Chapter 1083 Waiting

Unsurprisingly, the various factions gathered under Heaven Pillar Peak came to agreements over the next few days. Simply put, everyone agreed to band together against outsiders.

The dangers in Guyuan Heaven were not to be underestimated. It was said Hunyuan Heaven once suffered devastating losses, losing almost half of their Heavenly Sun and Nascent Source participants. One of the nine regions teams was even nearly wiped out.

Hence, not a single faction dared to underestimate the battle for Guyuan Heaven.

Even so, it would be naive to believe that the agreements would allow the various factions to put aside all their differences and cooperate whole-heartedly. When faced with enough potential benefits, even factions from the same heaven would secretly scheme against each other.

This was something every faction clearly understood.

However, it did not mean that the agreements were useless. At the very least, the various factions would be able to swiftly band together in the face of danger.


Over the following days, the various factions remained camped under Heaven Pillar Peak. They were waiting for Guyuan Heaven to open.

Half a month passed.


At the Tianyuan Region camp training area, a blast of berserk energy exploded as a dragon roar faintly echoed.

Two figures were thrown backward, their feet leaving long marks across the ground.

The watching crowd of Tianyuan Region Heavenly Sun experts burst into cheers, as gaze after gaze respectfully looked towards the young figure at the center of the arena.

It was Zhou Yuan.

His two opponents were Bian Buji and Mu Youlan. These two were once two of the four Tianyuan Region Heavenly Sun pillars. Half a year ago, Zhou Yuan was still a mere newcomer in their eyes.

Who could have imagined that he would grow powerful enough to take both of them on together half a year later? In fact, he was even stably taking the upper hand in the fight.

Most of the Tianyuan Region crowd, who were still unaware, were utterly shocked by Zhou Yuan’s display of strength and could not help but burst into cheers. After all, suddenly finding out that Zhou Yuan was so strong both excited them and made them more confident in the subsequent battle for Guyuan Heaven.

Mu Youlan and Bian Buji exchanged a look, seeing the shock in each other’s eyes. They had only agreed to this fight because Qin Lian had said that they might not be Zhou Yuan’s match even if they worked together.

They naturally did not believe this was true. After all, Qin Lian was not the only one who had grown much stronger over the past few months. The two of them had also made substantial progress. 

Their Genesis Qi foundations had reached the 1.9 billion level and were fast approaching the 20 billion mark! Such growth naturally boosted their confidence. Hence, they had voiced their disagreement with Qin Lian’s statement, and one thing led to another, resulting in the fight that had just ended.

The outcome, however, was a little hard to swallow for Bian Buji and Mu Youlan.

Mu Youlan could not help but mumble, “How is he so strong?”

Bian Buji let out a bitter chuckle as he sighed. “As expected of the supreme sovereign’s personal disciple.”

Zhou Yuan walked forward and patted their shoulders with a smile before waving at the crowd of onlookers. When he saw the respect in their eyes, he could not help but chuckle inwardly.

He had pulled strings to set this match up with the goal of fully winning over both the Tianyuan Region crew and the recruited unaffiliated cultivators. It was to prevent any potential internal problems after entering Guyuan Heaven.

A display of power was more effective than any status.

After consoling Bian Buji and Mu Youlan, Zhou Yuan turned and walked towards Qin Lian, who was standing at the edge of the arena. She winked at him and chuckled softly. “It seems that you’ve achieved your goal.”

“It’s all thanks to your cooperation.” Zhou Yuan chuckled.

“Right, here’s the information you wanted about Wang Xuanyang.” Qin Lian passed him a scroll as her expression turned a little more solemn. “Do you really plan on crossing blows with him? He’s definitely not someone to be trifled with.”

Zhou Yuan received the scroll with a faint smile. “It’s best to be prepared. I may not desire to kill the tiger, but the tiger may want to hurt me.”

Qin Lian nodded in agreement. The Wanzu Region and the Tianyuan Region were clearly not on good terms, and it would not be easy to resolve the differences between them. Moreover, given Wang Xuanyang’s petty nature, he would certainly be more than ready to deal a blow to them if he found the chance.

Zhou Yuan unfurled the scroll. His eyes swept across it and widened a little.

“Initial estimate of Genesis Qi foundation: likely near 30 billion...

“Yin Yang Mystic Qi, peak grade 7…

“Wields the Yin Yang Jade Fan, a top-tier Heaven Genesis Weapon...

“Known Genesis techniques...

After reading the information, Zhou Yuan’s expression turned a little graver. It was exactly as Qin Lian had said. Wang Xuanyang was indeed formidable and extremely dangerous.

This should not be a surprise. Wang Xuanyang was ranked two on the Heavenly Sun List, after all.

Zhou Yuan kept the scroll as his eyes narrowed. Although Wang Xuanyang was a tough adversary, if he tried anything funny, Zhou Yuan would have no choice but to face him, and they would find out who was tougher.

With Promotion and his numerous trump cards, Zhou Yuan should be able to put up a fight against Wang Xuanyang.

“Thanks.” Zhou Yuan expressed his gratitude towards Qin Lian.

Qin Lian curled her lips. “Your girlfriend from the Zixiao Region isn’t here today?”

Zhou Yuan helplessly said, “She’s just a friend.”

Qin Lian was naturally referring to Su Youwei. Over the past half a month, she would often come to the Tianyuan Region camp to find Zhou Yuan, and she would of course be noticed by Qin Lian and the others.

Qin Lian gave Zhou Yuan a strange look and clicked her tongue in amazement. “The Wushen Region’s Wu Yao and the Zixiao Region’s Su Youwei are well known throughout Hunyuan Heaven as great beauties, and even a girl like myself can’t help but have a little of my breath taken away at their beauty. How do two such outstanding young ladies have such complicated relationships with you?”

There seemed to be a little disdain in her eyes, as if she felt he did not match up to Wu Yao and Su Youwei.

The corners of Zhou Yuan’s mouth twitched. He knew that her gossipy side had been incited again. He had already explained his relationships with Wu Yao and Su Youwei many times, but Qin Lian had obviously not listened to a single word. She seemed to be more convinced by her own imagination.

“Hurry up and go train the team,” Zhou Yuan barked in a slightly peeved voice. It had been rather boring to wait over the past half a month, so Qin Lian had been placed in charge of drilling the Tianyuan Region side together with the unaffiliated cultivators to improve their teamwork.

Qin Lian could only shrug, somewhat regretful that she had failed to dig out more juicy gossip from Zhou Yuan.

The two split up, but they soon came to a stop at the same time after only a few steps. They abruptly raised their heads and looked towards the majestic Heaven Pillar Peak.

An extremely terrifying spatial undulation had erupted from the peak, causing the entire place to ripple for a moment.

Zhou Yuan’s and Qin Lian’s gazes met, seeing the unrestrainable joy in each other’s eyes.

After they had waited for half a month, Guyuan Heaven was finally beginning to open!

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