Chapter 108 King Wu’s Imperial Decree

The balance was finally broken by the third Alpha-Origin expert’s deaths at the hands and mouth of Zhou Yuan and Tuntun respectively. Besides Qi Yuan, the expressions of Great Qi’s remaining three Alpha-Origin experts changed, no longer any hesitation as they rapidly withdrew.

In the wake of the three Alpha-Origin experts’ retreat, Great Qi’s offensive instantly crumbled. Huge groups of soldiers wept for their parents as they madly fled. Only god knew how many were crushed in the stampede.

The morale of the entire Great Qi had been utterly destroyed.


Zhou Qing and Qi Yuan clashed once again, each taking a dozen steps back. As Qi Yuan’s face flushed with exertion, he looked down at his crumbling army and immediately felt a slight sweetness in his throat, causing him to nearly vomit a mouthful of blood.

He would never have imagined that the originally favorable...

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