Chapter 1087 The First Battle

Seeing Qin Lian grit her teeth in anger, Zhou Yuan couldn’t help chuckling, “Don’t be angry. I think the area we chose is pretty good.”  

Qin Lian's chest heaved as she suppressed her anger. If she didn’t have to conserve strength, she would have retorted.

Only a weak, pale yellow aura lingered around the area that Zhou Yuan had chosen, and even the map fragments that hadn’t been selected were much better than it, to say nothing of the one she had her eyes on.  

Therefore, she couldn’t understand why Zhou Yuan had suddenly intervened in her choice. More importantly, Wang Xuanyang had deliberately thrown out that area to humiliate them, but they had taken the bait. This was a complete loss of face.

Didn't you see the strange expressions on the surrounding people’s faces!?

"I want to choose again!" Qin Lian clenched her teeth. She still couldn’t understand Zhou Yuan’s decision and wanted to exchange for another map fragment.

However, Wang Xuanyang said with a smile, "Qin Lian, you have already made your choice, so how can you have another chance to choose? Our nine regions were already given priority to choose first. If you insist on exchanging for another, that means you don't treat the other factions as human beings, is that true?”

Wang Xuanyang’s words were extremely vicious. Hearing this, the top forces couldn't help but look in discontent at Qin Lian. The nine regions have already snatched the best areas. Do they really not want to leave anything for us?

The nine regions are strong, but they can't be so domineering, right?

Qin Lian's pretty face was livid, and the gaze she fixed on Wang Xuanyang could freeze people like the cold winter, but Wang Xuanyang didn't care and boldly swept his gaze up and down Qin Lian's tall and slender figure.

But just when Qin Lian was on the verge of erupting in anger, Zhou Yuan grabbed her wrist and pulled her away. “Never mind, never mind.” 

After two steps, he tilted his head to look at Wang Xuanyang again and said with a smile, "If the Tianyuan Region’s trip is fruitful, maybe I have to thank you.” 

He dragged Qian Lian away. 

Wang Xuanyang wrinkled his brows as he stared at Zhou Yuan’s back. Zhou Yuan’s reaction was indeed a bit weird, but he couldn’t think of a reason for his weirdness. He sneered inwardly, That kid has unrealistic expectations.

The other regions’ leaders shook their heads. This is the Tianyuan Region's choice. They can’t blame others even if they have no harvest in the end.

Only Su Youwei’s eyes were filled with worry as she watched Zhou Yuan leave.

Dong Ye turned her head, saying, "Zhou Yuan seems clever, but he’s actually a bit stupid. I pity Qin Lian.”

Dong Ye had a keen eye and naturally could tell that Qin Lian had only chosen an unremarkable map fragment because of Zhou Yuan’s interference. She sympathized with Qin Lian because she was a good leader, but due to Zhou Yuan’s identity as grand elder, Qin Lian had lost the highest commanding power over the Tianyuan Region’s team.

It would be good if Zhou Yuan really has the ability to lead, but at the moment, he only has grand plans but little skill. He only knows how to ruin things.

Hearing her senior sister speak ill of Zhou Yuan, Su Youwei said helplessly, "His Highness Zhou Yuan won’t do useless things. He should have his own reason.”

Dong Ye pursed her lips. "I can't think of a good reason for abandoning an area with stronger ancestral qi and choosing a worse area. Watch, the Tianyuan Region's first opportunity will be wasted.”

Su Youwei didn't respond and just pressed her delicate red lips together. The worry in her eyes intensified. 


Zhou Yuan pulled Qin Lian back to where their team was, but Qin Lian was completely silent and cold along the way.

Mu Youlan, Bian Buji, Han Jinhe and the others hurriedly greeted them, but noticing Qin Lian's expression, they couldn't help asking puzzledly, “What’s the matter?”   

“Ask him!” Qin Lian shot an angry stare at Zhou Yuan.    

Zhou Yuan took out the map fragment and flicked it lightly. It stretched out in the void, and after a while, he identified the specific location. A saint rune flickered in the depths of his eyes as he studied the map. Then, he heaved a sigh of relief and chuckled, “As expected, I was right.”

He turned to Qin Lian and said with a smile, "There is more to everything than meets the eye. Even if you snatched the area that seemed rich in ancestral qi, you still might not be able to gain anything. On the contrary, in some seemingly unremarkable places, perhaps there might be unexpected gains.”

As Qin Lian looked at Zhou Yuan’s odd expression, the frost on her face slowly melted and her expression eased to a half-believing, half-doubting one. She also had some understanding of Zhou Yuan and knew that he wouldn’t shoot arrows aimlessly. He perhaps had a reason to choose that map fragment.

But she couldn’t think of the reason. 

Qin Lian pursed her lips and said helplessly, “You’re a grand elder, and I can't stop you. Just do whatever you want.” 

Zhou Yuan couldn't help chuckling, “What you said makes it seem like I'm bullying an innocent girl.”

Qin Lian rolled her eyes, and her face resumed her usual icy-cold expression. She swept a chilling gaze across him. The Tianyuan Region troops who had been watching the show shuddered and fell silent, then quickly turned away.

They knew that even if Qin Lian looked helpless in front of Zhou Yuan, she was incomparably ruthless when she was training them.

“Why are you all standing there? Immediately assemble everybody and set off!" Qin Lian's cold voice rang in the ears of more than 2000 Heavenly Sun experts.

Everyone dispersed, and the 2000 troops immediately prepared and gathered together.  

Everyone’s face was full of anticipation and anxiety. Although they yearned for the ancestral qi vein so that they could receive great benefits, they knew there would be countless dangers ahead. No one knew what they would encounter. After all, Guyuan Heaven was too mysterious.

Seeing this, Qin Lian drew a deep breath, then looked at Zhou Yuan and said, "I hope your choice won't disappoint us.”

“Let’s go!” Qin Lian issued an order, and her tall and slender figure soared to the sky first. 

Zhou Yuan smiled and followed.    

The 2000 troops leaped up with Genesis Qi and streaked across the air.

When Zhou Yuan and the others set off, a group of people also swept out like locusts in all directions from the temporary town.

The scene was spectacular. Hunyuan Heaven’s first battle in Guyuan Heaven was unfolding at that moment.    

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