Chapter 1084 Grand Opening


When a loud rumble sounded from the seemingly endless clouds that covered Heaven Pillar Peak, the various factions below jerked their heads upwards and stared at the thick clouds in bewilderment and joy.

It was finally happening!

Under countless watching eyes, the thick cloud layer began to stir. A devastating storm of wind exploded from the spatial undulation, tearing everything in its path to pieces.

It was Heaven Pillar Peak’s infamous wind calamity!

“Raise the boundary!” Numerous shouts rang out from the endless line of camps at the mountain foot.

Boundary after boundary swiftly rose, nearly covering the entire sky.

The destructive windstorm slammed into the boundaries, quickly beginning to tear through. Fortunately, the many factions were well-prepared. More and more boundaries continued to rise, while experts began to unleash blasts of Genesis Qi to scatter the windstorm.

However, the windstorm seemed endless. Hence, the many factions did not dare to hold anything back as they continued to defend.

The originally calm foot of the mountain turned extremely busy for a time.

Boundaries also rose from the Tianyuan Region camp. Zhou Yuan raised his head, his expression turning somewhat grave as he observed the boundaries ripple violently. Even a Heavenly Sun expert would not last for long amidst such destructive power. Once one’s Genesis Qi was exhausted, one would be swiftly torn to pieces.

“It’s no wonder that no one dares to enter the Heaven Pillar Peak region…” Zhou Yuan sighed inwardly. Before the raw might of nature, even Nascent Source experts would have to be extremely wary. A practitioner would likely only be able to ignore such power when he or she stepped into the Law Domain stage.

Qin Lian could not help but mutter from the side, “I wonder how long it’ll last.”

Zhou Yuan concentrated on the bottomless spatial hole that had appeared in the cloud layer as the Saint Rune swirled deep in his eyes. He had activated the Decoder Saint Rune.

Pierce through!

The thick cloud layers gradually turned clear as the peak was reflected in his eyes. Nine imposing figures stood amidst the heavily distorted space. They appeared to be pouring out unimaginable power that was slowly ripping apart the fabric of space.

These should be Hunyuan Heaven's nine supreme sovereigns.

They were likely warping space to create a passageway into Guyuan Heaven, and the deadly windstorm had likely arisen due to their actions.

“The windstorm will stop when the nine supreme sovereigns open the spatial passage.” Zhou Yuan took a deep breath as a feverish look gradually covered his eyes. He was rather looking forward to the battle for Guyuan Heaven because only by interacting with more top-tier experts would he be able to grow more rapidly. He needed formidable foes as whetstones.

“Tell everyone to gather. The main event should be about to begin.” 

Qin Lian immediately turned around to spread his order while Zhou Yuan continued to stare at the clouds with his hands behind his back.


Thunder boomed from deep within the cloud layer for the next two hours.

Just as the situation was becoming somewhat hellish for the various factions, the thunder gradually came to a stop. A majestic power suddenly unfurled, completely obliterating the devastating windstorm.

Even the thick layers of clouds that covered the peak all year round began to thin.

Countless people gazed towards Heaven Pillar Peak. Although it was too far to make out the scenery even after empowering their eyes with Genesis Qi, all of them could clearly feel nine terrifying presences from the peak.

The supreme sovereigns of the nine regions.

Right above the peak, a spatial door silently hummed.


The nine supreme sovereigns waved their sleeves as a loud noise boomed across the air. The spatial door slowly began to open, revealing a deep darkness that seemed to lead to a mysterious location.

Countless people stared at the opening door and were filled with anticipation, nervousness and fear of the unknown.


The surrounding Genesis Qi rapidly gathered outside the giant spatial door and gradually transformed into rainbow steps. The steps stretched downwards, but even the dreadful windstorm was unable to shake them.

“Hunyuan Heaven Law Domain experts, ascend and enter Guyuan!” a deep voice boomed, and figure after figure appeared on the steps like phantoms. These figures seemed to rapidly teleport, appearing outside the spatial door after a few blinks. 

Zhou Yuan gazed at the figures that gave off terrifying auras before pausing on a tall and slender individual.

Short wine-red hair danced in the wind, giving her a heroic and valiant air.

It was his senior sister, Chi Jing.

Sect master Xuan Kun and clan leader Bian Chang could be seen beside her. Grand elder Mu Ni had not come because a Law Domain expert still needed to be stationed at the Tianyuan Region.

As she stood before the spatial door, Chi Jing seemed to sense his gaze. She swept a glance towards him and displayed a smile as she transmitted a faint voice, “Little junior brother, be extra careful in Guyuan Heaven.”

Zhou Yuan nodded and softly said, “Senior sister Chi Jing, you should also be careful. I look forward to your safe return.”

Under countless respectful gazes, the force that was second only to the Saints stepped into the door and disappeared. 

Countless onlookers cupped their fists and bowed. In a certain manner of speaking, all of them were fighting for Hunyuan Heaven.

“Hunyuan Heaven Nascent Source experts! Enter Guyuan!” After the Law Domain experts’ departure, the booming voice rang out once more. This time, the surrounding Genesis Qi abruptly began to boil as streaks of light dashed into the sky and landed on the rainbow steps.

Every figure gave off powerful Genesis Qi undulations as they walked up the steps.

There were far more Nascent Source experts than Law Domain experts. In addition, practically every individual present was an elite of the Nascent Source stage and very famous in Hunyuan Heaven.

Hence, they looked far more impressive than the Law Domain experts.

Numerous Heavenly Sun experts looked towards them in yearning. Compared to the somewhat unreachable Law Domain stage, the Nascent Source stage was obviously a much more practical goal. The biggest goal of most of the Heavenly Sun experts was to find an opportunity to advance to the Nascent Source stage in Guyuan Heaven.

“Hunyuan Heaven Heavenly Sun experts!” After the Nascent Source experts left, it was finally the biggest group’s turn, the Heavenly Sun experts.


The scale was shocking. Countless streaks of light instantly soared into the sky like fireworks, densely packed together like a swarm of locusts.

Zhou Yuan and Qin Lian were no exception. They immediately rose into the air while the several-thousand-strong team of Tianyuan Region Heavenly Sun elites followed behind them.

Countless figures landed on the rainbow steps. From far away, it looked as if ants were climbing a stairway into the heavens. As they gradually approached, the Heavenly Sun experts finally realized how humongous the spatial door was. Under the towering door, all of them felt akin to ants.

In the sky above, nine imposing silhouettes could be seen. They gave off an endless pressure that could shake even the earth itself.

The Heavenly Sun experts bowed towards the nine imposing figures,  showing their respect.

Zhou Yuan also bowed, and a voice sounded in his ear, “Little junior brother, be very cautious in Guyuan Heaven. If you encounter a strong foe, know when to retreat to avoid defeat. The overall amount of ancestral qi in the Heavenly Sun level is merely a small portion of the whole, and it will not be a huge issue if the Sacred Race ultimately becomes the victor. Remember that where there is life, there is hope, and there will always be another chance in the future.”

Zhou Yuan’s body froze a little as a warm feeling flowed in his heart. He gently nodded in Zhuan Zhu’s direction.

However, he understood that Zhuan Zhu was not being completely honest. Even if it was only a struggle between the Heavenly Sun experts from the various Heavens, the Heavenly Sun level still contained twenty percent of Guyuan Heaven’s ancestral qi. That was no small portion. Zhuan Zhu merely did not wish for Zhou Yuan to take overly risky actions.

The battle for Guyuan Heaven affected all the Heavens of Tianyuan World. There was no exception.

“Let’s go.” Zhou Yuan tilted his head towards Qin Lian and the others, who looked tense and nervous, before taking a deep breath. He took the lead and stepped forward, entering the giant spatial door.

Behind him, the giant group of Hunyuan Heaven Heavenly Sun teams also flooded in.

From this very moment, the ancestral qi battle that affected all Tianyuan World’s nine Heavens had finally begun. It would be an event that far surpassed everything Zhou Yuan had experienced before.

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