Chapter 1100 One Month

In a bright and spacious cave.

Zhou Yuan sat cross-legged on a boulder. He slowly opened his eyes after half a day. Bright light surged in his eyes, and the Genesis Qi exuded from his body was much more tyrannical than before.

“My Genesis Qi foundation has reached 1.95 billion…"

White qi spewed from his mouth like an arrow, shot into the wall, and immediately blasted a bottomless black hole in the cave.

As Zhou Yuan felt the Genesis Qi within his body, a satisfied smile bloomed on his face. It had been almost one month since he came to Guyuan Heaven.

During the past month, the forces from Hunyuan Heaven had rooted out the ancestral qi veins within hundreds of miles of the city. Of course, conflicts that resulted from that were inevitable.

Some forces even got into brutal fights for the ancestral qi veins.

Even the nine regions didn’t stop that kind of dispute. Of course, they also couldn’t stop it because there were not enough ancestral qi veins to go around, and so, fights were unavoidable. Only those with real strength enjoyed more opportunities.

Does that mean the nine regions benefited from this rule?

During that one month, under Zhou Yuan and Qin Lian's leadership, the Tianyuan Region had great harvests. They undoubtedly avoided many problems with the help of the Decoder Saint Rune’s mysterious power.

As a result, Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi foundation had rocketed from 1.86 billion to 1.95 billion.

An increase of 90 million was unbelievable anywhere in Hunyuan Heaven. 

In addition to the improvements in his Genesis Qi foundation, Zhou Yuan had also gained many ancestral qi treasures.

Zhou Yuan lightly patted the spatial bag around his waist, and a dozen streams of light shot out and turned into jade boxes that hovered around him

There were 25 jade boxes, each containing an ancestral qi treasure.

This was what Zhou Yuan had harvested in the last month.

With the flick of his finger, Zhou Yuan slowly opened up all the jade boxes, and brilliant colors suddenly bloomed. The ancestral qi treasures emitted a mysterious aura that turned all Genesis Qi within the cave thick and heavy. 

Zhou Yuan stared captivated at the little treasures. He couldn't get bored looking at them no matter how long he stared at them.

But his gaze soon turned melancholic as he retracted it. This was because he had hidden these treasures for a month but it was time to feed his two little brats. The two little brats also seemed to sense that he had a lot of treasures on him, and they had created many disturbances during this period.

The Silver Shadow wasn’t bad and kept to the rules, but the Heavenly Yuan Brush was a cunning old fox. Every day, Zhou Yuan felt his Divine Dwellings being turned upside down. The brush even went on strike when Zhou Yuan wanted to activate it during a battle.

Zhou Yuan was both angry and amused by this. He had to give a little face to the former Saint treasure.  

"There are a total of twenty-five ancestral qi treasures here. How are you going to share them?" Zhou Yuan muttered.

The moment he finished speaking, snow-white hair broke out from his left hand, wrapped around the jade boxes in lightning speed and pulled out the ancestral qi treasures in them.

And from Zhou Yuan's right hand, silvery liquid gushed out in the shape of a silver chain and competed for the ancestral qi treasures.

But how could Silver Shadow be a match for the Heavenly Yuan Brush? Its silver chain was directly crushed when it occasionally touched the Heavenly Yuan Brush.

In the end, the Heavenly Yuan Brush won 20 treasures, while Silver Shadow only got five.

At that moment, Zhou Yuan felt the Silver Shadow release an aggrieved ripple.

“You're a Saint treasure; how can you bully your little brother like that?" Zhou Yuan couldn't help but say fairly.

The Heavenly Yuan Brush possessed an extraordinary spiritual intellect and naturally understood Zhou Yuan's meaning. So, after a moment of hesitation, it reluctantly tossed out five ancestral qi treasures.

Silver Shadow quickly took them. Although it had a much weaker spiritual nature than the Heavenly Yuan Brush, it still released a faint wave of excitement.

The Heavenly Yuan Brush paid no attention to it and withdrew into the Divine Dwellings to refine the new ancestral qi treasures.

Silver Shadow obediently followed.

Zhou Yuan smiled with anticipation. I wonder what sort of changes the Heavenly Yuan Brush and Silver Shadow will undergo after they swallow all those ancestral qi treasures. 

So he didn’t leave right away. Instead, he sat cross-legged, waiting for the final result.

He waited for an entire afternoon.  

When the glow of a warm sunset appeared over the horizon, Zhou Yuan felt the vibrations within his Divine Dwellings stop. But to his disappointment, the Heavenly Yuan Brush didn’t change much after swallowing 15 ancestral qi treasures, except that its mottled body had become deeper and the eighth Genesis Rune had turned brighter.

"It's really not that easy to awaken the eighth rune." Zhou Yuan sighed. It was a pity. There were as many powerful experts in Guyuan Heaven as the number of clouds. Without counting the experts from the other regions, Wang Xuanyang alone was already troublesome enough for Zhou Yuan.

Wang Xuanyang had restrained himself during that one month, but Zhou Yuan still constantly remained vigilant.


Just when Zhou Yuan was about to get up and end his cultivation session, he felt a slight vibration within his Divine Dwellings. His countenance immediately changed, and he lifted his hand into the air. 

Silver liquid seeped out of his palm and turned into a silver sphere suspended in midair.

Naturally, it was Silver Shadow.  

Zhou Yuan stared at it in astonishment, as he could faintly feel some special changes within Silver Shadow. Additionally, its smooth surface was covered with faint runes.

The drastic change that Zhou Yuan had anticipated hadn't occurred in the Heavenly Yuan Brush, but in Silver Shadow. 

Zhou Yuan stretched out his finger and gently stroked the silver sphere. He could distinctly feel an indescribable connection with it.

The moment Zhou Yuan's finger touched the silver sphere, ripples suddenly appeared with buzzing and humming. Then, Zhou Yuan saw a stream of silver liquid flow out from the sphere. 

The silver liquid continued to flow until it formed a human-shaped silhouette. 

The silver human silhouette grew increasingly clear, and when the final figure completely formed, Zhou Yuan's eyes snapped wide. The silver body in front of him was identical to him in its appearance and figure, except for its silver color!

Most importantly, Zhou Yuan felt a particularly tyrannical fluctuation of Genesis Qi within its body. If it were measured in terms of Genesis Qi stars, he felt that the human figure formed by Silver Shadow should possess at least a foundation of around 1 billion Genesis Qi stars.

A look of astonishment crossed Zhou Yuan's face. If Silver Shadow was previously only considered an object with little spirituality, now it was truly alive.

Silver Shadow had undergone earth-shattering changes after its transformation.

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