Chapter 1095 Sharp Contrast

The next day.   

Below the Qi Observation Platform. 

A buzzing and lively atmosphere permeated the area, and the various forces that had returned to the city were gathered around discussing the harvests of their trip.

A small number of the forces beamed with smiles, and they evidently had a good harvest. But the majority were frowning about their small harvest. This was normal. It wasn't easy to find an ancestral qi vein, and without good luck, people often returned empty-handed. 

For example, didn’t the Wanzu Region return empty-handed?

Thinking of this, some couldn’t help cast mocking gazes towards the front, where the Wanzu Region team led by Wang Xuanyang looked particularly dejected.

In truth, it wasn’t particularly funny to return empty-handed. The Xuehai Region of the nine regions also didn’t have much harvest, but they weren’t ridiculed. The Wanzu Region was different because everyone knew that the area the Wanzu Region had chosen was snatched from Qin Lian’s hand.

Not only did Wang Xuanyang snatch it, but he had also despicably thrown an area towards Qin Lian in an attempt to humiliate her. But for some reason, Qin Lian had reached out and picked it up.

Qin Lian's action caused much ridicule at the time, but no one thought it would lead to such an unbelievable outcome.

The Tianyuan Region, which had originally picked an area weak in ancestral qi, came back with a tremendous harvest. Everyone could feel that every single person of the Tianyuan Region team had become stronger than when they had set off, and only the ancestral qi vein could do this. 

The Tianyuan Region’s outcome was a sharp contrast to the Wanzu Region’s even after the Wanzu Region team had snatched the area seemingly rich in ancestral qi from Qin Lian’s hand. Not only did the Wanzu Region team suffer losses, but they had also returned empty-handed. They tried to scheme against others but only ended up worse off.

No one could imagine how aggrieved and angry Wang Xuanyang was.

Under such an atmosphere, Zhou Yuan and Qin Lian slowly arrived and landed below the Qi Observation Platform, attracting many amazed gazes.

After landing, Zhou Yuan immediately cast his gaze on Wang Xuanyang’s darkened face. He said with a smile, “Brother Xuanyang, our Tianyuan Region should thank you for our harvest. I must thank you here on behalf of the entire Tianyuan Region.”

He gave a cupped fist salute as he spoke.  

The leaders of the various forces couldn't help but twitch their mouths. This guy is ruthless. It’s clear that he wants to add fuel to the fire. Is he not afraid of Wang Xuanyang going crazy? He is, after all, ranked second on the Heavenly Sun List.

And Zhou Yuan was indeed not afraid.  

He stared at Wang Xuanyang with a grin. Although they had gained a large harvest, Zhou Yuan still remembered Wang Xuanyang’s disgusting action. If Zhou Yuan weren’t there at the time, the Tianyuan Region team would have suffered from his scheming. Now, the grudge between the two sides was almost unresolvable, and if they were elsewhere, a war would have already broken out.

Therefore, Zhou Yuan had no intention of giving face to Wang Xuanyang.

As Wang Xuanyang looked at Zhou Yuan with an icy stare, light flowed around the black-and-white jade fan in his hand. He said indifferently, “Grand elder Zhou Yuan, don't take this chance to try to show off. If it weren’t for your status as a grand elder, you wouldn’t even have the right to stand here and speak. I suggest you be more cautious. There are many dangers in Guyuan Heaven, and perhaps someone won’t take your grand elder identity seriously. It would be unfortunate to die here.”

Zhou Yuan smiled. “But you, Wang Xuanyang, are the one always trying to show off. I didn't have any losses but made a large harvest. But you…your loss isn’t small this time, is it?”

Wang Xuanyang’s face darkened. “You want to die?!”

He stepped forward, and black-and-white Genesis Qi spiraled out from his body, emitting a terrifying pressure. 

But before he did anything, an indifferent voice sounded beside him, "Wang Xuanyang, it's time for the Qi Observation Platform to start up. If you don't want to choose, you can retreat with your Wanzu Region people first. And once it’s over, do whatever you want.”

Wang Xuanyang shifted his gaze to the side and saw Guan Qinglong standing with arms crossed and looking indifferently at them.

The surrounding forces also cast dissatisfied gazes over them. After all, for everyone, watching the Wanzu Region fight against the Tianyuan Region wasn’t as attractive as searching for ancestral qi veins.

Wang Xuanyang's eyes were sinister as he stared at Zhou Yuan’s half-smiling face. 

But in the end, he drew a deep breath and suppressed his anger. He knew that Zhou Yuan deliberately wanted to provoke him and that he shouldn’t do what Zhou Yuan wanted. A little setback is nothing. Guyuan Heaven has just opened. I will have an opportunity to make this so-called grand elder from the Tianyuan Region know what regret is.  

On the other side, Dong Ye from the Zixiao Region whispered to Su Youwei, “It’s not wise to anger Wang Xuanyang.”

As third on the Heavenly Sun List, Dong Ye was well aware of Wang Xuanyang's strength. Although he disgusted her, she had to admit that he possessed tyrannical strength, and if he were to go crazy, even Qin Lian couldn’t stop him. 

Su Youwei responded with a shallow smile, "Senior sister, you also thought the Tianyuan Region would come back empty-handed, but the outcome is quite different from what you said. His Highness Zhou Yuan can't be understood with common sense.”

Dong Ye pursed her lips and said, “He’s just lucky this time. But can he do this again and again?”

As a top-tier veteran Heavenly Sun expert, she looked down on Zhou Yuan and other juniors.

Su Youwei gently shook her head. From her understanding of Zhou Yuan, she knew he wouldn’t shoot an aimless arrow. Those who only thought he was lucky would never see through him. 

"Since almost everyone is here now, let's get ready to activate the Qi Observation Platform,” Guan Qinglong's resounding voice rang out.

“The Qi Observation Platform’s second detection will give better results than the first, and more areas will be detected. So after a discussion, we decided every force can choose two map fragments.”

Many forces couldn’t conceal their smiles. Their chance of encountering an ancestral qi vein would be greater with two map fragments.  


Following Guan Qinglong's order, mighty beams of Genesis Qi shot into the sky one after another and entered the white-jade mirror above the Qi Observation Platform.

Countless hopeful gazes gathered on the mirror flowing with dazzling light.

Wang Xuanyang blankly stared at the white-jade mirror, then he turned his head slightly to say to the person beside him, “This time, each force will send out two people to select map fragments. I will obstruct Qin Lian, and you will watch Zhou Yuan. No matter which map fragment he chooses, block him. Don't worry, as long as it doesn't disturb other people, it doesn't matter if you two really get into a fight.”

His eyes flashed coldly. “That so-called grand elder is enjoying his success too much, I need to calm him down, and maybe he will realize that it isn’t his turn to speak here. Can you do it?”

Wang Xuanyang stared at the man next to him. It was a man in a black robe. The man was ugly, and his face was covered with centipede-like scars. Those scars extended to the depths of his neck, and his eyes were ruthless and bloodthirsty.

This person was called Qianhu, and he was second only to Wang Xuanyang among the Wanzu Region’s Heavenly Sun experts. Anyone who fought him was always either killed or severely wounded.

A calm voice suddenly sounded, “Senior brother Wang, Zhou Yuan conceals his strength very well. If you really want to deal with him, it'd be better to take him on yourself. It might not be enough to send someone else to deal with him. Instead, you might help increase his prestige.” 

Wang Xuanyang scrunched his brows, staring at the person who had spoken. It was Zhao Mushen.

Qianhu tilted his head and glared at Zhao Mushen with bloodthirsty eyes. Then, he stretched out his hand and clapped Zhao Mushen’s shoulder. “Junior brother Zhao, do you mean I can't deal with an intermediate Heavenly Sun stage piece of trash?”

He smiled, which looked somewhat sinister. 

Zhao Mushen glanced down at the hand on his shoulder and said indifferently, “I just don't want my Wanzu Region to be ridiculed again. I have fought Zhou Yuan before. He is very difficult to deal with, so if you want to deal with him, you must use thunderous methods and force. Don’t give him any chance of reversing the situation.”

Qianhu smiled, contempt in his eyes. “Since you know you’re a loser, then shut up. I will regain all the face you made the Wanzu Region lose.”

He withdrew his hand and didn't glance at Zhao Mushen again. In his opinion, Zhao Mushen had completely lost his spirit after losing to Zhou Yuan.

Wang Xuanyang also indifferently retracted his gaze and ignored Zhao Mushen.

Seeing the two stubbornly refuse to listen to him, Zhao Mushen looked expressionless, but a hint of icy-coldness flashed across his eyes.

Two idiots.    

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