Chapter 1099 Impress with Power

When Zhou Yuan snatched away the second map fragment, the whole world fell silent. Not only were the other second strongest from the various regions shocked by Zhou Yuan’s strength, but the onlookers were also awed.

It was then that they finally understood why Zhou Yuan could become the leader of the Tianyuan Region team. In the past, they always thought Zhou Yuan was the leader due to his status as grand elder. But now, it seemed he was more than qualified.

Given his foundation of 2.3 billion, he could compete with the no. 1 Heavenly Sun experts from the other eight regions.

The most terrifying thing was that Zhou Yuan was still at the intermediate Heavenly Sun stage.

They couldn't imagine what level Zhou Yuan’s strength would reach once he broke through to the advanced Heavenly Sun stage. Wouldn't he be able to challenge even Quan Qinglong's position then?

Zhao Mushen watched expressionlessly. Although he already felt that Qianhu might not be able to deal with Zhou Yuan, he didn’t think Zhou Yuan could defeat him in one punch.

Zhao Mushen had also broken through to the intermediate Heavenly Sun stage with the opportunities in Guyuan Heaven. His cultivation speed was considered quick and abnormal among his peers, and without Zhou Yuan's existence, he would have, as he did in the past, looked at the people in his generation with disdain.  

“He must have used some secret method to increase his potential to 2.3 billion. His true Genesis Qi foundation should be around 1.5 billion to 1.7 billion." Zhao Mushen’s eyes flashed. But even so, Zhou Yuan was still stronger than him. 

But he wasn’t dispirited; instead, he was full of fighting spirit.

He believed in his potential and knew that he could soar to the sky and surpass Zhou Yuan as long as he was given enough opportunities. 

This was what Zhao Mushen was best at. The Taotie Blessing had brought him many miracles. He was ordinary, but once the opportunity came, the others would know who the true dragon is. 

“Zhou Yuan, I will surpass you in Guyuan Heaven!”   

Zhao Mushen slowly retracted his gaze. The dazzling radiance that his entire body once exuded seemed to have faded completely.

“Zhou Yuan, you’re brave!”   

While everyone was struck dumb by Zhou Yuan's strength, Wang Xuanyang’s face darkened, and anger filled his eyes.

He fixed Zhou Yuan with a cold stare as black-and-white Genesis Qi erupted and flowed around him like yin and yang fish. A frightening Genesis Qi pressure pervaded the air as though to directly suppress Zhou Yuan with a mountainous force.

As the terrifying Genesis Qi enveloped Zhou Yuan, Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes because he felt that the pressure was similar to when he suppressed Qianhu with his Genesis Qi pressure.

The Genesis Qi foundation that Wang Xuanyang displayed was at least 2.5 billion!

“Wang Xuanyang, you dare!” 

But that pressure only lasted for a few breaths before Qin Lian's enraged voice resounded. She clenched her fist, and the Scarlet Sparrow Blade flashed out, exploding with Genesis Qi. The blade slashed through the air, aiming for Wang Xuanyang.

Wang Xuanyang coldly snorted. As he stretched out his hand, the black-and-white Genesis Qi in his palm turned into a round black-and-white shield several meters tall and wide.


He brought the shield up to block the Scarlet Sparrow Blade, causing violent ripples.

Qin Lian's pretty face was icy cold, but a scarlet rune suddenly emerged in the center of her brows. Then, a pair of scarlet light wings extended out from her back, and at the same time, her Genesis Qi foundation skyrocketed.

Astonishingly, it reached the level of 2.5 billion.

Zhou Yuan raised his brows. Qin Lian had indeed concealed her trump cards. 


Beating her scarlet light wings, Qin Lian sped towards Wang Xuanyang like a ghost and hurled down a rain of blades. 

Wang Xuanyang’s eyes turned sharp and icy. His black-and-white jade fan, also shrouded in black Genesis Qi, collided head-on with the countless blades. 

In just a few breaths, the two fought hundreds of rounds. Space trembled violently, and the intensity of the battle was much fiercer than the match between Zhou Yuan and Qianhu.


But just as he almost struck, a black-and-white halo of light flashed out from behind and obstructed him.

Wang Xuanyang's eyes grew sharp. He turned his head and saw Zhou Yuan treading on air and clasping the Heavenly Yuan Brush. Genesis Qi surged all around him, and it was clear he intended to join hands with Qin Lian to deal with him.

Zhou Yuan indeed had this plan. He wanted to see how strong Wang Xuanyang was.

However, just when he was about to launch another attack, his body froze, and he felt a strange aura lock him to the spot. He immediately tilted his head slightly and saw a figure hovering in the air. 

It was a grey-haired man with a very ordinary appearance. He wore a gentle smile, and a number of strange beaded chains were draped around his neck and wrists.

Zhou Yuan recognized the man’s identity from the beads. 

The man was from the Yaogui Region. 

He was Li Zhu, the no. 1 expert of the Heavenly Sun stage in the Yaogui Region.

The Yaogui Region and the Wanzu Region had always had a close relationship. When the Wanzu Region manipulated the top five forces to besiege the Tianyuan Region, the Yaogui Region also secretly assisted them. Therefore, it wasn’t strange that Li Zhu appeared to prevent Zhou Yuan from joining forces with Qin Lian.

“Grand elder Zhou Yuan, you have had enough of the limelight. Just stay here now," Li Zhu said with a smile.

Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes, and the top of his Heavenly Yuan brush shone coldly.

"If grand elder Zhou Yuan hasn't played enough, I can accompany you." Li Zhu smiled faintly. A string of beads slid off from his wrist and rapidly enlarged. In a flash, it transformed into a silver iron man of over ten feet tall.

The huge silver body was engraved with ancient runes and constantly absorbed the universe Genesis Qi. The giant exuded an intimidating and imposing aura.

All forces turned a little excited when they saw Li Zhu join the battle. They didn't expect Li Zhu from the Yaogui Region to choose to make a move at such a time. It was obvious he came to assist the Wanzu Region.

On the Zixiao Region’s side, Su Youwei gently tugged the corner of Dong Ye’s sleeve.

Dong Ye glanced at her helplessly. How could she not know what Su Youwei was thinking?

Su Youwei smiled. "Senior sister, you lost the bet. Since you agreed to the bet, you must accept the loss.”

Dong Ye sighed. She originally planned to watch the show, but it seemed that Su Youwei didn't intend to let her. However, it wasn’t good for the situation to continue. After all, they were all considered the same team in Guyuan Heaven, no matter what grudge they had.

She strode forward, and a stream of snow-white Genesis Qi similar to white glass gushed out of her sleeve and froze the air around Li Zhu.

Dong Ye's sudden attack drew countless bewildered gazes.

Even Li Zhu frowned slightly. He didn’t understand why the Zixiao Region would suddenly intervene.

Dong Ye met his gaze and pointed to the distance. “Are you guys planning to start a war here?”

Many people followed where her finger pointed to and saw thousands of figures from two sides charging towards each other in a threatening manner.

They were the Tianyuan Region and the Wanzu Region teams who were rushing over upon receiving the news.

The leaders of the other regions also nodded when they saw this and immediately acted. Genesis Qi filled the air and directly separated Wang Xuanyang and Qin Lian.

Wang Xuanyang and Qin Lian were both propelled backward.

Zhou Yuan appeared behind Qin Lian, whose body was shrouded in spiraling scarlet qi. However, he could feel the Genesis Qi within Qin Lian’s body was agitated and that she was wounded in the battle against Wang Xuanyang.

Wang Xuanyang’s strength surprised Zhou Yuan a little.

Wang Xuanyang threw an angry glance at Zhou Yuan and Qin Lian before turning around. He said nothing.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes flashed coldly as he watched Wang Xuanyang leave. That guy has repeatedly targeted the Tianyuan Region. He really is an unstable danger. If there’s a chance, I will eliminate this trouble as soon as possible.

But this wasn’t a simple matter. Even if he and Qin Lian joined forces, they might not be able to kill him.

Qin Lian had already used a secret technique, but she still didn’t have the upper hand. Wang Xuanyang indeed deserved the second spot on the Heavenly Sun List.

Zhou Yuan's eyes flashed. He felt he would have much more confidence if Silver Shadow completed its transformation with the ancestral qi treasures in Guyuan Heaven.

Zhou Yuan peered down at the map fragment in his hand and pursed his lips.  

He hoped to acquire more ancestral qi treasures. The two little brats in my Divine Dwellings have such huge appetites.

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