Chapter 110 End of the War

Outside the main city gate, Zhou Qing stood in the air, flames burning and lightning cackling on the Nine Flames Spear in his hand. The powerful pressure that flooded out from his body was akin to a storm as it engulfed the land.

As countless people gazed upon this figure, they seemed to once again see the dignified king of the Great Zhou Empire at its peak.

“King Zhou Qing!”

“King Zhou Qing!”

Innumerable cheers filled with reverence exploded from the city walls, almost bursting one’s eardrums.

Joy flooded Zhou Yuan’s eyes as he gazed at Zhou Qing’s mountain-like back. Overcoming the shadow in his heart meant that his strength would gradually recover, something that made Zhou Yuan sincerely happy. 

“Father, you did not lose to king Wu. The baby you gave everything to protect has now began to grow up.”



While Great Zhou’s morale had skyrocketed, Great Qi’s had completely crumbled. Even Qi Yuan had a frightened look on his face as he yelled for them to withdraw.

A split second after giving the signal, he was the first to shoot away, hoping to escape.

The Zhao Tianlun trio also beat a frightened retreat. Zhou Qing’s strength had reached the five layer level, making none of them his match.

“Stop them. Since you’ve decided to come, don’t even think of leaving.” Zhou Yuan’s eyes flashed coldly when he saw them flee.

Wei Canglan and the Black Venom King nodded in acknowledgement before immediately giving chase.

In the air, Zhou Qing coldly looked over, his gaze locking onto Qi Yuan as his grip around the spear slowly tightened.

He indifferently said, “I allowed you do as you please in the Great Zhou Empire for the past few years. Allow me to personally correct all of these mistakes today.”

Vigorous scarlet-red Genesis Qi surged around him as the faint sound of rumbling thunder echoed, giving off an imposing pressure.


Zhou Qing took a step forward, his figure transforming into a streak of scarlet that headed straight for Qi Yuan.

Qi Yuan’s expression immediately turned to terror when he sensed this. Without the slightest hesitation, he pushed his Genesis Qi to the limit and frantically fled.

However, the current Zhou Qing was much stronger than before, far surpassing a three layer Alpha-Origin like Qi Yuan. Thus, it only took several breaths for Zhou Qing’s figure to appear right behind the latter.

Zhou Qing was expressionless, the long spear in his hand akin to a dragon of fire and lightning, rippling the surrounding space as it dove towards Qi Yuan.

The ferocity of the attack caused Qi Yuan to be filled with horror. Metallic runes of light exploded from the sword in his hand as he frantically poured Genesis Qi into it.


Qi Yuan thrust his sword. All of his Genesis Qi had been poured into this very strike and it could be said to be deadly without equal.


However, it was as if lightning exploded the moment the spear tip touched the sword as a surge of astonishing power cackled.


Space violently warped and rippled. Qi Yuan let out a miserable cry as the Black tier Genesis sword in his hand disintegrated.

Terrified, he hastily shouted, “I surrender your majesty, I surrender!”

Unfortunately, the only response was a decisive fatal thrust from Zhou Qing’s spear. With a squwelch, it pierced Qi Yuan’s heart. Violent blazing Flame-Thunder Qi crazily poured into Qi Yuan’s body, scorching away everything inside in a short few breaths.

The terror on Qi Yuan’s face turned rigid at this moment. He grasped the spear that had penetrated his chest, his eyes staring at Zhou Qing as he mumbled, “Zhou Qing… king Wu will not let you off!”

Zhou Qing was expressionless. With a jerk of the spear, Qi Yuan’s body fell from the sky, his life fully extinguished.

“King Qi has been executed. Kill everyone who does not surrender!” Zhou Qing’s icy voice thundered across the battlefield.

The morale of the originally fleeing king Qi army hit rock bottom when they heard of king Qi’s death. Countless individuals fell to their knees and cast off their weapons and armor, making the ground look like a complete mess.

The Alpha-Origin Zhao Tianlun trio were surrounded by Zhou Yuan, Tuntun, Wei Canglan and the Black Venom King, each of the trio cutting a more sorry figure than the previous.

While Zhao Tianlun was evading, he angrily shouted, “Zhou Qing, don’t push it! If you kill us, king Wu will not let you off!”

“Even if I do not kill you lot, neither king Wu nor myself will let this matter rest!” Zhou Qing let out an icy chuckle. With a swing of the spear in his hand, he too joined the encirclement. The Alpha-Origin Zhao Tianlun trio were quickly defeated and subsequently killed after a dozen exchanges.

Three Alpha-Origin experts fell one after another, their blood spraying onto the ground below. Countless individuals in the Great Qi rebel army shuddered as they lay on the ground, not daring to make even the smallest of movements.

The imperial guard surged out from the city like a flood and swiftly took control of the battle field.

It was at this very moment that the flames of rebellion were finally smothered.

The many residents inside the city exploded into earth-shaking cheers when they saw this.

“All hail the king!”

“All hail the prince!”

Amongst cheers that filled the sky, Zhou Qing landed on the city wall, his only arm holding the Nine Flames Spear as a smile appeared on his determined face. The gloominess that had entrenched itself between his brows for far too long had completely vanished.

After this battle, the king of Great Zhou from many years ago had finally returned.

“Congratulations father. You will surely ascend to your peak again after dispelling the shadow in your heart.” The silver armor Zhou Yuan also landed and grinned at Zhou Qing.

“Yuan’er, I really have to thank you this time.” Zhou Qing sighed. If not for Zhou Yuan, victory would have been Qi Yuan’s even without the king Wu Imperial Decree.

Moreover, Zhou Qing would naturally not receive the chance to break free of the shadow in his heart.

Zhou Yuan smiled before he turned towards the corpses of Qi Yuan and the rest. “Although we managed to suppress king Qi’s rebellion, news of this will definitely spread to king Wu’s ears.”

There was a little graveness in his eyes. Though Qi Yuan and the rest had been troublesome to deal with, they were a problem that could be solved. In comparison, the Great Wu Empire was akin to a giant mountain crushing down upon the Great Zhou Empire’s heart, and was an extremely dangerous entity.

The current Great Wu Empire was enjoying a golden age of prosperity and had numerous powerful practitioners. The Great Zhou Empire was far too weak in comparison.

Zhou Qing slowly said, “The Great Wu Empire is currently occupied with other top tier empires such as the Sword Empire and has no time to worry about us for the time being. As long as I recover my strength, any petty tricks they try will not be able to affect us.”

“However… when they are finally able to find some time to deal with us, I’m afraid that they will attempt to deal a fatal blow to the Great Zhou Empire.”

Zhou Yuan nodded. Soon after, he chuckled and said, “It seems that we still have a little room to breathe…”


Suddenly, he heard a faint crack. His eyes narrowed when looked down and saw the crack that had appeared on the silver ring on his finger.

“I used up so much power that even the Genesis artifact has been damaged.”

Zhou Yuan let out a bitter laugh. He could feel his Spirit gradually begin to weaken as a piercing pain erupted. He knew that this was the repercussions of forcibly strengthening his Spirit to use Silver Shadow.

“Father… I’ll be leaving the subsequent clean up to you.”

The silver armor on Zhou Yuan’s body began to melt, transforming back into silver liquid as his body was revealed. His complexion was frighteningly pale, while the spot between his brows had become very dim.

“Yuan’er?” Zhou Qing was alarmed by this appearance.

Zhou Yuan no longer had any strength to reply. His eyelids gradually lowered, darkness completely engulfing his vision as his body fell to the ground.

Right before he passed out, Zhou Yuan helplessly sighed in his heart.

“Still too weak…”

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