Chapter 1088 Search for Ancestral Qi

The map fragment Zhou Yuan selected was located northwest of Hunyuan Heaven Town. The location was far away from the town, so even though Zhou Yuan and the others had traveled at full speed, it took them half a day.

And in that half a day, they had experienced an Earth Disaster while they took a rest halfway to their destination. Fortunately, everyone was already on guard, and so, when the disaster broke out, they evaded it in time and didn’t suffer too much loss. 

And as they pushed forward on their journey, Zhou Yuan and the others encountered creatures native to Guyuan Heaven. They were beast-like creatures similar to Genesis Beasts but without their spiritual intellect. Instead, they acted on instinct like beasts and were called ancient beasts.

Although ancient beasts lacked intelligence, they had something extraordinary—terrifyingly tough bodies that were cultivated throughout the many years of absorbing the universe Genesis Qi. Even top Heavenly Sun experts in the Tianyuan Region would envy their physical strength.

There were likely less than ten people in the entire army who could compete with ancient beasts in terms of physical strength. Therefore, many ancient beasts in Guyuan Heaven were tremendous and possessed the strength to flatten mountains. 

Zhou Yuan and the others had encountered a mountain-like giant beast. It had four hooves as thick as pillars, quaking the ground and mountains as it moved. Facing the beast, even Zhou Yuan felt intense danger. Therefore, they actively avoided the giant beast so as to not irritate it and lose their troops unnecessarily.

The dangers in Guyuan Heaven were evident.

After half a day of thrilling journeying, Zhou Yuan and the others arrived at the area indicated on the map fragment. It was an extremely barren mountain range with no end in sight. Huge peaks stretched up from the ground and towered into the clouds. However, there seemed to be little vitality throughout the entire mountain range. It was hard to find a fleck of green, and only bare boulders and rocks were visible. 

Everyone stared at Zhou Yuan, including Qin Lian.

Zhou Yuan broke the silence with a cough and scanned the vast mountain range. It will take a few days to explore the entire mountain range. He waved his hand and said, "Why are you all standing in a daze? Dig up the ancestral qi vein!”

Seeing him raise his voice, the Heavenly Sun troops had no choice but to shrug their shoulders and assemble into their assigned team formation and advance towards the mountain range.


As the troops acted, rumbles echoed from the mountains. Every little team circulated their Genesis Qi and turned it into a pointed spiral to drill into the ground. Deep pits appeared one after another, and the ground was riddled with holes in minutes. 

This group of Heavenly Sun experts were first-class in causing destruction. 

Zhou Yuan watched with arms folded, then shifted his gaze to Qin Lian. “Why do you keep staring at me?”

Qin Lian said snappily, “Oh mighty grand elder Zhou Yuan, I would like to ask, do you really think we can harvest anything in this place?”

Qin Lian was bitterly disappointed to the core when she had arrived at the mountain range because the place was extremely barren and didn’t look like a place rich in ancestral qi. It should be said that a place with intense ancestral qi should give birth to many ancient beasts, but they hadn’t seen even half the shadow of a beast.

Zhou Yuan smiled. “We’re here already, so let's search around first.”

Qin Lian sighed and had no other choice but to do as he said. Without saying anything more to him, she soared into the air and scanned their surroundings while keeping her guard up.  

Zhou Yuan also turned his attention to the barren mountain range. A Saint rune circulated in the depths of his eyes, but even after running his eyes over the mountains again and again, he didn’t notice any place with a large concentration of ancestral qi. 

However, he wasn’t surprised. The mountain range was too vast, and his Decoder Saint Rune couldn’t search everything at a glance. However, he believed in the Decoder Saint Rune’s power and knew that an ancestral qi vein had to be hidden within the seemingly barren mountain range.  

Moreover, when he previously surveyed this area from the white-jade mirror, he found that although the pale yellow aura was weak on the surface, there were specks of light in the depths of the ground. This strangeness wasn’t seen in the other locations, which was why he had told Qin Lian to choose this place.

“I will find you,” muttered Zhou Yuan. Placing one hand behind his back, he stepped forward. Every step he took was equal to tens of feet, and every time he took a step forward, he carefully observed the surroundings.

Rumor has it that the ancestral qi vein possessed a special spiritual intellect to seek good fortune and avoid danger, so it wasn’t easy to find. Therefore, Zhou Yuan slowly walked into the mountain range, scanning the surroundings with every step.

The great army was also in the mountains, searching carefully as they advanced. Rumbles echoed throughout the entire mountain range.

The day flew by in the blink of an eye. 

Hovering high up, Qin Lian assumed an angry countenance because they hadn’t detected the slightest trace of ancestral qi after almost an entire day, let alone the ancestral qi vein.

Mu Youlan, Bian Buji, Han Jinhe and other deputy captains also darted over to Qin Lian's side and shook their heads, indicating that they had found nothing in their areas.

Qin Lian grew increasingly annoyed.    

If they were to return empty-handed, the Wanzu Region would no doubt ridicule them. More importantly, it would be a huge blow to the troops’ morale. 

“Where’s Zhou Yuan?” Qin Lian asked.   

Mu Youlan pointed to the depths of the mountains. "I saw him go there by himself.”

When Qin Lian heard this, she transformed into a stream of light and sped into the depths. She finally saw Zhou Yuan standing on an ordinary hill after searching in the mountains for a good while, and she immediately landed next to him. 

"We have searched the entire day and found nothing.” Qin Lian stared at Zhou Yuan and said helplessly, "This time we are probably going to return without any harvest.”

But she had no intention of blaming Zhou Yuan, and instead, she said in a comforting voice, “It’s our first time in Guyuan Heaven. We don’t have much experience, so it's not surprising that we made a misjudgment. You don’t need to be upset.”  

Zhou Yuan smiled. "Don't you think this mountain range is too barren? Also, we’ve been searching for half a day, but we haven't found a single ancient beast.”

Qin Lian frowned. “That doesn't mean anything, right?”

Zhou Yuan stamped his feet and lifted his hand into the air. Suddenly, hundreds of shadows swept out and turned into stone pillars. They scattered throughout the area like nails. 

“Earth Suppression Pillar? Zhou Yuan, what are you doing?" Qin Lian exclaimed. The Earth Suppression Pillar could only be used after finding the ancestral qi vein. Their function was to suppress the vein and prevent it from escaping.  

Could it be— 

Qin Lian looked around and then felt more carefully, but she still found no signs of ancestral qi.

"Call everyone here." Zhou Yuan didn't explain too much and just instructed Qin Lian.

Although confused, Qin Lian didn't ask any more questions. She turned around and left. A moment later, there were countless piercing noises in the distance, and all troops from the Tianyuan Region gathered around the hill where Zhou Yuan was. 

However, everyone surveyed the surroundings in bewilderment because they also couldn’t feel anything strange here.

Facing the countless doubtful gazes, Zhou Yuan calmly pointed to an area. “Dig. The ancestral qi vein should be right below there.”

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