Chapter 1073 Recruitment

When the commotion the Tianyuan Region caused in Hunyuan Heaven gradually subsided, the news about the Battle of the Heavens began to spread from the nine regions and set off an even greater commotion. 

To countless beings in Hunyuan Heaven, the Battle of the Heavens would undoubtedly seem a little unfamiliar since it had been a long time since the last one.  

But once news about the battle spread, it very quickly evoked memories of many ancient books and stories retold by elders in their clan. After all, it was a battle of magnificent scale.  

The scale of the Battle of the Heavens was terrifying, encapsulating all nine heavens of Tianyuan World. And in a sense, the Battle of the Heavens wasn’t a one-on-one battle; it would instead have an unignorable impact on any region.  

Once the mighty ancestral qi born in Guyuan Heaven flows into a heaven’s region, it would increase the grade of the universe Genesis Qi in that region and make it purer and more powerful than before. Ultimately, the region's cultivation efficiency would soar, and the beings in that region would achieve twice the result with half the effort. Moreover, the influence would last a period of time. How many heaven prides would benefit from the improved Genesis Qi during this period?

Even veteran Nascent Source experts could use that chance to break through into the coveted Law Domain and thereby become top-level existences in all heavens. 

Therefore, regardless of an expert's level, it was impossible for them to ignore the Battle of the Heavens. 

Of course, the minimum cultivation level one had to have reached to participate in a battle of that level was the Heavenly Sun stage, and anyone below the Heavenly Sun stage could only watch the battle anxiously and quietly wait for the final result.

But that didn’t stop the news of the Battle of the Heavens from spreading to every corner of Hunyuan Heaven like a virus. Even the previous nine regions tournament paled in comparison to such a grand battle.

It was said that some Heavenly Sun experts and Nascent Source experts had recently received abundant training resources to improve their strength as much as possible. Moreover, the nine regions released a recruitment notice and offered very favorable benefits in the hope of attracting top Heavenly Sun and Nascent Source experts. 

Although the nine regions were the leaders of Hunyuan Heaven, the vast Hunyuan Heaven naturally concealed many hidden dragons, and some of the hidden experts weren’t much weaker than the veterans on the Heavenly Sun List and Nascent Source List.

The nine regions wouldn’t care much about those people in the past, but now, because of the Battle of the Heavens’ unique requirements, there was a great need for such top Heavenly Sun and Nascent Source experts, and each of the nine regions wanted to recruit them.

The nine regions’ actions unsurprisingly set off huge movements in the Hunyuan Heaven. Many unaffiliated cultivators were indeed tempted by the favorable benefits the nine regions offered, and so, during this period, dark horses emerged one after another and unfamiliar names burst forth. They each displayed remarkable strength, and the Heavenly Sun List and Nascent Source List began to change.

It was only then that many people realized the waters of their Hunyuan Heaven were very deep and concealed many great players.

But the nine regions weren't the only ones hoping to recruit talents. Even the other top forces were eager to act because, as members of Hunyuan Heaven, they were also qualified to participate in the Battle of the Heavens. Their goal in the battle might not be to fight for the nine main channels of ancestral qi. After all, there were still many other ancestral qi channels in Guyuan Heaven. If they could occupy them and direct the ancestral qi contained in them towards their headquarters, it could similarly bring great benefits to their forces.  

Therefore, they couldn't help but take action. As a result, the Hunyuan Heaven became even more tumultuous. 

However, the nine regions were undoubtedly more advantageous among the many recruiting forces. Among the nine regions, the Wanzu Region, Wushen Region and Zixiao Region were unsurprisingly the most popular. The matter that was unexpected was that the Tianyuan Region’s popularity wasn’t any lower than the three top forces. 

This would have been unimaginable in the past. After all, everyone knew that the Tianyuan Region was the weakest. However, Zhuan Zhu’s powerful return to the Tianyuan Region had overturned the Tianyuan Region’s deterioration. Evidently, the shock of having two Saint experts in the same region was unbelievably strong. Therefore, countless hidden dark horses flocked to the Tianyuan Region during the recruitment period.

As the Tianyuan Region's recruitment progressed, four months had passed since Zhou Yuan went into closed-door cultivation.


The Sky Illuminating Eye. In the depths of the Illuminating Sea. 

The light lotus floated in the sea as a faint flame rose from it. Zhou Yuan was sitting inside the lotus.

Even after four months of adjustment, his body was still in a constant melting state, and his powerful body, which he was extremely proud of, was as fragile as a candle. 

His face was bloodied, and his bones were exposed, similar to a skeleton. As his flesh melted, his flesh and blood made slight crackling sounds, but Zhou Yuan didn't budge, as if feeling no pain. It wasn’t that the pain had weakened over time but that four months of melting pain had left Zhou Yuan in a numbed state.

However, even though Zhou Yuan had suffered inhumane torture during the past four months, he had gained tremendous benefits. Even his bodily strength had increased by more than one level, to say nothing of improvements in other areas.

The Great Flame Devil’s level had also improved.  

The golden blood in his heart had quietly reached more than 1,800 drops. As his heart beat, the astonishing force that permeated his bones and limbs was enough to move mountains and split the sea.

The faint flames rising in the light lotus had begun to fade after four months.

However, the Genesis Qi breakthrough that Zhou Yuan anticipated the most hadn't appeared. It was much more difficult for him to achieve a breakthrough in his Genesis Qi cultivation than for ordinary people.

Zhou Yuan slightly opened his eyes. His face was bloody, and his pupils looked particularly striking. As he stared at the extremely faint flames in the light lotus, his eyes flickered and then blazed with determination and fierceness.

He opened his mouth abruptly and inhaled deeply.


Zhou Yuan swallowed the faint flames remaining in the light lotus! Although the flames were extremely tiny, they ultimately originated from the Saint fire. If they were placed in an ocean, the entire ocean would bubble.

But Zhou Yuan had dared to swallow them in one mouthful. His actions were crazy!


After swallowing the wisps of flame, Zhou Yuan's flesh and blood were instantly burned clean. Even his bones began to melt. The inhuman pain was enough to make anyone crazy, but Zhou Yuan remained motionless. He activated the Ancestral Dragon Scripture and directly forced the flames into his Divine Dwellings.

The terrifying heat disappeared.   

The light lotus gradually grew cold.

But Zhou Yuan's skeleton-like body stilled, and his aura of life seemed to weaken at an alarming speed.

His Spirit, which was at the center of his eyebrows, also dimmed. It was on the verge of extinguishing. 

From a distance, he seemed to be a desiccated corpse sitting cross-legged in the light lotus, his life force annihilated.

That state lasted for a long while. 

Eventually, Zhou Yuan's skeleton-like body suddenly trembled. The little life aura remaining in the light lotus whizzed, his flesh and blood rapidly began to recover, and his Spirit gradually grew brighter.

Zhou Yuan folded one hand in a seal.    


Rays of Genesis Qi gathered behind him and finally transformed into a glass Heavenly Sun.

But before it ended, the corners of his mouth curved upwards.   


After the first glass sun formed, the light erupted again, and another more magnificent glass sun slowly emerged.

Two suns!  

He had finally stepped into the intermediate Heavenly Sun stage!

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