuanyang, I naturally won’t be threatened by you.”

He shifted his gaze to Wang Xuanyang. "Just deal with Zhou Yuan? That's fine, but if the Zixiao Region and the Tianyuan Region are angered, you have to double the reward.”

Wang Xuanyang raised his brows and said, "No problem.”

He immediately grinned at Zhou Yuan, Qin Lian and Dong Ye.

"Now, we can have some fun tonight.”

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