Chapter 1098 One Punch


The heavy hammer roared towards Zhou Yuan's head amidst solemn gazes, and the fabric of space showed signs of crumbling. 

Hovering in midair, Zhou Yuan indifferently watched the tiger hammer wrapped in destructive force swing towards him. He slowly clenched his hand and raised his fist.

His punch, simple and unshowy, differed greatly from Qianhu’s incomparably fierce attack. 

Many onlookers inwardly shook their heads, and their gazes towards Zhou Yuan turned sympathetic. Zhou Yuan would survive if he fled, but he’s unwilling to retreat and instead wants to face the attack head-on!

Does he want to die?!   


Under many pitiful gazes, the tiger hammer slammed into Zhou Yuan’s fist as if it were a mountain. Space seemed to shatter, and frightening shock waves wreaked havoc like a storm.

However, everyone watching soon froze one after another because they found that the scene of Zhou Yuan being crushed didn’t happen as they had expected. 

Zhou Yuan was still standing in the void, motionless.

His fist was touching the tiger hammer as frantic ripples appeared throughout the weapon. In the end, cracks spread throughout the hammer, and it burst into flecks of light in the sky. 

The air seemed to still.  

Countless people were speechless, including Qianhu. His ugly face was crossed with utter disbelief. He couldn’t understand how his full-strength attack had failed to push Zhou Yuan back half a step and how Zhou Yuan’s punch had shattered his hammer.

What kind of strength is this?!    

"How is this possible?!" The scars on Qianhu's face squirmed like centipedes. There was a horrified expression within his ferociousness.

Amidst countless amazed gazes, two Heavenly Suns loomed behind Zhou Yuan, and a powerful wave of Genesis Qi swept out like a storm. Genesis Qi pressure enveloped all the onlookers.

A foundation of 2.3 billion!   

As soon as such a foundation was revealed, gasps rang out in rapid succession from the city. Even the countenance of the number one experts from the other eight regions changed.

A foundation of 2.3 billion couldn’t and mustn’t be ignored!

Even Guan Qinglong stared in deep thought at the two Heavenly Suns behind Zhou Yuan.

Wang Xuanyang’s face darkened because he finally understood the meaning behind Qin Lian's words.

But…how is this possible?  

How can Zhou Yuan possess such a Genesis Qi foundation?!

Wang Xuanyang's eyes were dull and lifeless. Could he have means that could temporarily increase his Genesis Qi in large amounts? He naturally knew how Zhou Yuan had defeated Lu Qing in the Heavenly Sun Tower.

But he didn’t expect that Zhou Yuan’s special method would not weaken after Zhou Yuan broke through to the intermediate Heavenly Sun stage, let alone become even stronger.

It should be said that many secret methods that temporarily raised one’s Genesis Qi foundation had huge and clear effects in the initial Heavenly Sun stage, but their improvement reduced as one's Genesis Qi foundation increased. 

“How is this possible?!” Qianhu couldn’t help but roar out loud. The fierce glint in his eyes intensified, and a tiger pattern appeared on his body. His anger was almost palpable.

“Tiger Demon Transformation!”

He roared like a tiger, but Zhou Yuan interrupted his roar, laughing and saying, “You struck me with a hammer, so I will return it with a punch. How does that sound?” 

"Before Zhou Yuan’s laughter faded, Zhou Yuan strode forward.


With that step, a boundless and endless Genesis Qi pressure enveloped Qianhu from all directions, like a mountain crushing him. Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi foundation, which exceeded Qianhu’s by 200 million, forcibly suppressed Qianhu’s roar and pressed on his heart and blood.

“The Great Flame Devil.”   

Red runes suddenly surfaced on Zhou Yuan’s skin, and waves of hot qi spread out from his body and distorted the air around him. As the red qi rose, his eyes gradually turned red. A terrifying and berserk force roared in his body and eventually flooded all his limbs and bones.

Zhou Yuan's face was completely devoid of expression as he balled his hands into fists. Snow-white hair swiftly spread over his hands, becoming white gloves.

“Genesis Breaker.” 

The snow-white hair instantly turned a jet-black color and flashed with a deep, dark, sharp luster.

“Million Whale.” 

Space vibrated as an ancient whale cry resounded and several ancient giant whale silhouettes wandered in the air like swimming fish.


Zhou Yuan punched out.   

In Qianhu’s eyes, that punch was as though thousands of ancient whales were pouncing toward his face. Its terrifying force made the fear in Qianhu’s heart multiply like weeds.

However, Qianhu was regarded as the second strongest among the Wanzu Region’s Heavenly Sun experts, and he knew that if he retreated, it would be hard for him to escape. Retreating would also place a shadow of fear in his heart and make it difficult for him to continue cultivating.

He bit his tongue and spat out a mouthful of blood. The blood splattered on his body and caused his tiger stripes to redden. His body also grew larger and became like a peerless fierce tiger.

Qianhu roared and balled his giant hand into a fist, forming a fierce force behind his attack. He gathered all his strength and met Zhou Yuan's fist speeding towards him.

The aura flowing between heaven and earth seemingly stilled.

The two fists collided.   

However, the collision only lasted for a few breaths. A blood-red color filled Qianhu's face, and he spat out a mouthful of blood. His entire arm burst into a foam of blood.


His body flipped upside down as it blasted back like a cannonball. He slammed into the ground and tore a deep ditch. In the end, his body was buried, and it was unknown whether he was alive or dead.

The audience fell utterly silent. Everyone stared dumbstruck. Zhou Yuan had defeated the widely-known second strongest Heavenly Sun expert from the Wanzu Region with a single punch!

Those still battling couldn’t help but pause their fight and glance at Zhou Yuan in bewilderment. Intense fear began to form inside them. 

Even Bai Chuchu frowned as she studied Zhou Yuan solemnly.

Everyone thought that Zhou Yuan was a pushover, but now it seemed he was a giant crocodile in sheep's clothing and could swallow even a tiger like Qianhu with one bite!

Facing the deathly silence, Zhou Yuan didn’t have a ripple of expression on his face. He slowly retracted his fist, and without casting a glance at Qianhu, who was unconscious, he reached out to grab the map fragment of a middle-class ancestral qi area.

"This map fragment, my Tianyuan Region will take it.”

His tone was indifferent, but the second strongest figures from the other regions were utterly silent, and no one dared to object. Zhou Yuan had proved his qualification to take the map fragment with his strength. As a result, the second of the five map fragments fell into Zhou Yuan's hands.

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