Chapter 1103 Setting the Trap

In a valley tens of thousands of miles away from Zhou Yuan and the others, tents were set up everywhere.

On the highest point of the valley, Wang Xuanyang peered into the distance and fanned himself with a black-and-white jade fan. After a while, he opened his mouth and said, "Are all the secret sentry posts around the Zixiao Region set up?”

“All set up. Any team leaving the Zixiao Region territory will be under our control," Qianhu, who had one arm broken, replied in a low voice.

Wang Xuanyang nodded with a satisfied smile, and his eyes gleamed lustfully. "Su Youwei is a superb furnace. If we can seize her yin source, it will benefit me greatly. But it’s a pity that we have to operate in complete secrecy and clean up well afterward. We have to get rid of her in the end. Otherwise, it would be enjoyable to have her around.”

Qianhu said after some hesitation, "I'm worried Dong Ye will go crazy then.”

"If we do things cleanly, she can't do anything to me even if she has her suspicions." Wang Xuanyang smiled.

"Wu Yao from the Wushen Region is also excellent, but Guan Qinglong seems to have a thing for her. That guy shouldn’t be messed with, so it’s best not to anger him for the time being.”

Wang Xuanyang licked his lips, and a sinister smile curved up at the corners of his mouth. "But if we can collect those two yin sources, Guan Qinglong might not be able to do anything to me afterward…"

Qianhu looked a little terrified. After all, Guan Qinglong, who was ranked number one on the Heavenly Sun List, was too powerful. Even someone as fierce as Qianhu feared Guan Qinglong from the bottom of his heart. 

Wang Xuanyang shot a glance at him, contempt flashing across his eyes. Waving his fan, he strode down the mountain.

"Remember to report any updates to me." 

While Wang Xuanyang waited, six days passed.

But he wasn’t anxious at all. Dong Ye valued Su Youwei very much and wouldn’t let her out; however, Wang Xuanyang didn’t believe she could lock her in all the time. After all, Su Youwei had also come to Guyuan Heaven to search for opportunities, not to be a prisoner.

And it was indeed as Wang Xuanyang thought.

On the ninth day, a message arrived. 

"The Zixiao Region will search for a low-class vein, and a veteran advanced Heavenly Sun expert will lead the team as Su Youwei assists…"

In the camp, as Wang Xuanyang read the scroll in front of him, his eyes fixed fiercely on Su Youwei's name. Then, he stretched out his finger and stroked it gently with a drunken look.

"Little beauty, you will soon fall into my hands. I hear you have a good relationship with Zhou Yuan. Haha, that’s even better…"

He flicked his sleeve, got up and walked out of the camp. At that moment, stars were dotting the night sky like grains of sand.

However, Wang Xuanyang was in no mood to admire the stars or moon. Black-and-white light flowed around his body as he vanished into thin air.

But when Wang Xuanyang disappeared, a figure sitting cross-legged that he didn’t see opened his eyes. It was Zhao Mushen.

A strange arc curved his lips as he peered in the direction that Wang Xuanyang had left.


A team of more than 300 people from the Zixiao Region was stationed somewhere in the mountains. The clusters of campfire broke up the dim light of night. 

Su Youwei stood gracefully on the hill where the camp was set up. Her slim and beautiful figure was even more captivating in the hazy night. Her eyes flickered like stars over the forest shrouded by the dark night.

The leader of her team was a veteran advanced Heavenly Sun expert from the Zixiao Region, and their mission during the trip was to capture a low-class ancestral qi vein in the mountain range.

Of course, this was only what it appeared on the surface.   

Their real goal was to lure out Wang Xuanyang.

However, they had stayed in the camp for a few days, yet there were no signs of Wang Xuanyang. He had to be secretly checking whether there was any danger. But Zhou Yuan and Dong Ye were both extremely well prepared, so how could Wang Xuanyang detect their presence?

The two sides were like hunters eyeing the same prey, except that one of the hunters didn’t know that the prey had already cooperated with the other hunter.

In truth, Su Youwei wasn’t too angry that Wang Xuanyang was after her because her mind was only focused on the fact that Zhou Yuan had come to protect her the moment he knew someone wanted to harm her.

"His Highness still cares about me…"

Under the dim light of night, the beautiful girl secretly pursed her lips and smiled. Her flirtatious expression mesmerized everyone in the camp, be it male or female.

It was at that moment Su Youwei suddenly felt an extremely hot gaze fixate on her in the dark night.

Su Youwei pursed her little red lips, but a chilling murderous intent flashed across the depths of her eyes. 

Wang Xuanyang is indeed here!    

As the campfires blazed, Su Youwei suddenly felt that the noisy camp had become quieter. She narrowed her beautiful eyes and shifted her gaze to the camp. All figures stood in the same spot, and their eyes were clearly open, but there was a dead, lifeless look on everyone’s face.

"Poisoned..." Su Youwei's face turned icy-cold. “When did this happen?”

Su Youwei smelled a whiff of a very faint aroma emitted from the burning campfires.

Wang Xuanyang must have put poison into the campfires without anybody knowing

The strange scent also penetrated Su Youwei’s nose, and even if she held her breath, it still invaded her body. However, the poisonous gas had no effect on her. Su Youwei circulated her Genesis Qi and completely dissolved the poison.

A surprised voice sounded from the darkness. "Huh? You dissolved my Spirit Confusion Fog? Only extremely high-grade Genesis Qi can do that. And even among the grade-7 Genesis Qi, only a very few of the top Genesis Qi types can just barely withstand its effect. But no one could dispel the poison as fast as you.”

Su Youwei peered coldly in the direction the voice sounded from and saw a figure slowly emerge from the dark. Black-and-white light flowed around his body, making him appear illusionary and difficult to perceive.  

But Su Youwei was relieved to see him. It was Wang Xuanyang!

Since he’s here, senior sister Dong Ye won’t get mad at His Highness, Zhou Yuan.

Su Youwei stared coldly at Wang Xuanyang, but she didn't want to say even half a word to him because she found him disgusting.

Wang Xuanyang didn't mind the look of disgust in Su Youwei's eyes. He drew in a long whiff, seeming intoxicated by the delicate fragrance coming from Su Youwei’s body.

He smiled. "Miss, the scenery is beautiful, and the time is perfect. Would you like to spend the night with me—?”

But before Su Youwei said anything, a woman filled with murderous rage blasted through the mountains and forests. At the same time, Genesis Qi accumulated in space and transformed into an icy white glass roaring towards Wang Xuanyang.

"Wang Xuanyang, go to your Wanzu Region to find a dog to spend the night with you!”

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