Chapter 1075 Phoenix Perch House

Resting Dragon City, located in the central area of the Tianyuan Region, was one of the few main cities in the Tianyuan Region, and its prosperity was comparable to some remote prefectures. It was also where the Tianyuan Region was recruiting unaffiliated top Heavenly Sun cultivators.

In the past four months, it was unknown how many Heavenly Sun experts had come to Resting Dragon City from all over Hunyuan Heaven. They had turned the city into an even more bustling place, and almost all of them had gathered at a certain huge manor in the west of the city, currently making it the most lively place in the city.

A building called the Phoenix Perch House was at the center of the manor, and many Tianyuan Region experts were guarding it. Only those who could break through its numerous barriers could ascend it. Once a cultivator successfully entered, they were considered to have received the Tianyuan Region’s approval.

Therefore, unaffiliated cultivators from various places were surrounding the building.

They gazed at the figures who had ascended with envy in their eyes. As unaffiliated cultivators, they naturally yearned to receive an identity from the Tianyuan Region. Moreover, Guyuan Heaven was said to contain great opportunities, so if they could explore it, they could likely reach the sky in one step.  

But unfortunately, the barriers the Tianyuan Region had set up weren’t easy, and only those with advanced Heavenly Sun strength could pass. Many outside the building didn’t have much confidence in passing.

Outside the Phoenix Perch House, a jade wall shimmered with a mysterious light. Every time someone passed the assessment, their name would appear on the jade wall, along with the time it took for them to pass.  

Whenever a new name appeared on the jade wall, it drew countless admiration and envy. But more people couldn’t help shifting their gaze to the top of the wall, where there were three names attracting everyone's attention. 

Han Jinhe, 23 breaths.  

Xue Qingmei, 35 breaths. 

Wan Su, 40 breaths.    

The time they took to complete the assessment was extremely striking. Others took between half an hour to one hour.

Many unaffiliated cultivators gazed in awe at the three names.

The three could be described as the most dazzling dark horses among the unaffiliated cultivators who had received a recruitment invitation.

The strength they had displayed had stunned everyone. Before they had appeared, no one had expected someone to be as strong as them among the unaffiliated cultivators. Their foundation, even if placed among all Heavenly Sun experts in the Tianyuan Region, was undoubtedly comparable to top Heavenly Sun experts such as Bian Buji and Mu Youlan.

Only Qin Lian among the Heavenly Sun experts in the Tianyuan Region could crush them.

Gazing at the three names, many people began to whisper to one another.

"But I heard that Han Jinhe, Xue Qingmei and Wang Su haven’t officially announced they would join the Tianyuan Region team.”

"Yes, it is said that they want the captain’s position.”

"Haha, are they dissatisfied with the two current captains?”

"Qin Lian's strength is obvious, and no one can doubt her ability. Han Jinhe and the others are likely targeting grand elder Zhou Yuan.”

“They really don’t know what’s good for them. Zhou Yuan is now one of the five grand elders in the Tianyuan Region. He has tremendous status. Are they asking for trouble?”

"Not necessarily. The Tianyuan Region is widely seeking heroes right now. Han Jinhe and the others can leave the Tianyuan Region and go to the other regions if they wish. The other regions will warmly welcome them. Furthermore, many people here would follow them. If they really leave, I think half of the people in the Phoenix Perch House will walk out. And if that matter spreads, we will become a laughingstock.”

"I think Han Jinhe and the others are doing the right thing. Zhou Yuan is a grand elder, but he’s only at the initial Heavenly Sun stage. Although he defeated Lu Qing before, he only succeeded with the aid of foreign means. Han Jinhe and the others have fought hundreds of battles, but the region wants them to be under an initial Heavenly Sun expert. The three will likely refuse to be under such leadership.”

"Yes, when a battle breaks out in Guyuan Heaven, who would care if you’re a grand elder from the Tianyuan Region?” 

There were countless quarrels and commotion around the Phoenix Perch House, and many gazes were filled with ridicule. They felt that a good show might occur soon.

Hundreds of figures gathered on the building’s top floor.

In the center, three figures sat together, and a large group of people stood and sat behind them. Their eyes were filled with respect when they looked at the three figures.

In the middle of the three figures was a graceful man with his hair tied up. A golden braid was flowing down his back. He wore a calm expression, but the slight tilt at the corners of his lips showed hidden arrogance.

He was Han Jinhe.  

Left of Han Jinhe sat a beautiful woman. Her hair was short and dry, and she was dressed in a loose training robe, but her garb couldn’t hide her fiery curvaceous body.

She was Xue Qingmei.  

The man to the right of Han Jinhe was burly, dark and hairy. His bronze-like eyes were filled with a fiendish aura that terrified one to the core.

He was Wang Su. 

The three were the strongest experts recruited by the Tianyuan Region.

"It is said the people chosen from the nine regions in Hunyuan Heaven will soon meet each other,” said Han Jinhe indifferently. 

“Has the Tianyuan Region still not given us an answer?" Xue Qingmei said, frowning.

"We aren’t asking for much. Just a captain position. We don't want to be commanded.”

As unaffiliated cultivators, they had witnessed too many underhanded means, and some commanders even used their teammates as cannon fodder and sacrificed them as they wished.

Wang Su said angrily, “I can accept Qin Lian being captain, but if grand elder Zhou Yuan is forced to command us because of his identity, he will cause many casualties. How can I let down the brothers I brought with me?”

Han Jinhe whispered, "Today is the deadline. If they don't give us a response, I plan to leave the Tianyuan Region.”

Voices rang behind Han Jinhe, "Wherever Brother Han goes, we will follow!"  

Xue Qingmei and Wang Su also nodded.

When the three expressed their stance, almost half the unaffiliated cultivators in the building immediately echoed their words, while the other half exchanged worried and hesitant glances with one another.

While the inside of the building was in chaos, a Heavenly Sun expert from the Tianyuan Region appeared and said to Han Jinhe and the others, "Elder Qin Lian would like to see you.”

Han Jinhe and the others exchanged glances, a trace of a smile on their lips. It seems the Tianyuan Region couldn't bear the pressure and gave in.

They stood up and followed the Heavenly Sun expert upstairs. They pushed open a door and entered a spacious hall.

Qin Lian, tall and elegant, caught their attention as soon as they stepped into the hall, but to their surprise, Qin Lian wasn’t seated in the main seat. Instead, it was a young man. They stared at him in puzzlement as he, without a ripple of expression, watched them enter the hall.

Han Jinhe narrowed his eyes, and his mind raced as he tried to figure out the young man’s identity. “This must be the Tianyuan Regions’s grand elder Zhou Yuan, isn’t that right?”

He paused, but before waiting for Zhou Yuan's answer, he said, "Since grand elder Zhou Yuan is here, the matter can be dealt with much easier. Has the Tianyuan Region agreed to our request?”

Zhou Yuan’s eyelids fluttered. “You three applied to be captain?”

Han Jinhe nodded lightly, and Xue Qingmei and Wang Su stared calmly at Zhou Yuan.    

Zhou Yuan similarly stared at the three, and after a while, he smiled and set down the teacup in his hand.

"Sorry but I reject your request."    

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