Chapter 109 Destroying the Shadow

Zhou Qing took a step forward as the scarlet-red spear pointed at the golden figure. His expression was determined, as if nothing could stop him from destroying the shadow that had been left in his heart.

“Zhou Qing ah Zhou Qing, it seems that you will not shed tears till you see the coffin.” Qi Yuan let out a sinister laugh, his eyes filled with mockery when he saw that Zhou Qing was going to take on king Wu’s projection alone.

“If you were at your peak, this Imperial Decree golden figure would not be able to do anything to you. But the current you is a mere third layer Alpha-Origin, yet you still dare to be so arrogant?”

Zhou Qing ignored Qi Yuan’s mockery. The former’s gaze was so tightly glued to the blurry golden figure that it was as if no other foe could enter his sights.

“Since you wish to seek death, I will grant your wish!”

Qi Yuan laughed icily, more than happy to watch Zhou Qing try to act tough. If Zhou Qing was killed, the advantage would be theirs again.

With these thoughts in mind, Qi Yuan shook the golden Imperial Decree. Astonishing Genesis Qi exploded from the golden figure, making it even more intimidating.

The bottom of Zhou Qing’s spear slammed into the ground. Thunder rumbled within his scarlet-red Genesis Qi as it dashed out from the top of his head.


A hundred feet long stream of scarlet-red Genesis Qi swept out and headed straight for the golden king Wu projection. The Genesis Qi was scorching and violent, burning even the surrounding air.

However, the king Wu projection did not even flinch. Instead, it shot forward as a punch was sent straight into the scarlet-red stream.


The berserk Genesis Qi was blown away by the punch, causing the scarlet-red stream to fall apart.

The power of this king Wu projection was more than enough to overwhelm any third layer Alpha-Origin.

Zhou Yuan and the rest were naturally clearly able to see this, causing worry to rise in their eyes.


The king Wu projection stepped forward, fast as lightning as numerous fist images began to engulf Zhou Qing.

Zhou Qing did not back down, choosing to match force with force!

However, the outcome a dozen rounds later was him sent flying backwards. Blood had appeared at the corner of his mouth, evidence that he had gained no advantage in the previous clashes.

“I’m afraid that Zhou Qing has gone mad.” Qi Yuan laughed coldly. It was indeed insane for a third layer Alpha-Origin to clash directly against a fifth layer Alpha-Origin.

Beside him, the Zhao Tianlun trio nodded. It seemed that Zhou Qing had been triggered by the golden king Wu projection, causing him to lose all reason.

The two figures continued to exchange blows in the sky. Zhou Qing seemed not to care how much he was being overwhelmed, continuing to relentlessly charge forward and meet the king Wu projection head-on.

Thud! Thud!

Muffled sounds echoed in the air, originating from the king Wu projection’s fists landing on Zhou Qing’s body.


Zhou Yuan’s eyes were glued to the battle in the sky, fists clenched so tightly that cracking noises were emitted.

After a few minutes, the king Wu projection was practically undamaged, while Zhou Qing’s figure now appeared exceptionally miserable, his lone arm gripping his spear as fresh blood dripped from his body.

Even with such serious injuries, the Nine Flames Spear in his hand did not tremble as it was slowly raised.

It was a tragic yet solemn scene.

However, Zhou Yuan and the rest knew that the one Zhou Qing was challenging was not the golden king Wu projection in front of him, but the shadow that had been branded in his heart when king Wu had taken one of his arms so many years ago.

Fresh blood flowed down the long scarlet-red spear as Zhou Qing looked at the king Wu projection and said in a hoarse voice,


Qi Yuan’s expression darkened somewhat. Zhou Qing’s tenacity made him a little uneasy. Hence, he immediately said in an eerie voice, “Fine, since he wants to die, I shall grant him his wish. It has been tiring for him to live in king Wu’s shadow for so long after all.”

The golden Imperial Decree in his hand jerked.

The king Wu projection paused for a moment before making a grabbing motion as powerful Genesis Qi began to gather behind it. As golden light surged, the Genesis Qi transformed into a golden wheel of light that was about a dozen feet wide.

Rays of golden light emerged from the wheel, floating in the air in front of it as each ray transformed into a golden sword made from Genesis Qi.

Swish! Swish!

In the next instant, several thousand golden swords abruptly shot forward, seemingly covering the entire sky while blocking every possible route of escape for Zhou Qing. Such an attack could be said to be a finishing move.

Golden swords filling the entire span of his vision, Zhou Qing roared, the Nine Flames Spear in his hand spinning like a fiery-red wheel. Flames and lightning twisting around it, forming a wheel of light.

Clang clang!

The swords arrived and smashed into the fire lightning wheel, astonishing Genesis Qi undulations exploding from every hit.

The scarlet-red wheel did its best to endure, but the golden swords were too many and too powerful. Several penetrated the wheel’s defences, stabbing into Zhou Qing’s body with a ‘squilch’.

A dozen breaths later, the golden swords finally disappeared.

Countless gazes were cast in Zhou Qing’s direction, only to see that his head was slightly lowered, his only arm tightly gripping the Nine Flames Spear. Golden swords dotted his body, fresh blood dripping from them.

Even with such serious injuries, his body remained as straight as a rod like the spear in his hand.

This scene shook everyone from both sides, making them incapable of speaking. Even the soldier’s of Great Qi were awed by his unretreating and fearless posture.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes suddenly reddened at this moment. He seemed to see the scene from over a dozen years ago when he had just been born, a figure standing in this same manner on the city walls, exhausting all of his power to stop king Wu.

Although he had ultimately failed, he had clearly done everything he could.

“He should soon be dead, right?” Qi Yuan’s eyes were grim as he stared at the extremely battered form of Zhou Qing. The former could feel the Genesis Qi around the latter gradually weakening.

Every gaze both inside and outside the city had converged on Zhou Qing.

Blood slowly dripped from the long spear. However, Zhou Qing’s shut eyes slowly cracked open at this moment. With a jerk of his body, the golden swords embedded in it were shattered.

His eyes seemed to become extremely dazzling at this moment, as if the many years of dirt that had obscured them was gradually being washed away.

The bloody holes on his body had also began to close.

He stared at the king Wu projection. Although he knew that it was merely an empty vessel endowed with power, he still slowly said, “The battle back then had indeed ended your victory.”

“And I had always believed that I lost to you.”

“But… I now suddenly realise that I did not lose…”

“Because I managed to protect my son’s life.”

“You may have won the lands of the Great Zhou Empire and the sacred dragon blessing… however, you will one day realise that all of these external things you have won is not even worth a single hair on my son.”

“He will definitely take everything back!”

“The battle between Zhou and Wu has not ended yet!”

The moment his final word faded, scarlet-red Genesis Qi suddenly exploded from within Zhou qing’s body like a volcano. His eyes became as glaring as the sun, while his Genesis Qi undulations began to rise!

Fourth layer Alpha-Origin stage!

Fifth layer Alpha-Origin stage!

In short span of several breaths, Zhou Qing’s cultivation had risen from the third layer to the fifth layer of the Alpha-Origin stage!

Horror immediately filled the faces of Qi Yuan, Zhao Tianlun and the rest.

“His majesty… has broken free of the shadow in his heart and his strength has gradually begun to recover!” Wei Canglan trembled as he watched, his eyes suddenly reddening.

Zhou Qing seemed to have cast off his many years of concession and tolerance, once again regaining his kingly dignity.

Just like many years ago during the golden age of the Great Zhou Empire, the king whose might made even the seas shudder.

Zhou Qing gripped his scarlet-red spear as powerful Genesis Qi erupted like a volcano. In the next instant, his figure disappeared as a streak of scarlet-red was painted across the horizon.

Speed so quick that no one could detect him.

Nine flaming pythons seemed to curl around the long scarlet-red spear while lightning danced at its tip.


Zhou Qing’s figure appeared behind the king Wu projection as a flash of scarlet pierced the golden figure’s chest. Back facing back, Zhou Qing’s hand closed around the Nine Flames Spear that landed within it.

The king Wu projection began to tremble violently at this moment. In the end, it gradually crumbled, transforming into golden light that filled the sky.


The golden Imperial Decree in Qi Yuan’s hand exploded at this moment. Behind him, Zhao Tianlun and the rest were trembling, ashen-faced as they looked up at Zhou Qing in the sky.

They never imagined that the shadow that had trapped Zhou Qing for so many years would be broken by him today through the king Wu projection!

“It’s… truly over now.”

Despair began to rise in Qi Yuan’s eyes.

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