Chapter 1078 It Begins

When the Han Jinhe trio officially announced joining the Tianyuan Region expedition team, the unaffiliated cultivators gathered outside the Phoenix Perch House quickly dispelled any thoughts of waiting for some entertainment. It also made them rather curious. From the small snippets of information they were able to glean, it seemed that the Han Jinhe trio had made this decision on the same date the Tianyuan Region’s grand elder Zhou Yuan had arrived.

Moreover, the Han Jinhe trio had failed to obtain the captain position.

Some of the sharper individuals surmised that the trio had clashed with grand elder Zhou Yuan and lost. Why else would such proud individuals like them suddenly become so obedient?

This made many unaffiliated cultivators click their tongues in admiration. It appeared that grand elder Zhou Yuan was not as simple as they had thought. They had originally not been optimistic of him because of his initial Heavenly Sun stage cultivation despite his high-ranking position. After all, a leader who needed to borrow an external power to defeat Lu Qing did not seem dependable.

However, the recent development had alleviated their worries substantially. None of them were idiots, after all. When even three problematic individuals like Han Jinhe and the other two were subdued, only a fool would still dare to underestimate Zhou Yuan.

Hence, several top-tier unaffiliated cultivators who were originally observing in secret finally made their decision.

The result was a rapid rise in the number of unaffiliated cultivators entering the Phoenix Perch House.


“We’ve confirmed the news. In three days, the various factions in Hunyuan Heaven will gather at Heaven Pillar Peak to further discuss the details of the Guyuan Heaven battle. Guyuan Heaven will open within a month, and before it opens, Hunyuan Heaven needs to get everybody on the same page.”

Several extraordinary individuals were gathered in the hall, with Zhou Yuan seated at the head of the group. Besides the local Tianyuan Region practitioners such as Qin Lian, Bian Buji, Mu Youlan and the others, Han Jinhe, Xue Qingmei, Wang Su and other recruited affiliated cultivators were also present. Of course, nearly a thousand unaffiliated cultivators had already been recruited, and these were only the representatives.

The group’s expressions turned a little more solemn upon hearing Zhou Yuan’s words.

With the forces of Hunyuan Heaven gathering, it would not be long till the battle for Guyuan Heaven.

The scale of this battle was something no one present had ever experienced before, and even Hunyuan Heaven’s famous nine regions tournament would pale in comparison. Only the most elite members of each cultivation stage would be able to participate in this grand event. It was easy to imagine how intense of a clash it would be.

The outcome of the battle would greatly impact all of the heavens, as the influx of ancestral qi would increase the concentration of Genesis Qi of an entire heaven.

It was an event that directly affected every single person. Hence, the various factions of a heaven would set aside their differences and unite when the time came. Although there would still be some minor scheming, everyone would basically be on the same page.

Zhou Yuan said, “Our Tianyuan Region will set off tomorrow. Everyone should finish their preparations by today.”

The group nodded in acknowledgment. After a little more discussion, the crowd scattered.

Qin Lian was the last to leave, still biting her lip as she fervently glanced at Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan shivered under her gaze. He knew that Qin Lian wanted to battle him again. She had been constantly pestering him recently and had forced him to fight three or four times a day. Since he did not plan to reveal his full power in these matches, their duels always ended in draws.

However, he had not expected this would only make Qin Lian even more competitive. She would grow fiercer and fiercer in their fights as if having an endless supply of energy. Zhou Yuan had been pestered so badly for the past few days that his legs would turn to jelly at the mere thought of it.

As such, he hurriedly shook his head to reject her.

Qin Lian could only turn and leave in disappointment.

Zhou Yuan smiled bitterly as he gazed at her slender figure before awkwardly scratching his head. Cangxuan Heaven had suddenly come to his mind. 

Strictly speaking, he was a member of Cangxuan Heaven, but he was now fighting for Hunyuan Heaven. It was said that when entering Guyuan Heaven, one would be imprinted with a source brand. The laws of Guyuan Heaven would allocate ancestral qi according to one’s brand.

“Does this make me a traitor?” Zhou Yuan mumbled to himself with an odd expression. “I wonder who will be participating from Cangxuan Heaven. Will there be any familiar faces?”

Zhou Yuan felt somewhat expectant. He felt that there was a high chance of Chu Qing, Li Qingchan and the others appearing.

“What about Li Chunjun, Qingyu, Luluo and the others?”

Memories rose in Zhou Yuan’s head. They were the first group of companions he had met after leaving the Great Zhou Empire, and they were his closest friends. Zhou Yuan would never forget how Li Chunjun, Qingyu and the others had secretly aided him while maintaining their respective sects’ neutrality when the Sacred Palace had dispatched countless elite disciples to kill him on his way back to the Great Zhou Empire.

It was a debt he would always remember.

It would be pretty nice to meet these old friends again in Guyuan Heaven. At the very least, it would mean that they were doing pretty well in their respective sects.

Zhou Yuan grinned. If they did meet, he would not mind lending them a helping hand and making a small contribution to Cangxuan Heaven.


The next day.

When the first ray of light broke through the clouds, countless people in Resting Dragon City suddenly felt the Genesis Qi in the area ripple. A shadow appeared in the sky, enveloping nearly half of the entire city.

Everyone lifted their heads to find a giant flying ship in the sky.

In Phoenix Perch House, Zhou Yuan glanced at the flying ship before looking down from the building. Nearly a thousand figures were gathered. They were the top-tier unaffiliated cultivators who had been recruited recently.

All of them were currently looking at the flying ship in excitement.

“Prepare to board!” Zhou Yuan waved his hand.

With Han Jinhe and the others leading them, nearly a thousand people rose into the air and swarmed towards the flying ship in the sky.

Zhou Yuan also floated upwards with his hands behind his back.

“Victory to grand elder Zhou Yuan!” Countless voices suddenly rang out in the city. Zhou Yuan lowered his head and saw countless expectant eyes wishing him all the best from below.

The Battle of the Heavens affected the Genesis Qi of Hunyuan Heaven. If Zhou Yuan and the others managed to occupy and open several passages, more ancestral qi would flow towards the Tianyuan Region, making the Genesis Qi more concentrated and abundant.

Every single person in the Tianyuan Region would benefit. Hence, everyone gave their blessings to the departing Tianyuan Region team.

Zhou Yuan did not pause as he nodded to the city below. His figure soon landed on the flying ship. “We’re setting off. Onwards to Heaven Pillar Peak!”


The flying ship buzzed. With a gush of Genesis Qi, the ship accelerated through the sky.

Meanwhile, all kinds of giant flying vessels set off from various locations in Hunyuan Heaven, carrying numerous elite teams as they headed towards Heaven Pillar Peak.

The scale far surpassed the nine regions tournament.

A battle between the various heavens would soon begin.

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