Chapter 1081 Wang Xuanyang

When Wang Xuanyang’s cheerful voice rang out, the originally lively hall immediately fell silent as numerous varied gazes were cast at Zhou Yuan.

No one was surprised by Wang Xuanyang’s words.

The Wanzu Region had basically been backing the Great Five Alliance in their war against the Tianyuan Region. However, the Wanzu Region had failed to achieve its desired outcome. Zhuan Zhu had returned as a Saint, completely messing up the Wanzu Region’s schemes.

In the end, the Wanzu Region had not only returned empty-handed but had also caused their underlings to sustain grave losses. Take the Tri-Mountain Alliance for example. It had been forced to relocate, losing tremendous resources and face.

These losses also indirectly affected the Wanzu Region.

As such, it could be said to be the Wanzu Region’s loss.

This undoubtedly frustrated the entire Wanzu Region. After all, they had already grown used to a smooth-sailing life over the years, and they had never encountered anything remotely resembling a setback. How could they possibly accept getting their heads bloodied after butting heads with the Tianyuan Region, which they looked down upon?

In turn, this led to a little hostility between the Tianyuan Region and the Wanzu Region. Given Wang Xuanyang’s character, there would naturally be no lack of provocation during their meeting.

Most importantly, Zhou Yuan was sitting at the black round table, and it gave Wang Xuanyang an excellent reason to create trouble. After all, everyone else at the table was at the advanced Heavenly Sun stage, making an intermediate Heavenly Sun expert akin to a wolf that had stumbled into a tiger den.

Zhou Yuan’s expression remained unchanged, clearly unaffected.

Qin Lian, on the other hand, was unable to sit still. Her face turned frosty as she said, “Wang Xuanyang, Zhou Yuan is a grand elder of my Tianyuan Region. If he doesn’t have the qualifications, you wouldn’t even be allowed to enter the door.”

Wang Xuanyang leisurely replied, “Grand elder? Hehe, since he’s a grand elder, shouldn’t he be going to the Law Domain conference? Why has he come here instead to mingle with junior Heavenly Sun practitioners like us?”

A few people chuckled inwardly. In accordance with status, Zhou Yuan did have the right to participate in the Law Domain conference. However, the thought of such a scene was just too comical.

If Zhou Yuan was compared to a wolf among tigers here, he would likely be an ant in the Law Domain conference...

Smiling, Wang Xuanyang stared at Zhou Yuan and said, “It’s your business if your Tianyuan Region likes to play childish games like randomly giving away a grand elder position. Hence, don’t expect other factions like us to acknowledge such things.

“Since you’re here, don’t bring up this ‘grand elder’ thing again. It’ll only make you look like a joke to the rest of us.”

Zhou Yuan raised his gaze and smiled at Wang Xuanyang. “Then what should I be bringing up?”

“Your own strength, of course. Otherwise, will you be using your grand elder status to scare off teams from the other heavens in Guyuan Heaven?” Wang Xuanyang smiled superficially.

Zhou Yuan nodded. “I feel that I've just barely made the cut, so there’s no need for you to worry. As for what I’ll do when encountering other teams in Guyuan Heaven, that’s none of your business, is it?

The final few words caused the eyes of several people in the hall to widen a little as they looked towards the faintly smiling Zhou Yuan.

No one had expected this Tianyuan Region grand elder to be that he would give no face to Wang Xuanyang.

However, there seemed to be nothing to fault about his attitude. Although Zhou Yuan was only at the intermediate Heavenly Sun stage, no one could deny his Tianyuan Region grand elder status. He honestly didn’t need to give any face to Wang Xuanyang.

On the Zixiao Region side, Dong Ye was expressionless. She did not have any good feelings towards Zhou Yuan and Wang Xuanyang. She slightly tilted her head backward and said to Su Youwei, “He’s too rude.”

Su Youwei softly chuckled. Her eyes seemed to glitter as she stared at Zhou Yuan and said, “Not really, I feel he’s being very genuine.”

The corners of Dong Ye’s mouth could not help but twitch. How can you call this genuine? You’re even worse than him!

Dong Ye was somewhat irritated. She had originally hoped for Su Youwei to take a proper look at Zhou Yuan, but the girl’s eyes could only see his virtues. She was basically hopeless.

“What’s so good about him…” Dong Ye felt a sense of helplessness. Given Wang Xuanyang’s character, he would not be able to tolerate Zhou Yuan’s rudeness.

Sure enough, it went exactly as Dong Ye predicted. The smile on Wang Xuanyang’s face slowly disappeared, and the black-white fan in his hand suddenly snapped shut.


A beam of black and white shot out swifter than thunder as it dashed towards Zhou Yuan. A strange fragrance spread in its wake.

“Yin Yang Poison Miasma?”

Several people recognized the strangely fragrant black-white beam, and their eyes immediately widened in shock. It was one of Wang Xuanyang’s unique techniques: a poison made from his own Yin Yang Genesis Qi and numerous secret ingredients.

Once affected by this poison, one would be overwhelmed by carnal desires and lose all rationality.

The poison was extremely difficult to deal with, as it could penetrate Genesis Qi and directly infect the Spirit. Even experts of the same cultivation level were very cautious of this poison and did not dare to let it touch them.

Wang Xuanyang’s intentions were very evil. He did not hope to poison Zhou Yuan to death but to make him humiliate himself in front of everyone and lose all face. In turn, this would greatly shame the Tianyuan Region.

Wang Xuanyang’s seat was rather near to Zhou Yuan, and the attack was far too swift and sudden. Hence, even Qin Lian, who had been vigilant since the start, was unable to respond in time. She could only watch helplessly as the black and white beam shot towards Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi automatically surged out in response, swiftly creating a barrier in front of him.


However, the beam instantly pierced the barrier and shot into Zhou Yuan’s head.

Black-and-white light blossomed between Zhou Yuan’s brows.

Several gazes in the hall filled with interest, anticipating the subsequent entertainment. They could already imagine how much a fool Zhou Yuan would make of himself after succumbing to Wang Xuanyang’s poison.

Smiling, Wang Xuanyang also propped up his chin and stared at Zhou Yuan. However, his eyes were filled with an ice-cold cruelness.

The hall fell silent as every gaze converged on Zhou Yuan.

However, the black and white light between Zhou Yuan’s brows did not continue to spread. Neither did his eyes lose their rational shine. Invisible flames began to rise from his body, and the black-and-white light swiftly melted away upon encountering them.

In a short few breaths, all of the light had been cleanly burned away.

Several gasps sounded in the hall. “Self-protective Spirit Fire?”

“Such strong Spirit Fire. They must come from an intermediate Transformative stage Spirit, right?”

“An ordinary intermediate Transformative stage Spirit can’t create such powerful flames. His Spirit cultivation has likely reached the peak of the intermediate stage…”

The crowd was amazed at the sight of the still composed Zhou Yuan. It was no wonder he did not fear the poison. Although the Yin Yang Poison Miasma could directly target the Spirit, Zhou Yuan’s Spirit was strong enough to produce Self-protective Spirit Fire. Hence, it was impossible for the poison to invade his Spirit.

Those present were the finest experts among the Heavenly Sun stage, but if they were to compare Spirit cultivation, only a small handful were able to match Zhou Yuan.

As the black and white light melted away, Wang Xuanyang’s eyes narrowed a little. The smile on his face had completely dissipated. After all, it was very shameful for someone as strong as him to fail to achieve a result after launching a sneaky attack on Zhou Yuan.

“This brat…” Wang Xuanyang’s eyes turned ice-cold.

“Wang Xuanyang, you’re asking for it!” However, an icy voice filled with murder abruptly rang out. Qin Lian appeared in the air as her hands grasped a large blade. A trail of terrifying Genesis Qi arced behind it as it viciously slashed at Wang Xuanyang.

The power of the blade shattered even the surrounding space.

Wang Xuanyang raised the black and white fan. A vortex of black and white Genesis Qi emerged and clashed against the falling blade.


A devastating storm of Genesis Qi unfurled.

The other practitioners quickly took action, neutralizing the Genesis Qi shockwave.

Qin Lian’s and Wang Xuanyang’s bodies slightly jerked back. Wang Xuanyang used the armrest to brace himself, causing a crack to grow along it. Qin Lian’s body was sent flying, only managing to dissipate the force after several steps.

Wang Xuanyang clearly had the upper hand in that exchange.

This was no surprise. After all, Wang Xuanyang’s rank on the Heavenly Sun List was higher than Qin Lian’s.

Qin Lian’s eyes turned even frostier. Genesis Qi erupted from her body as she prepared to attack again.

An icy smile rose from the corners of Wang Xuanyang’s mouth. “You alone are not enough. How about you ask grand elder Zhou Yuan for help?”

Zhou Yuan remained expressionless. Killing intent flashed in his eyes as he slowly rose to his feet.

“Wang Xuanyang, I think that’s enough, right?” However, a deep voice suddenly sounded as a terrifying Genesis Qi pressure spread out. Numerous gazes looked over, converging on Guan Qinglong’s body.

If it was not stopped soon, they would no longer be able to conduct the conference.

Wang Xuanyang glanced at Guan Qinglong. Soon after, he smiled and shrugged. The black and white fan spread open again as his Genesis Qi pressure withdrew into his body. He smiled at Zhou Yuan and said, “Grand elder Zhou Yuan, Guyuan Heaven is filled with danger. You should closely follow Qin Lian at all times, or a swift death will probably await you.”

Zhou Yuan extended his hand to stop the frosty-face Qin Lian. He also smiled and said, “You should also be a little more careful. But if something does happen to you, on account that we’re from the same heaven, I will do my best to bring back your corpse.”

The smiling duo seemed to have put their weapons aside for the moment, but icy killing intent flowed deep in both of their eyes.

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