Chapter 1085 Earth Disaster

It was an extremely ancient land.

A desolate air filled the land. Crude-looking boulders were randomly scattered across the earth. In the distance, numerous unimaginable, tall mountains were towering over the land like giants. A cracked, broken sun hung high in the sky, sprinkling sunlight that was not warm but a little cold.

Wind howled across the land, making rocks tumble and sand fly.

The entire world was akin to primordial land.


Amidst the bleakness, space suddenly began to distort, ultimately forming a giant spatial door. The door rippled as countless figures flew out like locusts.

These figures naturally belonged to the Hunyuan Heaven teams.

Numerous people flew out of the door and landed on a barren plains, immediately chasing away the desolate atmosphere.

Innumerable gazes curiously observed the surrounding land as whispers began to spread.

On a certain spot on the plains, Zhou Yuan glanced at Qin Lian and said, “Do a headcount and keep your guard up at all times.”

Qin Lian nodded in acknowledgment and proceeded to carry out the instructions. She swiftly gathered all of the scattered Tianyuan Region team.

As the team gathered, Zhou Yuan’s gaze swept over the unfamiliar land. He first gauged the Genesis Qi concentration, and his brows instantly raised in surprise. The concentration was several times greater than the Tianyuan Utopia.

More importantly, there seemed to be some kind of ancient and primordial aura in the Genesis Qi.

Zhou Yuan could feel his Divine Dwelling faintly vibrating. The Genesis Qi in his body seemed to cheer in joy, a sign of its desire for the surrounding Genesis Qi.

“Legends says that Guyuan Heaven was born from a fragment of the Ancestral Dragon. It seems that this does hold some truth to it.” Zhou Yuan sighed inwardly. It had taken master Cang Yuan a herculean effort to create a cultivation paradise like the Tianyuan Utopia, but it was still much more inferior to Guyuan Heaven. Even without any blessings or opportunities, a place like this would tremendously benefit anyone who cultivated here.

“Such concentrated Genesis Qi!”

“I can already feel my Genesis Qi growing a little after a single breath!”

“This is an amazing treasure land!”


The various factions also realized how special the Genesis Qi was, and countless excited voices cried out in amazement. Some individuals even sat down and began absorbing the surrounding Genesis Qi.

The place turned rather chaotic for a time.

On the Tianyuan Region side, several of the unaffiliated cultivators began to stir restlessly. Their usual training conditions were below average. Such a cultivation paradise would tempt even the members of the nine regions, let alone unaffiliated cultivators like them.

However, just as they were about to sit down to cultivate, Zhou Yuan’s stern gaze suddenly swept over them as he shouted, “Guyuan Heaven is filled with danger, now is not the time to relax!”

The unaffiliated cultivators somewhat disagreed to Zhou Yuan’s scolding, but they ultimately did not disobey his orders. They could only hold themselves back for the moment. However, it was clear that they were very unhappy with him.

Just as Zhou Yuan was about to speak again, his Spirit suddenly sensed a faint movement.


Zhou Yuan’s pupils shrank slightly as he shouted, “Careful!”


The plains suddenly began to shudder violently the instant the word left his lips, as if an earth dragon was rolling about below. Everyone watched in alarm and shock as the originally solid ground turned into mud. A giant vortex formed, swallowing the figures who had sat down to cultivate.

Countless tiny spikes reached out from the mud, piercing the bodies trapped within it.

Shrieks and screams rang out.

Everyone’s scalps turned numb as they watched the bodies begin to disintegrate, turning into dust that swiftly scattered into the wind.

Thump! Thump!

Strange mud figures began leaping out from the mud vortex. They looked tough and powerful, as if they were made from rock instead of mud. The mud creatures frantically swarmed out and pounced into the crowd. Their victims were cleanly devoured and rapidly digested into pure Genesis Qi, leaving not even a single bone.

The sudden turn of events greatly alarmed everyone.

“It's an Earth Disaster!” Zhou Yuan watched the chaos unfurl with a grave expression. An Earth Disaster was one of the strangest and most unfathomable dangers in Guyuan Heaven.

It was said that the land in Guyuan Heaven possessed some kind of consciousness of its own that chased after existences that had strong Genesis Qi. It would devour these existences, decompose them back into Genesis Qi and feed it back to Guyuan Heaven.

Hence, the terrain in Guyuan Heaven could change at any moment. Plains could turn into muddy swamps, tall mountains into bottomless abysses… Anyone who fell in would soon be swiftly decomposed.

This was the phenomenon known as Earth Disaster.

Due to this bizarre phenomenon, a single second was all it would take for a safe mountain cave to turn into a burial ground. To be more precise, even one’s bones would be decomposed in Guyuan Heaven.

Danger lurked at every step.

The strange mud figures were earth creatures born from the Earth Disaster. They did not have minds of their own, and they were driven only by the instinct of devouring lifeforms that possessed Genesis Qi.

An Earth Disaster was extremely terrifying. Even powerful practitioners like Zhou Yuan and the others would succumb at the slightest negligence.

Fortunately, the Earth Disaster they currently faced did not seem to be the worst kind.

The chaos caused by the Earth Disaster did not last for long. After the various factions’ initial panic, the factions swiftly returned to their senses. Everyone quickly created distance from the vortex before sending out a barrage of Genesis Qi, blasting the earth creatures back to mud.

After half an incense stick of time, the giant mud vortex slowly began to recede, and the ground returned to its original state. Several individuals were still unconvinced and sent out yet another barrage of attacks, but all it did was leave several craters in the ground.

It was as if everything had merely been an illusion.

However, the remnant fear and alarm on countless people’s faces told everyone that the earlier events had indeed transpired.

The sudden danger made many people clear-headed. Although this was a cultivation paradise, it was also filled with fatal danger. Anyone who lost their caution would likely not be far from death.

Zhou Yuan glanced at the unaffiliated cultivators who had wanted to cultivate, and said, “It’s likely that the Earth Disaster had occurred because too many of us had appeared all at once, creating a strong fluctuation in the Genesis Qi.”

Under his gaze, ashamed looks arose on the unaffiliated cultivators. No one dared to meet his eyes. There was now more respect in everyone’s eyes when they looked towards Zhou Yuan.

“We’re fortunate to have you with us.” Qin Lian sighed. More than a hundred people had died earlier. They had only managed to swiftly avoid the Earth Disaster due to Zhou Yuan’s timely warning.

Zhou Yuan’s Spirit cultivation was high compared to the majority, making him more aware of any changes in the surrounding Genesis Qi. Even Qin Lian had not been able to detect the Earthly Disaster as quickly as him.

Zhou Yuan waved his hand, telling them it was not a big deal. He gazed at the giant crowd and saw several signal flares rise into the air.

It was a gathering signal for the nine regions.

Zhou Yuan began moving towards the center of the plains as his voice echoed from far away. “Let’s go and meet the others first. The most important thing to do now is to make a base of operations and create a Qi Observation Platform as soon as possible.”

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