Chapter 1080 Meeting the Two Girls Again

“Guan Qinglong…” There was a grave look in Zhou Yuan’s eyes as he gazed at the faintly smiling man behind him. At such close proximity, the man felt akin to a ferocious beast. The ominous suffocating pressure that slowly spread from him would make the legs of any ordinary Heavenly Sun expert turn soft.

The ruler of the Heavenly Sun List deserved every bit of his reputation.

A fierce look arose in Qin Lian’s eyes. She stared straight at Guan Qinglong as her foot shifted half a step towards him. However, anyone could see that she was extremely wary of him.

In the stone hall, numerous gazes filled with interest as they watched. Were the Tianyuan Region and the Wushen Region going to clash even before the conference began? But the Tianyuan Region side was clearly outclassed. Although Qin Lian was a formidable individual, there was still a big gap between her and Guan Qinglong.

However, when Zhou Yuan’s and Guan Qinglong’s gazes clashed, Wu Yao’s crescent-shaped brows scrunched together. “Senior brother Guan, this is a matter between me and Zhou Yuan. I believe that neither of us wishes for any external interference. Victory or defeat and life or death will hinge upon our abilities.”

Guan Qinglong was not surprised by Wu Yao’s reaction, evidently already well-aware of her character. He chuckled and said in a calm voice, “You’re being overly serious, junior sister Wu Yao. Victory or defeat is fine, but there’s no need for life and death, right? If it does reach that stage, I will not sit still even if you blame me later on.”

Soon after, he looked towards Zhou Yuan and cupped his fists together. “Grand elder Zhou Yuan, if it does reach that step, please show mercy.”

Zhou Yuan chuckled. “She’s no pushover. I’m afraid that I’ll be slain by her the moment I concede a single step.”

Zhou Yuan’s gaze covertly swept across the two of them, his sharp senses telling him that Guan Qinglong seemed to be a little too concerned about Wu Yao, while Wu Yao did not seem to be very interested.

Guan Qinglong laughed and did not speak any further on the topic. He did not intentionally linger and walked straight towards the black round table. Each step was taken with an emperor’s dignity as an extraordinary aura spread, causing the eyes of several beautiful girls present to dazzle.

Guan Qinglong might not be handsome, but his charm transcended mere superficial looks.

Even Zhou Yuan could not help but nod inwardly. As the one who had managed to suppress numerous prided geniuses and stably hold onto his number one seat on the Heavenly Sun List, Guan Qinglong was more than exemplary. It was somewhat similar to Zhao Mushen in the nine regions tournament previously, but Guan Qinglong was clearly much calmer and reliable, making him even more immeasurable.

Zhou Yuan’s gaze shifted back to Wu Yao as he smiled and said, “Your senior brother will be quite a problem. If you’re going to work together with him against me, I’ll have no choice but to avoid you guys for the time being.”

Wu Yao icily replied, “Do you think I’m you? If your girlfriend didn’t help you in the Great Wu Capital, I would have killed you long ago.”

She was obviously referring to Yaoyao.

Zhou Yuan blinked and said righteously, “Are you the same as us? I’ll have you know we’re a couple. What about you? What’s your relationship with Guan Qinglong?”

Wu Yao’s brows nearly turned vertical as she gave Zhou Yuan a vicious glare. “Shameless.”

His skin was really thick.

She, too, did not linger and quickly brushed past him.

Zhou Yuan shrugged as he gazed at her slender-as-a-willow figure. Ever since the nine regions tournament, there had been a little less hostility between them when they met. Perhaps, Wu Yao had felt that he had let her off previously, but it was not like he had a choice. After all, he was not capable enough to kill Wu Yao while supreme sovereign Wu Shen was watching.

However, if he did defeat Wu Yao again and take back the final sacred dragon blessing, wouldn’t she die?

Would supreme sovereign Wu Shen hold a grudge against him?

Zhou Yuan clawed at his head in distress. He honestly preferred the previous raw and bloody hostility between them. At the very least, he did not need to show any mercy nor think about the consequences of retaliating and killing her.

Qin Lian suddenly remarked in an interested tone, “There seems to be quite a story between you and Wu Yao.

“Guan Qinglong also seems to be a little interested in her. Tch tch, this is so rare. I’ve known him for so many years, but I’ve never heard of him showing interest in any girl. It is as if he was made from stone and would never have feelings for anyone. But Wu Yao is indeed a remarkable beauty, and she is top-class in both appearance and presence.”

Qin Lian stared at Zhou Yuan, displaying a rarely seen gossipy side. “Is this the legendary love triangle?”

The corners of Zhou Yuan’s mouth twitched. He ignored her and walked away.

Qin Lian quickly caught up. There appeared to be some pity in her voice as she said, “But your rival is Guan Qinglong, and I honestly don’t think you’ll be his match. His strength and magnanimity far outclass you.”

Veins popped on Zhou Yuan’s forehead as he gritted his teeth and said, “There’s nothing between us! We’re mortal enemies! Do you know what that means? It means either she dies or I die!”

“A love-hate relationship, huh? What a great story.”

Zhou Yuan’s face turned black. He truly never imagined that Qin Lian, who was usually cold and distant, would become so gossipy on such matters. He paid her no further attention and quickened his pace.

The two descended the stone steps, one seemingly running, the other closely pursuing.

Zhou Yuan looked towards the black round table at the center. Guan Qinglong had already seated himself, while Wu Yao was seated one row behind him. Evidently, only the spokespersons from the various factions would have a seat at the table.

Zhou Yuan pondered for a brief moment before taking a step to the side, putting himself on the path towards one of the stone seats on the stairs.

However, Qin Lian grabbed his arm before he could take another step.

Zhou Yuan helplessly asked, “What is it?”

Qin Lian pointed at the black stone table and said, “Are you joking? You’re a grand elder of our Tianyuan Region whose status is much higher than mine. Do you expect me to sit there instead of you?”

Zhou Yuan could not help but roll his eyes. Don’t you know that I’m just a mascot?! Outside of the Tianyuan Region, who in Hunyuan Heaven would take me seriously as a Tianyuan Region grand elder?

However, Qin Lian quickly pushed him forward and took the position behind the main seat.

Zhou Yuan was powerless. He could only step forward and seat himself at the black round table under numerous watching gazes.

Amused gazes were observing him, but no one said anything. Although Zhou Yuan’s intermediate Heavenly Sun stage cultivation was extremely out of place, the Tianyuan Region was no longer the same as it had been in the past. Following Zhuan Zhu’s return as a Saint, the Tianyuan Region’s power had grown tremendously. Hence, no one was inclined to offend the Tianyuan Region anymore.

Zhou Yuan ignored their gazes and closed his eyes to rest until the meeting began.

After a long time, he suddenly heard a disturbance in the hall. He immediately opened his eyes and looked over.

Two beautiful figures had arrived together.

The first figure was quite pretty, but her aura was far too cold. Even the air nearly froze at the chilling presence that emanated from her body, causing several people to shiver uncontrollably.

Most of the gazes looked towards the figure a step behind her.

It was a girl wearing a purple dress. Her beauty was peerless, and though somewhat hidden by the purple dress, her willow-like waist and long legs were still extremely attention-grabbing. In contrast to Wu Yao, her demeanor was kindly and gentle. If Wu Yao was a glaring ruby, she was a refreshing and calming jade.

Her appearance likewise drew amazement from the many watching gazes, the eyes of several men even glowing brightly as they observed her.

However, such gazes were quickly discovered by the ice-cold girl in front of her. Her frosty gaze immediately swept over them, causing the many admiring gazes to withdraw.

When Zhou Yuan saw the girl in purple, a happy smile emerged on his face.

It was Su Youwei.

Su Youwei was clearly searching for a certain figure after entering. They saw each other at nearly the same time, causing a joyous look to surface on her pretty face. Her lips could not help but curl slightly as she cheekily winked at Zhou Yuan. It was a very lovely sight.

Zhou Yuan grinned at her.

But before his smile could fully blossom, he saw the piercingly frosty gaze of the girl in front of Su Youwei lock onto him as if in warning.

Zhou Yuan was a little baffled. He did recognize this young lady. She was the Zixiao Region’s Dong Ye, ranked third on the Heavenly Sun List.

But there was no grudge between them, right? Why did it seem that she hated him deeply?

Puzzled, Zhou Yuan could only restrain himself and give a small nod to Su Youwei.

The arrival of the Zixiao Region representatives was followed by several extremely famous individuals in Hunyuan Heaven. The entire hall began to grow lively as the black round table was gradually filled.

This was a gathering of heroes.

The nine regions tournament paled in comparison to this gathering, but this was not strange. After all, the waters of the Heavenly Sun stage were much deeper than the Divine Dwelling stage.

“Oh! Looks like almost everyone is here.” Clear laughter suddenly sounded amidst the lively atmosphere. Everyone looked over to see a man in gaudy clothes entering with a wide smile.

He looked rather sloppy, but his peach-blossom eyes made others feel uneasy. When he appeared, looks of wariness and fear flitted across the eyes of several individuals present. The new arrival was the main pillar of the Heavenly Sun stage in the Wanzu Region, the one ranked second on the Heavenly Sun List, Wang Xuanyang.

Wang Xuanyang toyed with a black and white fan as his gaze swept across the hall, pausing slightly on Wu Yao and Su Youwei.

Zhou Yuan paused his gaze on Wang Xuanyang before suddenly looking behind him, finding a familiar face.

Excellent posture, chiseled features and as dazzlingly handsome as a sun. It was Zhao Mushen.

However, Zhao Mushen appeared to be much more reserved. His hands were hidden in his sleeves as he silently stood behind Wang Xuanyang, making himself appear as invisible as possible. Zhou Yuan could not explain why, but he felt that this Zhao Mushen was even more dangerous.

“This guy…” Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly.

While Zhou Yuan was observing Zhao Mushen, the latter’s eyes rippled for a moment and also looked over, meeting Zhou Yuan’s gaze.

Zhao Mushen displayed no anger when faced with the formidable foe who had defeated him previously. He merely looked deeply at Zhou Yuan before slowly withdrawing his gaze, returning his deep eyes to Wang Xuanyang’s back.

“It seems that the battle for Guyuan Heaven will be much more interesting than the nine regions tournament.” Zhou Yuan rubbed his chin.

Under numerous fearful gazes, Wang Xuanyang flamboyantly seated himself on the final empty spot at the round table. He leaned forward, propping his face with one hand as he continued to play with the black and white jade fan with his other. His peach-blossom eyes swept across the table before coming to a stop on Zhou Yuan’s figure.

He nonchalantly smiled and said, “Since when could an intermediate Heavenly Sun practitioner sit at a meeting between top-tier Heavenly Sun experts?”

At his words, the eyelids of several people in the stone hall jumped a little.

Wang Xuanyang was making things difficult for the Tianyuan Region’s Zhou Yuan.

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