Chapter 1097 Qianhu

The giant light image was like the refraction of light and was suspended in the air. The 14 ancestral qi areas shrouded in cloud-like yellow qi were everyone’s focus.

While several forces slowly moved back and relinquished their space, the top experts from the nine regions emitted terrifying Genesis Qi pressure. Then, almost all of the nine regions’ top experts simultaneously sped out! Genesis Qi erupted from them like huge waves surging into the sky, and their figures shot out like lightning but didn’t touch one another. They tacitly scattered, each speeding towards a middle-class ancestral qi area. 

All the watching parties had already predicted the top experts’ decisions, so they just turned away after a glance. The real competition would be for the five extra middle-class areas that would appear next.

Their wait wasn’t too long.

On the Wushen Region’s side, a white figure suddenly shot out after Guan Qinglong acted. It was a woman in a white training robe. With a beautiful appearance and a slender figure, she looked like a pretty daughter from a humble family, but when she made a move, many top-tier Heavenly Sun experts trembled with fear. 

She was Bai Chuchu from the Wushen Region, second only to Guan Qinglong on the Wushen Region’s team!   

With a slight movement, she raced towards a middle-class ancestral qi area as eight figures from the other regions rose into the sky. Mighty Genesis Qi raged like a storm.

"Bai Chuchu, if you want to take this area, you have to ask me first!”

Just as Bai Chuchu stretched her hand towards a map fragment, a thunderous roar resounded as a figure appeared in front of her like a ghost. The figure directly aimed a palm strike at her. Under that palm, a sea of blood raged and engulfed everything as it passed. Its momentum was terrifying.

The person intercepting her was a man in a red robe. His face was icy and arrogant. He was the second strongest Heavenly Sun expert from the Xuehai Region, Zhu Chilian.

Bai Chuchu just chuckled and thrust her slender hand out in response to Zhu Chilian's interception. Then, her little hand showed signs of transforming into jade, a glowing white jade.

Her jade-like hand looked delicate and beautiful, but as it struck out, even the void quaked violently and a piercing whistle seemed to resound through the air.


Bai Chuchu and Zhu Chilian collided head-on. Genesis Qi shock waves erupted, shattering the fabric of space around them. But Bai Chuchu’s elegant body only quivered a little, whereas Zhu Chilian was blasted back.

Faint wisps of blood qi rose from Bai Chuchu's head as she smiled indifferently. "Zhu Chilian, your Omni Palm Strike of the Blood Sea is much worse than your senior brother’s.”

Zhu Chilian assumed a serious expression as a jade light eroded his hand and turned his arm into jade. He could only fiercely stare at Bai Chuchu as he circulated his Genesis Qi to dissolve the white jade Genesis Qi that had invaded his body.

Bai Chuchu simply smiled and ignored him. She reached out to grab the map fragment of a middle-class ancestral qi area.

The first person to win a map fragment was a region’s second strongest Heavenly Sun expert.

The exchange between the two happened and ended at lightning speed. Meanwhile, several figures raced towards the remaining four map fragments. It was clear that none intended to provoke Bai Chuchu, who was seemingly harmless but extremely dangerous.

Countless people suddenly noticed a figure rushing out from the Tianyuan Region team. The figure immediately drew gasps and exclamations.

“They sent out Zhou Yuan?!”   

“Are there no other people in the Tianyuan Region?!”    

“Perhaps the grand elder wants to be in the limelight again.”

“Then he came to the wrong place!”   

Zhou Yuan's expression remained indifferent amidst the sniggering. He cast a glance at Bai Chuchu from the corner of his eyes, surprised by the terrifying aura she exuded when she fought Zhu Chilian.

But for the time being, he didn't plan to go up against Bai Chuchu. Instead, he faded into a shadow and reappeared in front of a map fragment. He stretched out his hand and was about to grab it. 

“Trash, is this something you can touch?!” A sinister laugh filled with hostility resounded above his head.  

“It’s Qianhu from the Wanzu Region!"  

“He really is targeting Zhou Yuan!”    

This scene drew countless eyes.  


The person who had appeared above Zhou Yuan was Qianhu from the Wanzu Region. He fiercely stared at Zhou Yuan like a tiger eyeing its prey, and there wasn’t a hint of politeness in his tone. He opened his mouth wide, and incomparably fiendish red Genesis Qi spiraled up from his body, forming a gigantic tiger head above his head!

The tiger opened its bloody mouth.


Qianhu erupted with incomparably fierce Genesis Qi. The Genesis Qi was dark red and rumbled with tiger roars, shaking the world and one’s Spirit.

“Tiger Demon Roar!”  

The sound waves from the tiger’s roar were visible to the naked eye and were wrapped in a power that could shatter one’s Spirit. The waves directly raged towards Zhou Yuan.

Qianhu’s Tiger Demon Roar was domineering and could shatter one’s Spirit if it struck. Even if someone withstood the attack, they would be rooted to the spot for a moment, which would allow Qianhu to launch an even more deadly attack.

This was a means Qianhu often used. It was unknown how many enemies had lost their lives to him in the past. 


The sound waves roared towards Zhou Yuan with a thunderous momentum. Zhou Yuan’s body stiffened as though he was frightened to the spot by the tiger’s roar.

Qianhu's ugly face turned even more hideous and terrifying. “What grand elder are you? Given your ability, it seems the Tianyuan Region is deteriorating!”

Three glass Heavenly Suns emerged behind Qianhu, and a terrifying Genesis Qi pressure filled the air. It drew the attention of the other regions’ second strongest experts who were in a fierce battle.

A Genesis Qi foundation of 2.1 billion! 

Even Bai Chuchu cast over an astonished gaze and muttered to herself, “That ugly tiger’s strength has grown again. I can’t believe he reached that level.”

Given Qianhu’s foundation of 2.1 billion, even she would struggle to deal with him.

“Does the grand elder from the Tianyuan Region have any ability? He’s so easily frightened by Qianhu’s tiger roar. He really doesn’t deserve to be a supreme sovereign’s disciple.”


Qianhu’s Genesis Qi foundation of 2.1 billion erupted. He balled his huge hand into a fist, and dark-red Genesis Qi rapidly gathered and transformed into a giant hammer engraved with numerous tiger patterns.

The hammer resembled an enraged tiger demon swallowing the sky.

“Little Saint Art, Tiger Demon Chaos Cloak!”   

Qianhu had used an incomparably fierce killing move. It was evident that he had no intention of giving Zhou Yuan any chance to counterattack. The giant hammer smashed down, shattering even space.

Countless eyes were filled with shocked horror. Even at their distance, they could feel the power of Qianhu's ultimate killing move.

“Qianhu is ruthless. He plans to kill Zhou Yuan with one strike!”

Qin Lian cast a glance over from afar, and her eyes flashed when she saw Qianhu's violent offensive.

Before she could make a move, she felt a chilling murderous intent lock onto her. As soon as she lifted her gaze, she saw Wang Xuanyang. He was grasping a map fragment in one hand and gently fanning himself with a black-and-white jade fan in the other. "Qin Lian, I advise you to not act recklessly. Otherwise, don't blame me for not being gentle with you.”

The corners of Qin Lian’s lips tugged slightly upward when she saw Wang Xuanyang’s calm and confident expression. She said indifferently, "Wang Xuanyang, sometimes when someone puts their nose into something on their own initiative, they can’t blame others for stepping on it.”

The fan in Wang Xuanyang’s hand paused, and he stared at Qin Lian with narrowed eyes. "You seem to have huge confidence in Zhou Yuan.”

Qin Lian paid no more attention to him and just watched the thunder-like hammer smash down.

Wang Xuanyang said expressionlessly, “You’re just bluffing."    


Amidst gazes from all forces, the attack, resembling a tiger demon crushing a mountain with a hammer, headed for Zhou Yuan’s head with unstoppable force. 

As the hammer’s shadow enveloped Zhou Yuan, Qianhu suddenly noticed Zhou Yuan's stiffened figure seemingly move. Zhou Yuan slowly raised his head and stared at him with his seemingly lifeless eyes.

Under such a gaze, Qianhu felt an endless chill arise in his heart. The chill surprised him a little, but the ferocity in his eyes immediately intensified, and he forcibly suppressed the chill.

“You are just a mere intermediate Heavenly Sun expert. Stop pretending! No one can save you today. Die!”

Amid the ruthless roar, the heavy hammer slammed down.

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