Chapter 1102 Join forces

“What does it say?” Qin Lian asked anxiously when she felt murderous intent emitting from Zhou Yuan's body.

Zhou Yuan silently passed the parchment to Qin Lian. Her expression changed abruptly after taking a look. Since Su Youwei has come to our camp to find Zhou Yuan several times before, it’s clear the two have a very close relationship, and now Wang Xuanyang plans to attack Su Youwei?

“Who delivered the message?” Zhou Yuan asked.    

Qin Lian shook her head. “I don’t know. The person who received it never saw who it was.”    

She pondered for a moment and said, “Could it be fake? Could someone be trying to lure you into fighting Wang Xuanyang?”

"It's possible, but I'd rather believe that it's true. If he really does something to Su Youwei, we must prevent it from happening. Otherwise, it will be too late if something were to occur.”

A chilling light flashed across Qin Lian’s eyes. “Given how Wang Xuanyang is, it’s possible that he is lusting after Su Youwei. Also, his Yin Yang Peach Blossom Fan is said to evolve with a female’s yin source. Many women have been ruined in his hands.

"But I heard that Dong Ye from the Zixiao Region thinks highly of Su Youwei, and Wang Xuanyang also disgusts her. So is Wang Xuanyang not afraid of Dong Ye retaliating?”

Zhou Yuan said indifferently, "We only learned about this incident because someone notified us. If Wang Xuanyang acts cleanly and cleans up well, he can throw the blame to other heavens.”

In the past month, as the ancestral qi veins within a radius of 100,000 miles were found, all forces began to disperse and move to other areas. But they ran into forces from other heavens along the way. Therefore, if Wang Xuanyang did a clean job, Dong Ye might not be able to do anything to him, unless she didn’t care about starting a war with the Wanzu Region team led by Wang Xuanyang.

Zhou Yuan pondered for a moment and said, "But we can discuss this matter with Dong Ye. If we join forces, we could set a trap for Wang Xuanyang. He is vicious and sinister and would stoop to anything. Since a feud has already formed, it’s best to get rid of him as soon as possible.”

Qin Lin looked surprised at Zhou Yuan, "You want to join forces with Dong Ye?”

Immediately after she asked the question, she said teasingly, "But I heard that she’s very dissatisfied with you.”

“I don’t know her and have never offended her, so why would she be dissatisfied with me?”

Qin Lian smiled. "It's because of Su Youwei. She’s too outstanding, and Dong Ye thinks extremely highly of her. She thinks that your presence will prevent Su Youwei from focusing on her own cultivation.”

Zhou Yuan shook his head helplessly. "If she values Su Youwei so much, there’s a high chance she will join forces with us.”

While discussing, the two walked out of the cave and noticed the sunset glow over the horizon. They were on a lush green hill, and all around were endless seas of forests. There were many tents on the top of the hill, and on the highest part was a small Qi Observation Platform.

This was the Tianyuan Region’s new base. A Genesis Rune boundary was faintly visible, blocking everyone's Genesis Qi undulations.

The camp was very lively. People constantly came and went, and from time to time, teams returned from afar.

Now that everyone was more familiar with Guyuan Heaven, when the Qi Observation Platform detected low-class ancestral qi veins, Zhou Yuan and Qin Lian didn’t necessarily need to set out. Instead, they left it to Bian Buji, Han Jinhe and the others to handle.

However, if a middle-class vein was discovered, one of the two was still needed.

"Which direction is the Zixiao Region’s new camp?" Zhou Yuan asked.

Qin Lian said, "The southwest. It should take us a few days from here.”

She looked at Zhou Yuan and said, "You don't plan to go alone, do you? I think even if Dong Ye agrees to join forces with you, you two might not be able to defeat Wang Xuanyang.” She folded her arms. "So you have to take me with you too.”

Zhou Yuan hesitated for a moment and said, "This is a personal matter, so it won’t be good for you to help, and someone needs to stay behind with the Tianyuan Region team.”

Qin Lian shook her head. “The Tianyuan Region has a deep feud with the Wanzu Region, and Wang Xuanyang is a hidden danger. If we can eliminate him, it will be much safer for us to act in the future. As for this place, we can tell Bian Buji and the others to temporarily stop searching for ancestral qi veins and focus on defense, just in case.”

Zhou Yuan was a little moved to see Qin Lian insisting on going with him. He knew she was worried about him traveling alone, so he finally agreed, "Then I will explain it to Bian Buji and the others later. We will set off secretly and head to Zixiao Region’s territory.”

Qin Lian nodded.    

Zhou Yuan and Qin Lian arrived in the Zixiao Region’s territory a few days later.

If Wang Xuanyang was really after Su Youwei, he would set up hidden sentry posts, so they avoided coming in a grand way and alarming anyone.

Qin Lian and Dong Ye were acquainted, so they secretly contacted Dong Ye when they arrived.

A camp in the Zixiao Region’s territory.

Sitting on the upper seat, Dong Ye looked at the parchment in her hand. Her cheeks, which were always shrouded in frost, almost froze, and her eyes turned biting cold.

Su Youwei stood gracefully behind Dong Ye and also saw the words on the parchment, but she didn't show much anger. Instead, she smiled cheerfully as she gazed at the young man who brought the notice.

After a while, Dong Ye raised her head, studied Zhou Yuan and Qin Lian with a cold gaze, and said indifferently, “Is this fake? You want to drag my Zixiao Region into the battle between your Tianyuan Region and the Wanzu Region?”

Zhou Yuan smiled. “I would rather this be fake so that at least Youwei won’t be in danger.”

Dong Ye glanced at Su Youwei, and seeing the captivating smile blooming on Su Youwei’s beautiful and pure face, she immediately felt a little uncomfortable and snorted, “A smooth tongue.”

However, this matter concerned Su Youwei, so she didn’t dare to ignore it. She said after deep thought, "Even if Wang Xuanyang really has such an intention, I just need to take Youwei with me everywhere. Why do I need to join forces with you to get rid of him?”

Zhou Yuan shook his head. “How can someone forever guard against thieves? What if there’s a mistake? The safest way is to directly get rid of the source of evil.”

Dong Ye sneered, “Who do you think Wang Xuanyang is? Neither Qin Lian nor I can defeat him alone. You think you’re qualified to go up against Wang Xuanyang because you defeated Qianhu?”

Su Youwei's clear voice suddenly sounded, "Senior sister, you told me that His Highness Zhou Yuan's strength isn’t bad and that he is worthy of being number one among his peers.”

Dong Ye's frosty cheeks suddenly stiffened, and she swept an annoyed glance over Su Youwei. Which side is this girl on?

Dong Ye pursed her lips and glared at Zhou Yuan. "Don't be so smug, your strength and talent are indeed outstanding among your peers, but as for number one among your peers, Youwei is still better than you.”

Dong Ye said proudly, “Our supreme sovereign favors junior sister Youwei and has trained her personally. Youwei just likes to keep a low profile. Otherwise, she would have already taken away half of your radiance.”

Zhou Yuan looked at Su Youwei in surprise, who frantically waved her little hand.

“Then I have to congratulate you." Zhou Yuan smiled happily. In truth, he wasn’t too shocked. Su Youwei was born with the Yin and Yang Qi Dwelling, and she later possessed the incredibly rare ten Divine Dwellings when she reached the Divine Dwelling stage. All this showed her outstanding talent and potential. Moreover, she was favored by the Zixiao Region’s supreme sovereign, whose ability was much more profound than Zhou Yuan’s senior brother Zhuan Zhu. Although Su Youwei was only at the intermediate Heavenly Sun stage like Zhou Yuan, her ability couldn’t be calculated with common sense since she had received a supreme sovereign’s training.

Su Youwei blinked playfully. "With His Highness, such a remarkable person, in front of me, how could I not work hard?”

But before she could say anything more, Dong Ye stood in front of her, blocking the gaze between Zhou Yuan and Su Youwei.

Dong Ye looked expressionlessly at Zhou Yuan. She was silent for a moment before she finally said indifferently, “What you said makes sense. I can't always watch Youwei. Fine, I will find the opportunity to arrange it. If Wang Xuanyang really takes the bait, we can join forces this one time. I originally didn't want to intervene in the matter between you two, but since Wang Xuanyang dared to lust after someone from my Zixiao Region—”

The chilling look in Dong Ye's eyes almost froze the air, and her voice turned as cold as ice.

"I’ll tear him to pieces and feed him to the dogs!”

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